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25 Champs Elysees

The Hotel Paiva ~
some of the information was taken from the book by Peter Fleetwood Hesketh.

Deeply recessed and half hidden by modern commercial buildings, stands the dim facade of the only remaining hotel particulier in the Avenue des Champs -Elysees, a monument to the triumphal ascent from obscure poverty, to fortune and fame, of one of the most dedicated adventuresses of 19th-century Europe.
It is now the Travellers Club.

Thérèse L
achmann, later Mme Villoing, later Mme la Marquise de Païva, later Countess Henckel von Donnersm
arck (1819-84)

She was described as possessing a beautiful figure, a Grecian neck, thick auburn hair and superb eyes. With these attributes, an astute mind, an indomitable will and almost unlimited energy as her sole assets.
In 1855 the first step was taken towards the realization of Therese's ambition to build the most sumptuous house in Paris.

[1857] la Païva was said to be the best and most elegant hôtel in Paris, her dinners are reputed to be exquisite, she entertains many artists and men of letters, and her conversation is said to be witty.

Its completion took many years, Therese supervising every detail and it was not until 1866 that she moved in and held her housewarming party, said to have included the entire literary, artistic, political, and diplomatic life of Paris and for its lavishness to have resembled something
out of the Arabian Nights.

Come and I will show you around

A great oval in the ceiling contains a portrait of Day pursuing Night, whose figure of Night is said to portray Mme de Paiva herself.
It is by Paul Baudry, better known for his work at the Opera.

The fireplace in the Grand Salon decorated with two marble figures which many believe to be the likeness, of the Marquise de Paiva herself.

The hôtel Païva was to be, as its châtelaine intended, the most luxurious private hôtel in Paris.
Walking around this home really took your breath away, with the look of opulence, the sparkling chandeliers, the vibrant colours, and all the wonderful antique treasures.

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Wishing you all a wonderful weekend
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  1. I love this song too!I would like to visit Paris again!

  2. So beautiful building, wonderful hotel. I love the chandeliers and the painted ceiling.
    Here it is already thursday, have not really knowing about the time difference.

  3. Wow it is just lovely! I love how it's so recessed. A hidden little gem :) Hope you're having a wonderful week! xoxo

  4. Dearest Carolyn,

    You know what? Go into Settings and under Email & Mobile you add your own email address. That's what I did luckily so in no time I had my lost post back up again! For sure you had a hard time to get it as good as the first time. That always escapes us. But nevertheless, this is such a fascineating story and you were lucky for being able to explore the place during your stay. Quite an ambitious lady she was; guess she was a handfull too.

    Lots of love,


  5. Another lovely tour, sweet sweet Carolyn. Everything in and about Paris is amazing!
    Have a sweet Saturday. We are off to the zoo o xx o

  6. My All That Jazz blog had a similar issue with a lost post. I bet Blogger had some seriously angry Bloggers!

    This building is just beautiful. They don't pay as much attention to detail and splendor anymore. Thanks so much for the tour and have a good weekend Carolyn.

  7. Oh wasn't it awful !? It least i know I was in good company. I thought something was wrong with me computer---arrrgh.
    I love you journey through this wonderful hotel. It is truly a thing of pleasure and delight. There are wonderful finds in Paris and the secret such as this are treasures.

  8. Blogger meltdown... oh no! It certainly makes us appreciate all the times it works so well! What a lovely tour you are taking us on!

    Tell me, do you know of any St. Nicholas churches in NZ? I would love to highlight one and link back to you!
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  9. Wishing you a lovely weekend dear Carolyn (but not to Blogger - losing us all our lovely comments!)


