Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pure white

We have had mild weather up until today, when now it has turned to a real cold snap with lots of rain. Some of my flowers have been duped into thinking Spring is here, my first white camellia to show its face and some more pretty snow drops are out in bloom.
I love white, it projects, purity and neutrality, from the bride who traditionally wears white, the pristine white interior of a house, to the white picket fence that surrounds a happy home.

White is not a mere absence of colour; it is a shinning and affirmative thing, as fierce as red, as definite as black. God paints in many colours but he never paints so gorgeously, I had almost said so gaudily as when he paints in white.
~ Gilbert Keith Chesterton 1879-1936
{British journalist, novelist and poet}

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon photographing DD who was modelling three of her garments, for an upcoming Fashion Competition.
It was fun doing the photo-shoot at some beautiful beach locations.

Our thoughts are with the people of Norway, so tragic and sad, for what has gone on there.

Hope that you are having a lovely weekend, maybe in the heat of summer and for us in the Southern Hemisphere, hope that you are managing to stay warm and dry.
Wishing you all, a wonderful week ahead
Hugs Carolyn


  1. Nice white...
    Enjoy your day Carolyn ! (For Coco Chanel)
    Greetings from France,


  2. Dear Carolyn

    This is an exquisite white camellia and in such good company beside my all time fave perfume!!

    I'm besotted by snowdrops this year - their simple beauty has totally captured me!
    Those perfect little green spots along the edge of each flower is indeed the work of a greater being.

    Wishing you a wonderful week
    keeping your fingers and toes warm as toast!!!

    Shane x

  3. Fascinating that you have these flowers in winter, lovely!
    Hugs from

  4. It is raining summer yet....i hopr the sun will shine soon.....i need that !!...enjoy your

  5. Oh I cant wait to see your piccies, it's been here too Carolyn. I love white as well. Might have to get some white flowers tomorrow.xx

  6. Good morning dearest Carolyn,

    White is and always has been my favorite. I always see it as the perfect and permanent canvas upon which I can move and experiment with just a tad of color, preferably my aqua/turquoise hue or neutrals such as antique grays or sages.

    The weather all around the world has been so strange! We have had more than normal rain but it is a good thing; better to have water than a drought.

    Have a pleasant day dear friend! Anita

  7. white is immaculate purity sustained within a framework of beautiful sweetness that grabs you is walking barefoot on a beach of dreams and charms carved, white edge mirror is immersed in a sea of ​​dreams kisses gull also feel sorry about Norway

  8. That's a beautiful saying about white, that you shared with us all, Carolyn! : )

    And yes, all our thoughts are with the people of Norway. My adopted sister lives in Drammen with her two children and husband. They were supposed to be in Oslo on that day, but the heavy rains kept them away! Thank God!


  9. You must have a beautiful garden, Carolyn. The camelia is just lovely as are your photos.

    I hope you have a wonderful week!


  10. Dear Carolyn
    I think white is the purest color...the most elegant and armonic
    I love camelias but they can´t grow in my garden... here we have too hot and sun and it´s really a shame!
    My thoughts are in Norway too
    All my love for you

  11. Very, very terrible things happened in Norway :(
    We have very warm summer here in Finland but we have got a lot of rain too, like in rain forests :D.
    Happy week, Carolyn!

  12. Hi Carolyn, the photo shoot with your daughter sounds like fun! I'm sure you got some great pictures.

    Truly the tragedy in Norway is so senseless and very sad. God Bless all those folks who lost a loved on.

    Rain can be a beautiful thing when it doesn't cause havoc. We don't get it often enough here and even when we do, folks don't know how to handle it. Have a great new week. Tammy

  13. Hello Carolyn,
    You are right! It's horrible about the bombing in Norway!!

    Absolutely stunning white flowers from your garden and quote to match!

    Wish we could have a bit of your rain here!

    Hugs to you!


  14. God evening (for me!) sweet friend!

    Thank you for your visit and it is WONDERFUL to see your comments and know that you came by....what a lovely world this is, this blogging community of caring friends!!!!

    Oh dearest, I am in such pain! My back went out on me and tomorrow I must make an appointment to see the doctor QUICKLY...I can barely walk!!!! So it is sweet to come here and see your kind little bears, speaking to me!

