Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our weekend in Sydney

I asked Victoria to be a guest writer of her take on our trip. Thank you V.

Sydney was an interesting experience, I was a little disappointed in the weather, but it was a great way to spend a birthday, and who better to share it with than my mum.
Our hotel was overlooking the Sydney Harbour, and at night we could see the light show that was being projected onto the Opera House - and apparently Lou Reed was in town, which was exciting..
We visited David Jones, Myers, and some little boutiques in the main central Sydney. Town was bustling with people, and amidst the chaos we had a fabulous time shopping. I managed to snag a great bargain on some marc by marc jacobs velvet suede peeptoes, and yet another pair of Ksubi jeans - I can never get enough! I found it difficult to shop, as there were so many things that were on my adore list, but they shall have to wait until I'm rich and famous (Chanel Boutique made me cry) haha
There was also the launch of the Apple Ipad at the store and there were a million people around.
The weather was cross between a drizzle and a looming grey over the harbour. The light was quite pretty though.
On our final night in Sydney mum and I went to a little Italian restaurant at the Rocks and ate pizza, it was a pleasant way to end our short holiday.

The view from our 26 th floor room, notice the raindrops on the window.
We ate breakfast at a little cafe on Circular Quay and took in the sights of the Opera House and Harbour bridge.

"The Rocks" is a very old part of the City and as you can see this old Pub has been there since 1828, as so many of the other old shops and buildings in this area.
Whenever I am in Sydney, I make a bee line to Castlereagh Street and visit the Chanel shop.

Whatever your taste, style, age or budget there are major department stores, designer shops. boutiques or markets to suit you.
Sydney is a wonderful walking City, but we really wished we had worn more comfortable shoes, because by the end of the day walking around in heels in the rain, we were very tired and it was lovely to go back to the haven of the Hotel.
Today the Ipad had arrived in Sydney and people were lining up at the Apple Store, to buy one.
The Queen Victoria Arcade was beautiful and a great place to escape the rain.
I loved the old lead light windows.
We flew over with Emirates in the new Airbus 380 which I must say was very comfortable and lovely and the service and food was great.
On Friday night when we arrived at the Marriott Hotel, Circular Quay, we checked in with the Concierge and she gave us the keys to a room on the 16th floor.
Now we had paid for an Opera House and water view and pulling back the drapes, this was certainly not that room with the view. We were looking back towards the City, over offices and buildings.
We were feeling very tired after the flight and they apologized when they realized the mistake and quickly moved us up to the 26th floor and brought complimentary bath robes, slippers, and wine.

On Sunday morning we had a wake up call at 4am, so a very early start to the day to get out to the airport in time for our flight back home.
So all in all, a lovely weekend, feeling a little tired and I seem to have picked up a bug and have a sore throat and cold.
It was great to have a shopping trip with DD and spending time with her and to see the sights and shops in Sydney.

I hope that you are having a wonderful week


  1. even thou it still looks sooooo fun!

  2. What a fab shopping trip!!! I would love to have gone to the Channel Store but I would only be able to window shop **wink**

    You two are tres chic wearing heels on a shopping excursion. Mine are gathering dust in my closet, LOL


  3. Dispite the weather it sounds like a delightful outing! I'm so envious.


  4. Hi Carolyn,
    WOW what an amazing time you both had and Victoria I enjoyed your write of the trip and all the great pics..
    The picture of you two is such a nice momento of traveling together.
    How wonderful the hotel gave such nice apology comforts to treat you.

    So glad you both enjoyed a mother daughter outting. Great way to make lasting memories.

    Thank you Carolyn for stopping by and your kind words and Congrats for Karen. It was fun to have a Spring giveaway and in a few weeks I will start one for Summer.

    Have a good week ahead.

    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  5. OH Carolyn, what a fabulous trip! The Victoria Arcade building is just stunning. What fun you two must have had together. So happy for you!
    Sharon :-)

  6. Dear Carolyn, Sorry you're not feeling well. May you get to feeling better soon.

    What a fun trip!!!
    Great memories,

  7. Thanks for your visit Stefanie and yes, we did have fun.

    Hi Marsha,

    It was a fabulous shopping trip and yes, it was just a look at the Chanel boutique.
    We really wished we had worn flat shoes, as our feet at the end of the day were very achy.