    XOXO Lola:)

  10. DEAREST CAROLYN!!!! Oh yes, that Blogger melt down INDEED made the week even worst than it was...not being able to visit anyone and even losing some of my comments. What made it bad for ME was that I thought I had a virus on my own computer because not only was I having that Blogger problem, my EMAIL died out on me and I could not even open my mailbox. I felt so cut off from all of YOU who give me so much friendship and joy and help me get through these stressful days at work. THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME! I was working on a new post last night but had NO strength to finish it because it was a wild week and I decided to rest. I am here, ready to go and finish my new post. Oh I hope Blogger behaves!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK and I would LOVE to go to this magnificent place; Paris is actually the subject of my next post..perhaps you will be interested in participating! BISOUS, Anita

  11. Really a beautiful and wonderful place,Thank you for show it
    I wish you a lovely and happy weekend

  12. I was able to repost the friands, Carolyn, but all the work I was doing for my 2nd post on French Polynesia in drafts was lost. Will try to put it together this weekend (if I can remember it all) and then never do my editing in drafts again!

    Love this story about la Païva. Wish I had known about it when I was there last. Such elegance!

  13. How lovely, darling!

    Happy weekend!


  14. Dear Carolyn, What an amazing place! It must have been wonderful to stay there. I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of your Paris vacation.
    Have a great weekend!
    Hugs to you,

  15. Hi Carolyn,

    I lost my post to, but I reposted it today! What a beautiful private hotel. It looks so old and chique. It reminds me of the miss Marple tv-series. It has the same atmosphere. We will be going to Paris in summer. This looks like an impressive place to visit.

    I enjoyed seeing you on the photo's as well!

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  16. Isn't the Olde Worlde stuff so amazing to see? Especially furnishings and interior decor....

  17. Dear Carolyn, thank you so much for reposting this. It's fantastic! I never would have known this fascinating story. Blogger says they will restore posts and comments but I don't know when. Meantime, I so enjoyed this!! Wonderful photos, too. Xo

  18. Hi Carolyn, dear-- yes we all lost comments-and some also like you the post--so scaring...and so terribly thinking it might not be back-- we are endeed lucky we are able to visit, and blog in this free community- and I hope it will never dissaper for good!
    I love this pictures you made in that fantastic home- that period in France surely was something special---for those with money--!!
    and there are so many storyes to read-and if lucky like you-also see in the backwiev...
    I`m happy to be able visiting you again,Carolyn.

  19. What a beautiful building. And a story with a little intrigue too-always FUN!

    Have a lovely weekend,

  20. Pure joy my sweet friend...thank you for sharing. xoxoxox hugs

  21. Pure joy my sweet friend...thank you for sharing. xoxoxox hugs

  22. It looks absolutely regal and elegant!

  23. Everything in Paris is amazing.
    Thank you for sharing.:))))

    xx Marina

  24. Hi Carolyn!!!!!!! I was just at the Champs Elysees recently! :) I took a million photos! hahhahahah!

    What a woman! So, how did she find all the money to do that?? Sleeping with many rich men?? Hmmmm....more power to her!!!!

    If you could join my facebook page you could see all the photos that I take on my travels! :)

  25. Dearest Carolyn,

    You are most certainly welcomed to participate as well in the Paris party!!!! YOU HAVE TONS OF PICTURES! Do you want me to put you on my list? THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS VISITING ME DEAREST....Anita

  26. Thanks so much for your kind visits always and sharing so much love
    God's most richest blessings for you and yours
    Love Jeanne♥

  27. Carolyn, this seems like a wonderful hotel! I love everything French! Hope you're having a beautiful weekend!

    xx Kristin

  28. Those pictures are so beautiful!cant wait to go again to Paris,I love this city!

  29. Dear Carolyn,
    I hope I can travel to Paris soon, maybe this year in autumn! I hope so!
    Big Hugs,

  30. Wow, this place is just stunning!!!
    Great tour!

  31. Precious Carolyn!

    I put your name and link on my list which is a draft for my post on the 28th. MERCI BEAUCOUP MON AMIE! It should be fun to visit all the dear friends who are going to share their love for Paris. How are you today? We finally have good weather and the promise of warmth is coming with the close of school in only one month. I am so happy!!!!!

    MERCI, Anita

  32. oh wow! this is beautiful!

  33. Oh, Carolyn, I missed this post. I think it was when blogger was having issues last week!!!

    This may be as close as I'll ever get to France . . hubby has no interest in going. I may just have to go with a girlfriend some day!! Wouldn't it be grand if we could meet up!

    I hope you're having a wonderful week!!!

    Much love,


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