Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My new Suit


There is nothing more thrilling than to put the finishing touches to something you have been waiting for so long, to get done.
I started this fully lined suit some time ago and then my sewing machine broke and had to go away to be repaired.
So was happy to sew on the button and to be able to wear it out, to the City on Friday.
I have a long list of ... to do things and sometimes nothing much gets done - do you ever feel like that?

I enjoy blogging more, with every day and visiting old friends and meeting new ones and seeing what you are all up to.
I really appreciate your visits to my little blog and kind words you leave, many thanks.

My dear friends, have a lovely week


  1. Ohhh, Carolyn, that first photo really caught my attention, but then I saw your lovely suit that YOU made!?!?

    Ah, this is where your daughter gets her talent and love of fashion!!!

    I hope you have a lovely sunshined filled week. It's a bit dreary here today . . . was so spoiled last couple of days with the sun :)


  2. What a gorgeous suit. So very classy looking!

  3. Sweet Carolyn,

    Did you create that suit all by your own self?


    Through the years, your blog has remained a sweet and lasting impression of you, it is like a sweet and lasting perfume, and that's what I think about first, when I think of you and your blog! :)



  4. Dear Carolyn
    Wow.... so nice your photos!
    Thank you also for the lovely comment on my blog.
    I wish you a lovely week with a lot of sun.
    Hugs Yvonne

  5. Stunning suit. I'm glad you got it finished so you could wear it. I too have lists of things that I want to do, some things that should be done and yet, sometimes they don't get done.

  6. Dearest Carolyn,

    Wow, you are quite a 'Couture' seamstress! No wonder that you too lost your heart in France and you must love the tweed style fabrics that are so very British. This is lovely fabric and the trim with buttons is so perfect!
    Enjoy your creation and feel very proud of yourself!
    It is seldom that I do sew anymore, other than hemming and alterations etc. But I did study Costumière for one year and Coupeuse for two years. Enough to manage it all; if needed.

    Love and admiration to you,


  7. Pure joy my friend...I love this suit of yours....xoxoxo Hugs.

  8. That's a beautiful suit, Carolyn! You did a fantastic job und must have been thrilled to wear it for the first time! It's indeed so exciting to get something finished you had been working on for quite a while.
    Have a great week too :-)!

  9. Ohh, you are so very talented.


  10. Hi Carolyn! I love the suit and I am sure you look fab wearing it!! Have a lovely week:)

  11. What a beutiful photos again !
    I love the suit. You did a create job !
    I hope you happiness willed week ♥

  12. Dear Carolyn,
    did you really make that beautiful suit....how clever you are, it looks taylor made, and so chic.
    You will look so beautiful, wearing it.
    Hugs and happy tuesday.

  13. You are so clever - it is beautiful!

    Have a lovely week,

    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

  14. Super cute!
    I love it...
    Have an incredible week!


  15. Ohhh..... what a lovely suit you have made​​. A beautiful classic look.
    I always watch it with great admiration, because I am not handy with needle and thread.
    Yes .... I have to admit that sometimes things remain here just because I'm blogging too long hihi.
    Have a nice day my dear blogfriend.
    Warm wishes, Mea

  16. Carolyn it's gorgeous! Of course I would love to see you model it! :)
    xx, shell

  17. Gorgeous, darling ~ love it!


  18. Beautiful indeed is everything that you share.
    Love Jeanne♥

  19. Tesoro...



    Leggo della riparazione...ma l'abito l'hai fatto tu?

    Baci...NI ;o)

  20. Oh Carolyn,
    You are not the only one...My list of things to do just keeps getter longer and longer and I just never seem to have enought time...But it sure is a great feeling when you check one of those things off :-) Your suit turned out great. Awesome job. Have a wonderful week my dear friend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  21. Did you make that suit ???...wowwwww...beautiful !! love it !!.....enjoy a happy week darling...xxx...

  22. Wow, dear, you've got talent!
    Great great work!

  23. wow..... a marvelous creation.....

