Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy weekend

Making me happy today ~
Pansies growing in my window boxes

I got out in the garden and the weather was beautiful and sunny.

I picked up a copy of Victoria magazine which I look forward to sitting down and reading.

I had a facial and it is always such a treat and you walk away feeling like a new woman.

I was not so happy though, as I had to visit the Doctor this morning. A splinter had lodged down underneath my fingernail. With a course of antibiotics I hope that the throbbing pain will go away.
As the clock changes back this weekend, we welcome Autumn days here and I am loving the cooler weather.
Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for your visits and to new followers.
I am looking forward to catching up with you and all the wonderful blogs I visit.



  1. Your pansies are poking out their lovely faces! They are one of my favourite flowers in the garden. I just love them.
    The clocks change for us too on Saturday. Hard to believe that summer is finished. I do love Autumn days though -- actually my favourite.
    Bonne weekend my friend x

  2. Hi Carolyn,
    Enjoy turning the clocks back, we've gone the other way here... still trying to get used to it a bit.

    Hope your finger's better soon. That must feel awful, my mom did that once with a scouring pad piece (metal) and I once did the same with a wooden hamper but it came away in an instant... I feel for you!

    Happy weekend,

  3. Ouch, Gloves my dear Carolyn...Have a wonderful weekend. I hope it's not as cold as they predict. I'll be sewing though so it's a great excuse to stay inside if the weather is dull.
    Luv Karen

  4. Thanks God it's Friday! Hoping that we will all have a sunny weekend!

  5. Hi, dearest Carolyn - your photos look like the promise of a wonderful weekend - I hope your finger will be better soon! Sending warm hugs to you! Traude

  6. The clocks have gone forward here and the weather is warming up a little. Spring is here the Magnolias are blooming and a few April showers are coming our way.
    Put some teas tree oil on your finger it's like a magic potion and really works.

  7. Today i´m going to plant pansies too, a beautiful spring flower. Hope your finger is better soon.
    Happy weekend to you

  8. Hope your finger is doing well soon.....o yes you have almost autumm...we spring yes!!...lovely weekend

  9. Pansies are my favourite - such happy little flowers! I hope you have a lovely weekend Carolyn.

    Pat xx

  10. Hi Carolyn!
    Thank you so much for the award! I already received one but to get it again, wow, I'm truly flattered! Loved reading more about you, we have a lot in common.
    Love the pansies picture and your beach, sigh... you know how I love the beach, so you enjoy that beautiful country of yours, and have a good weekend! Maureen xx

  11. We love pansies too - in fact we love all flowers! There's so much green foliage in the gardens here in S Spain, we need colour to brighten things up!

    Have a lovely weekend - hope the finger's better too!


    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

  12. Ciao cara!!!

    Che meraviglia!

    Io amo follemente le viole...del pensiero poi, ancor di più!

    Ed un PENSIERO...lo dedico a te! ;o)

    Un bacio grande!!!

    Your friend...from Italy. NI ;o)

  13. Oh yes, Carolyn, as we are entering our spring, you are now changing over to autumn....but you are going to make it an enchanting one, I know it! And your poor finger! I just came off of a MONTH'S treatment of antibiotics, and I am glad it is over. I could not eat any dairy products within a two hour period of taking the meds and I am an avid consumer of YOGURT!!!! HAPPY HEALING DEAREST, Anita

  14. Pansies are the prettiest little flowers - A spinter under your nail would be very painful, hope it heals quickly and you can enjoy a lovely week-end. xx

  15. isn't it funny that as we changed our clocks on different ends of the earth, we share the pansy, a darling flower with a sweet face and perfect for the changing climates!! xx's happy autumn to you!

  16. Love your pansies pics, really curte!!!
    hope next will be a sunny week end!

  17. Ohhh, Carolyn, I feel your pain. My niece has had a splinter lodged in her nail for a couple of months now . . . .

    Facials, manis and pedis, my favorite treats!!!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


  18. Love pansy's!! We are waiting for Spring to arrive here in Canada and it is very slow in coming. Have a great weekend and hope your finger feels better soon.