    HUGS TO YOU, Anita

  15. Lovely white flowers. Cooler a bit here for just the beginning of the week but then it's hot and humid again.
    The people of Norway have suffered greatly. It is hard to imagine such evil.

  16. Dear Carolyn,

    What beautiful white flowers...and I also feel so terribly for tragic losses in Norway...My heart goes out to all those friends and families struck by this terrible tragedy.
    Sending (((hugs))) your way,

  17. Dear Carolyn
    Oh... so nice your pitures. I love the camellia and I love your perfume!
    I wish you a wonderful week and send you a lot of greetings from Switzerland. Hugs Yvonne

  18. white is my favourite color!
    here is also very cold as for summer and rains all the time, I cannot wait we will have summer again!

  19. Oh my dear friend,

    THANK YOU for your kind words and encouragement! I tried to sleep upstairs in my bed but TOO SOFT! So I was able to hobble carefully down the stairs to sleep on one of our couches and that was actually better. BUT OFF TO THE DOC today, I HOPE.....this is awful!

    YOUR kind words are so wonderful! Anita

  20. Hi Carolyn,
    I love white, especially in a garden. It is the only shade that shows beautifully at twlight and early morning. What a treat to have the first blooms. I also have a daughter who models in fashion school. Small world.
    Speaking of the world. My heart and prayers for such mindless loss.We lost people in 9-11 here. It never will make sense to me.

  21. Dear Carolyn,
    I found your nice blog and I visit your homepage. Very wonderful bears !
    I'm a german bear artist and in future I will visit your blog often.
    I would be happy if you want to visit my blog ( I have a translator :-), too.
    with very kind regards from germany

  22. White is one of my most fave colors.

  23. What lovely pictures and prose:).



  24. Hi Carolyn,Your white camellia is so beautiful! & Coco perfume in such a classic bottle.
    Yes, my heart goes out to Norway and their loss of so many loved ones. Tragic!!
    Thanks for your visit, not quite back on the beat yet. A little summer still ahead. xo Theresa

  25. Dear Carolyn- your white beautyes are gorgeus--
    here in DK it is also raining much more than normal in this time of year- and my daughter and family, just spend one week, here with bad weather,-so sorry for them....
    The killing in Norway,-- one of our brother countryes-- is so awful, how can one person make that happen, without being found in time --I don`t know!!!
    My heart is also with all the familyes involved.
    Hugs to you-

  26. Hi Carolyn,
    Your white Camellia is stunning. I love white too. The fresh and crisp feeling of white just speaks to the heart.
    Your cold snap actually would be welcome here for us. Today reached 106 degrees and so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk.
    I hope you can share the pics of your DD in her garments. I bet they are fabulous. Good luck to her for the competition.

    Yes, our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Norway. God be with them all.

    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  27. You're right...a white rose is beautiful and glorious! We don't see enough white roses in the world. To me, they are a blessed rose, and so lovely in its pureness. Have a beautiful week ahead.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  28. Dearest Carolyn,

    What a perfect white Camellia you show here! So glad that blooms are showing up on your end of the world. It creates such joy for filling a tiny vase with some blossom. Sad indeed for so many families in Norway... No matter where this happens it always hits home so hard. And WHY are there such crazy people around?
    Lots of love,


  29. Have been seeing images of the Big White in NZ this week dear Carolyn. My heart has gone out to the Christchurch folk having to trudge out to their porta loos in the snow & slush. My camelias are confused up here in the Adelaide Hills too due to our very wet & freezing Winter. Roll on Summer!
    Millie xx

  30. White flowers are my fav, especially roses!
    This camelia is so beautiful...

  31. Is it that Washi tape? It is transparent, like normal tape but with pretty motifs on it.
    Your white flowers are beautiful.
    Monica xo.

  32. Coco, love Coco and I do love white items too.
    It is sooooo chilly here, Carolyn, looks like Fall has arrived, hopefully August will treat us with some Summery days.
    Lots of love to you sweet friend xxxxx

  33. Oh I love that quote Carolyn! It's perfect.
    I can't grow camillas here so I guess we are even with the peonies and camellas.
    I love your profile picture, so pretty you are my friend.
    sending hugs...

  34. I absolutely love your white camellia. It's gorgeous. I also enjoyed the quote. Hope you are staying warm and cozy down there. I've enjoyed visiting your blog.

  35. cool!!!

    xoxo from rome


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