    I've been so remiss most of the season when it came to blogging and also to visiting other blogs.... golf don'tcha know? .... hahhaha....and ...today it is over. The season ended and the club is closed for the next 6 months. Time to get back to my real life...if I can remember what that is.
    My elbow is so painful I can hardly get a glass to my lips...so therapy too I guess.... too much practice and probably not exactly the correct swing.
    There will be some classes indoors over the winter...and I aim to take those....so I don't do myself any injuries next season.

    see you more frequently.....


  24. You will be really pretty and elegant wearing it!

  25. This is so lovely and ladylike! I could see you wearing this with some fabulous black gloves!

    What a talent you are!


  26. You made this Carolyn??? That's just gorgeous! You're so incredibly talented. Wear it well, my friend :) xoxo

  27. My dearest, I am so late!!! I am having difficulties this school year keeping up with my blogging....but I come here to find your dear posts, and LOOK AT THIS SUIT! I used to sew years ago...not anymore, since I became a teacher.


  28. Hi Carolyn,
    Your suit is gorgeous. I love the style and the fabric and the button so beautiful.
    You are so talented my friend and can do anything. I bet you are really happy to have your machine back, fixed and was able to complete your beauty.
    I know you looked stunning in it when you went to the city.
    Do you have any more plans for adding to you wardrobe? No wonder your talented daughter is so good. She is just like her talented mother.

    Have wonderful week my friend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  29. Wow your suit is really beautiful. Honey what a gifted creative person you are to sew like this.
    I would be lucky to do the buttons. hahaha
    Sometime you will have to be my Blogazine Guest so everyone can enjoy your site like I do.
    Love ya

  30. Dear Carolyn,

    what a wonderful Suit you made! it is georgeous!! You are really very talented in sewing clothes!

    Have a lovely week and take care!

    Sending Love and hugs my friend,

  31. Your suit is beautiful and good for you for not only making something for yourself, but for finishing it too.
    I have great long lists of things I want to do but never seem to accomplish much. I don't why, except it seems there are far more obligations now than there ever used to be - or else I have lost every time management skill I ever had! Not sure which it is...

  32. Wow, what a gorgeous, gorgeous suit! The fabric is very classy, and the trim is beautiful! I can see where your daughter gets her talent!

  33. Hi!
    Wow, have you done thate your self? O may god!! You are talented! I cant sew anything....(and very bad at spelling in english)
    Have a nice day!
    Hug Anna

  34. that's a very smart suit, very impressive!

  35. Your suit is just LOVELY!
    I envy anyone who can sew this beautifully...
    I enjoyed the poem from "Alice in Wonderland".
    As a floral designer, I am constantly AMAZED at the beauty of flowers. Although you may have seen the same variety of roses a hundred times...they are never, ever the same.
    I make sure I have fresh flowers in my home all the time..a little treat to myself. :)
    Have a beautiful week~
    Bilancia Designs

  36. So nice dress, you look beautiful when you take a trip to town. Lovely spring-clothes.

  37. Dearest Carolyn, You have a good looking suit there!
    Love it!!! Lovely! You will look beautiful in your pretty outfit. Hope you'll take a pic and share with us in blogland.

    I admire your sewing skills. I hope to get some sewing done one of these days. I doubt that it will be soon. Doing childcare for my sweet granddaughter keeps me busy doing other things at this time. But one of these days....I will sew a quilt and some curtains. Need to sew some curtains real bad!

    God bless and may you have a sweet day!
    Always so good to hear from you.
    Your friend,

  38. Your suit is perfectly pretty! Colors and patterns, elegant and classy!

    Enjoy the rest of the week, sweet Carolyn.

    I must stay warm, it is very chilly and windy and grey and rainy.. xxxxx

  39. Oh it's HEAVENLY Carolyn!! A total ten!!!
    So glad you're back in the sewing machine saddle!!

  40. OH MY GOSH--you made this? WOW, I thought it was a designer suit!!! This is AMAZING!!!

  41. LOVE the suit and the pictures, Carolyn. I'm so glad we connected through Cindy. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I clicked on your follow and look forward to visiting.