  19. OUCH! but well balanced with a good facial. I'd trade that for anything :))

  20. Dear Carolyn, hope you heal completely and don´t feel any pain at all!!!!

    Love pansies, they are so sweet and delicate and lovely for autumn time.
    hugs my dear

  21. Hello Carolyn.
    Hope your finger has stopped throbbing when you read this today!!
    About Pansies.
    The are delicate, yet strong. Never underestimate the power of a Pansie!!
    I adaore!

    Happy Weekend and Happy Autumn too!


  22. The pansies have a lovely shade, Carolyn. When you look at them you can pretend it is spring time :-).
    I'm sorry to hear about your finger. Hopefully it will get well soon.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs to you,

  23. Hi Carolyn---
    out clock changed last saturday--so we have had summertime the last week- without much summer,lol
    Dear ,I hope for you, your fingers will soon feel better again-
    happy autumn start-

  24. Dear Carolyn
    I wish you a very happy autumm weekend for you!

  25. Pansies always remind me of my Grandmother, they were one of her favorites.

    Ouchie about the finger. Splinters can be such little buggers. Have a great weekend Carolyn!

  26. Sorry to hear about your finger Carolyn! I love your window pansies!
    My grandma always grew them & so I enjoy them very much. Happy weekend to you! ~Theresa

  27. Precious Carolyn! How is your finger today dearest? Oh that can hurt and good thing you got it treated TOUT DE SUITE...Thank you so much for joining in on my celebration for the month of April. It is a lovely month for us as we usher in spring and enjoy our summer now. BEACH TIME!!! I am just dreaming here, for I live in the MIDDLE of the country, but we have our share of lovely lakes. Your kind words are so appreciated, and thanks again. Have a good Saturday my friend! Anita

  28. oh these cute pansies just made my morning smile!!! what a beautiful way to start the weekend Carolyn!!!!

    My daffodils will soon be all smiling and I can't wait for the tulips!!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!!

  29. lovely blog, I'm in love with your teddy bears, how cute :)

    Want to follow each other?

  30. Happy weekend and I hope that you are feeking better soon.

    Leeann x

  31. I love your pansies and birds nest
    Love and hugs

  32. Dearest Carolyn,

    Thanks for your visit and sure I hope your finger will heal fast. It is such a painful part of the body as we use our hands most...
    Your pansies look darling!
    Enjoy the remainder of the weekend.

    Lots of love,


  33. Hi Carolyn,
    Pansies are a lot like daisies, I think; very happy little flowers! They seem to smile at you. Thank you for your visit and your nice comment.


  34. love your header :)
    Love Lois xxx

  35. Hi Carolyn...Oh, I just love your pansies...such a pretty color. Purple was my mother's favorite color.

    So sorry to hear about your poor finger...hope you heal quickly.

    Oh my...we turned ours ahead about 3 weeks ago...I would love to have your warm, sunny weather right about now!

    Wishing you a happy week, sweet friend.
    Hugs, Nancy

  36. Hi Carolyn,
    Oh I so hope your finger feels better. Nothing worse then a splinter under the nail.
    Love your pretty pansies. Mine will be finished soon as the weather is becoming too hot for them now.
    I love to turn the clock back in the Fall. We just moved ours forward and I still feel like I am an hour behind. LOL
    So glad you enjoyed your facial. So refreshing for sure.

    Hope you are having a nice weekend.
    Love to you,
    Celestina Marie

  37. I love your sweet pansiea and you
    We are in Spring and we switched our clocks forward the end of March I believe.
    Love you
    Spring time kisses♥

  38. Oh sweet Carolyn, I am glad to know your finger is healing up! Tea tree oil is a fascinating is used for so much. I had a small accident at work many years ago when I was a baker! An sharp instrument used for cutting dough slide down from high a top a tray and when directly into my face, just missing my eye! After a shot at the doctor's to prevent infection, I applied vitamin E oil to the area. There is NO scare to be seen! Yikes, I really missed that disaster!

