Sunday, June 12, 2011

Strolling along the Champs Elysees

I love these magnificent big gates, no uninvited guests were going to enter here.

We spent the evening strolling along the Champs Elysees and these are a few photographs I took.

Paris is made up of 20 Arrondissements, we were staying here in the 8th Arrondissement. {Even the signs are lovely}
The pavements were so wide and as you can see by the bare trees, it was January, winter time and very cold out.

You can just make out the faint outline of the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

I am wishing you all, a beautiful week ahead.


  1. I love Paris, but i have only seen it on picture. So fun and see your photos.
    Happy sunday

  2. I will NEVER EVER forget the time I was there. It was surreal, magical and proof to my husband that all my fanatic passion about Paris and France comes from a real place...he fell in love too while being there. It has that Je ne sais quoi that can only be seen with the eyes of a dreamer....lovely photos my friend and thank you for your kind words to me. What sweetness....Anita

  3. I loveeeeeee Paris...i was there several times.......oh la la .....happy

  4. Hello Carolyn, thank you for your tip about the typewriter's smell, unfortunately it got back in the garage right this morning :-(
    I hope you managed to see the view on Champs Elysèes from La Defénse, as it's really stunning!
    Have a great week!

  5. Beautiful pictures Carolyn!


  6. Lovely photos but my fav is the one of Laudree!!!!!

    I hope you have a wonderful week!


  7. How beautiful! Thanks for taking me on such a lovely stroll:).



  8. I bet Paris is the most magical city in the world! I have some serious envy going on! Hope you have a beautiful day and a great week!

  9. Dearest Carolyn,

    Even when it was cold, you captured some precious and very warm memories of your visit to the City of Lights!
    Have a wonderful week ahead.

    Lots of love,


  10. Ciao cara!!!

    Ancora un gentile omaggio a Paris...

    Città di sogni e d'incanto, poesia e bonton...

    Qui, è sempre una festa, sussurrata con emozioni!

    Un bacio grande mia dolcissima Fatina! ;o)

    Kisses... ;O) NI

  11. Your pictures of Paris fit my evening cup of earl grey tea perfectly, sweet Carolyn. I think we should be visiting Paris one fine day soon again. There is always so much to discover and see, one can never get enough of the sight of la Tour Eiffel, can we?
    Have a happy start to the new week, I guess you will be making yourself your first cup of this new week any minute now ;)
    Lots of love o xx o xx o

  12. There is nothing better than strolling along the Champs Elysees - Laduree's looks so warm and inviting on a cold winter night - I'm wondering was it open a night?
    Enjoy your long week-end Carolyn

  13. Hi Carolyn,
    Well I was just here and my comment disappeared so I will try again.
    I love this post of inspiration and those doors are gorgeous.
    You have captured everything Paris so well.
    The night photo of the tower is awesome.
    Thank you for sharing your stroll and memories.

    Thank you also for stopping by and your kind comment. You are always a blessing to me.
    Have a great week.
    Love from Texas, Celestina Marie

  14. Dear Carolyn
    What beautiful photos. Thank you so much for the tour. Paris is so beautiful.. Maybe one day I will be able to visit.. Until then I will travel with Bebe. Thank you for visiting her this evening. I am so happy you visited Hopalong Hollow. Jeri is an amazing artist and illustrator...

  15. Hi Carolyn
    Oh how I would love to visit Paris one day.. Beautiful photos. Thank you for visiting Bebe this evening at the Hollow.. I am so happy you wandered over to Hopalong Hollow to meet Dimity Doormouse.. The dear creation of Jeri.. Jeri is an amazing artist and illustrator..

  16. Strolling around Paris is the best thing to do. You should definitely try to go in summer though - I love it when everything there is in bloom!

  17. Your photos bring back so many memories! Thanks, Carolyn!

  18. Beautiful images! I wish I could visit there one day.

  19. Beautiful indeed
    Much love and many blessings
    Love Jeanne

  20. Oooooh, i so remember Paris and would love to come visit again! Thanks for posting this - and have a lovely evening!

  21. Beautiful Paris :-)!
    Have a wonderful week,

  22. Loooove this! Of course, I want to go back immediately! I'm so happy for Paris. Have a wonderful new week!!!

    Kristin :)

  23. What a romantic evening stroll! Paris is beautiful all year round!

  24. Beautiful! Just gorgeous! You're bringing me right back :)

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Carolyn! xoxo

  25. I enjoyed the Champs Elysees very much, myself!

    But you know what, next time you go to France, try visiting the north of France, Nord Pas de Callais, the cities of Lille and the suburb of Sequedin! In the North, there is a certain beauty you will find that can't be found in Paris... :) Then you can drive from Sequedin to Belgium and visit the seaside! That's what I did! :) The Belgian seaside is so beautiful!!!

  26. Blogger was being naughty the other day when I tried to comment. So here goes again. I would love to see this in person one day. Incredible!
    xx, shell

  27. Hi Carolyn,
    Such beautiful photos, which bring back happy memories of trips to Paris. There is no other place, quite like Paris!

  28. Parigi ha sempre il suo fascino!

  29. Thank you sweet Carolyn for all the inspiration and for sharing these wonderful pictures with us!! I can´t wait to visit Paris!!


  30. It's so wonderful to share your photos from your trip, Carolyn! I enjoy every detail. There is NOWHERE like Paris. :) Happy weekend, my friend. – g

  31. :-)
    Je connais bien ces endroits...
    Belle journée,



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