    Much love!

  42. I just noticed you have one of my favorite quotes on your sidebar--Audrey Hepburn's. I use it as the closing for my comments. :)

  43. Wow!! What a wonderful suit! You are sooo talented! We need to see a pic of you in it! I'm sure it looks fabulous on! You should be proud! You do beautiful work!

    Thanks for popping by. I am finally getting some time to visit, and really enjoying it!!

  44. so talented!!!!!

    congrats :)))

    xx Marina

  45. What a great suit! I'm sure you look tres' chic in it!

  46. Oh how I love that suit!!!

    Sweet one, thank you for thinking of me; it truly is wonderful to have a circle of friends that care so much. I couldn't sleep, just thinking of my school responsibilities! So off I go today to give it another try!!!!!

    ENJOY YOUR DAY, whatever you do, and YES, THE WEEKEND IS MINE!!!!!!!

  47. Dear Carolyn, what a beautiful suit!!!! I think you should make me one too!!! :) You sure have a talent. Wish I could make mine own, too! Have a lovely day!!!

    Kristin xoxo

  48. You made that suit?!! Carolyn...I am so impressed. It's gorgeous! I can just see you in it too. Very elegant.

  49. Hi Carolyn,
    That is a beautiful suit you have made! I used to sew a lot when my children were small but I guess I have become lazy!

    Thank you for your prayers for our Lucas-we appreciate everyone of them.


  50. Fab poem!! You are fortunate to be surrounded with beautiful flowers in you life, but I know you realize that!!!
    Nice photograph of your bouquet!!

    Hugs and have a great weekend Carolyn!


  51. OMG, Carolyne, i can't believe you made this - it looks perfect and so elegant! Do celebrate finishing this suit with champagne lunching in town! xx

  52. Very classy suit Carolyn. I used to sew all my clothes in high school.. I always had the most ORIGINAL outfits and all the other girls asked where I was shopping. Of course, I wouldn't dare tell them I made it myself! I just let them think I had a secret source for cool clothes.

    PS, thank you for your nice comment on my age... believe me, I look all of my 58 years, up close.

  53. Your suits is beautiful Carolyn very chic and your will feel so special when you wear it out! As the French would say - tres magnific!! xx

  54. Carolyn,

    I can't believe you made a suit. It is gorgeous. I think that Audrey Hepburn would have loved this suit.

  55. Your new suit looks perfect !
    I know the feeling, so many things you want to do and not knowing where to begin.
    Please have a look at my other blog as well.
    You might like it.

  56. I can't believe this is so cute!!! Looks vintage! I sewed something once.... (don't go there) Turned out fabulous!Maryanne xo

  57. Hi Carolyn, I missed your blog a lot. I´ve moved to a new home, both online and offline. I´m glad to be able to visit you again. :)

    I really love your lines suit, and the fact that you created it yourself. Very elegant.

    It´s very the same with me, I´ve got lots of to-do things but little gets done. When I go to bed, I hurt my head thinking of how little I´ve accomplished. But I try to pick just one and make sure it gets done. I may not able to do a lot, but at least I´ve nailed one, or two.

    Have a great weekend. :)

  58. that is very classy lady... have a great weekend!

  59. Dear Carolyn, your new suit looks so beautiful!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  60. Hi Carolyn,
    I love that suit! It is so beautiful. I'd love to see a photo of you wearing it. ;-) I know what you mean about having a long list of things to do sometimes nothing much gets done. That's why I"m downsizing and decluttering - the pressure of all the potential projects that I realistically won't ever get to is too much! But yes, when you finally do finish something that you started long ago is a great feeling!
    Happy week to you,
    Sharon :-)

  61. Now that is VERY impressive, Carolyn! Looks like right out of Chanel and I bet looks beautiful on you.

    We are the lucky ones to have you as a blogging friend with your continual kind words and generous spirit. Hoping your weekend is filled with joy.

    xo – g


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