    MUCH LOVE TO YOU and have a great day! Anita

  39. Pansies always bring a smile to my face as they really do seem to smile themselves!
    I would love to have a facial. Sounds wonderful and relaxing! Glad your splinter has been removed. Ouchie!
    xx, shell

  40. I hope the splinter recovers quickly!
    And your pansies are very sweet and pretty.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  41. Always good to see your weather. :-)
    Love autumn, we are still at the best time of year here. Spring. Lots of those happy little pansy guy's laughing their heads off. :-) x x x

  42. Hey! I need a facial! Just rolled off of two weeks of antiquers we are beat!!!!!! Hey those little finger splinters can be a "bear" hope it's feeling better.... Hugs.Maryanne

  43. Pansies are my favorite of all flowers and would you believe I don't have a one in my yard. Go figure that one out. haha
    Yours are beautiful and I am glad your enjoying your autumn like weather.
    Sorry about your splinter they can really cause a lot of misery and suffering so glad you went to the doctor.
    As you know I am a tad upset with mine he is sending me back to work part time tomorrow and I am really not ready even for four hours but I have no choice.
    Have a wonderful cool week
    Love ya

  44. Hi Carolyn,
    Oh my gosh - that splinter sounds painful! I hope you heal up this week. I was so surprised to hear it is autumn for you (but of course!). We are just launching into spring after weeks of rain and winter. It's so refreshing! Wishing you a wonderful week,

    Sharon :-)

  45. i think it's awesome to be able to appreciate little things in a daily life. this is what makes every ordinary day seem so special. a facial treatment sounds so exotic, would love that too.



  46. nothing like a facial to relax and indulge yourself a bit! loved your pics in this post Carolyn. I hope you had a great weekend!

    p.s. new giveaway on my blog:

  47. Sounds like all is well with your Waiheke world dear Carolyn (except for that wayward splinter!). Have a lovely week.
    Millie x

  48. Hello dear Carolyn, I hope that your finger is soon better.
    I love the pansies, I have the same in my garden, they look so beautiful.
    I read that with you there is Autumn we have Spring and the temperture is still rising.
    I wish you a wonderful week and thanks for your always sweet comments on my blog.

    Warm wishes, Mea

  49. I adore those pansy faces, Carolyn! And OUCH! on that splinter. That can be so painful.
    Hope you enjoyed your weekend anyway!

  50. your pansies are lovely!

    as you look forward to autumn we're looking forward to Spring!

  51. Sweet Blessings to you Carolyn!

    So sorry about the splinter...truly hope you are all better very soon.

    I'm enjoying our Spring with the time change. The sun is still out at 8:30. I get excited to think our weather will be pleasant just around the corner.

    The flowers are so pretty and cheery, makes my day.
    God bless,
    d from homehaven in kansas

  52. Hi Carolyn! Just wanted to thank you for joining our giveaway. I hope you had a great weekend but I hope the coming week is ever better!

  53. Gorgeous pansies, Carolyn! You photos are always so beautiful. Sorry to hear about your splinter. Hope you're feeling all better by now. Have a fabulous start to the week! :)

  54. that was such a lovely post pleasent to read!
    loved your photos and flowers!
    hope you're better now!
    take care Carolyn,

  55. They're so pretty! Aren't those the flowers in Alice in Wonderland?? The ones that could talk and were so mean to Alice?? haha! :D

  56. Dear Carolyn, I hope your finger is better, and makes no more harm!
    Your flowers are beautiful, I also have some pansies on the roof, but soon I will have to 'take away to make room for geraniums or surfinia ... Here in Italy in spring is giving way to summer, the sun is warm and the days are getting longer by giving several hours of more light!
    As always I embrace and I wish you a beautiful day ...

  57. I've got a confession to make. This is the first time ever in my life I've seen Pansy flower :p Seriously. And it's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this wonderful photo, dear Carolyn. Happy weekend for you sweetheart...

  58. Oh, for a pansy!! After all the lovely flowers in Portugal and the sun and blue ocean...... pout..... then...home to dark dingy dead grasses and icky flower beds just looking awful as the snow is melting from them. Still 2 feet of snow in the shaded areas of the yard...the southern exposures are all dead grass on still hard frozen ground. The sun and hours of daylight will not be able to thaw the frozen ground for weeks to perhaps a month or so yet.... the frozen stuff is very deep.


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