    Many thanks for your visit Jo.

    Thank you Celestina Marie and it was a fun and special Mother/daughter thing, to do.
    I hope that you have a great week.

    Hi Sharon,

    The QVA was amazing and I loved the beautiful architecture.
    It was a really fun place to shop here with all the lovely little boutiques.

    Thanks Deanna, and I am feeling a lot better now, with the help of Sudafed. It was a fun trip.


  8. What a shame that the weather hadn't been better but it still sounds like you both had a wonderful trip! How long is such a flight from your part of NZ to Sydney?
    Get well soon, dear Carolyn!
    Big hugs,

  9. Hope that you are feeling better soon. Sounds like you both had a fabulous time and it takes me back to when I used to live in Sydney as I lived in the centre of the city next to the Observatory hence the views from our apartment were amazing. I never get tired of looking at the opera house and the harbour bridge - Sydney is such a stunning city.

    Leeann x

  10. How gorgeous
    Thanks for sharing all your pics
    Love you

  11. What a wonderful trip & photos! Hope you're feeling much better now.

    Have a wonderful week too!


  12. Hi Carolyn,

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my last post, I understood.

    Your holiday with your daughter looks beautiful; I like the photos by the water, your view (cloudy is beautiful) and the sweet end in an Italian restaurant. Glad you had some private time with her. Peace, x.

  13. Hi Carolyn!

    I am glad you had such a great time with Visctoria. Thank you very much to the two of you for sharing your beautiful pictures.
    Victoria looks very elegant and you look like a very happy mom.

    I cannot believe so many people were queueing for Apple's new gadget. Apparently, there are still many people with a lot of money to waste...

    Rest well and I hope that you will get better soon.

    Big bear hugs,

  14. Missing Sydney... My cousin lives in Melbourne. I wish I could give him a visit... Australia would be a beautiful getaway... Wishful thinking :p

  15. Carolyn,

    Looks like you two had a wonderful time. I'm a bit envious, myself. Hope you are having a great week.

    All the best,

  16. Carolyn-I enjoyed reading Victoria's commentary on the trip! What a great way to celebrate her birthday! I can't believe all those people at the Apple store!!! I see Victoria likes to shop!! :) Take care!

  17. I've only been to Sydney once, and I do remember it as a very walkable city. So many wonderful sights. Those stained glass windows are incredible!

    Hope you're feeling better!

  18. Hi Julia,

    Many thanks for visiting me today.
    The plane trip takes three hours, so it is not too far away.
    We did have a wonderful trip.

    Hi Leeann,

    I remember you saying you had lived in Sydney and that must have been great. It always seems to be so lively.

    Thank you Jeanne, for your visit.

    Many thanks Lola and Nora and I hope that you are having a wonderful week too.

    Hi Clarity,

    It was lovely to discover your blog and always neat to meet someone new in the Blog world, thank you.

    Hi Sophie,

    I voted for your bear in the competition ~ good luck.
    Thanks for visiting me today and I hope that you and Malko are doing well.

    Hi Fe,

    I think Melbourne and Sydney are very similar, both are fun places to shop. I hope that you get to visit your cousin in Melbourne soon.

    thank you Judy and I hope that you are having a great week.
    It was neat to hear from you again.

    Yes, it was thanks Fifi, but almost could have been another day longer.

    Hi Susan,

    thank you for your visit and kind note. We could not get over how many people were lined up to get their little Apple product.

    thank you Bella, and yes, the lead light windows in the building and cupolas were wonderful.


  19. Carolyn darling glad the trip was delightful. Sydney is on y list of places I want to see soon. Darling, so sad to hear that you are not feeling well, hope by this time you are doing better and are on the mend.

    Sending you big bear hugs

  20. What a wonderful trip..I so remember my days in that city. xoxox

  21. Hi Carolyn...Oh, it looks like you had a wonderful time despite the weather. Lovely to see the opera house close up...
    Shopping is always fun, no matter how hard it is on your feet! Somehow, the pain goes away while you are in the midst of buying that special something...

    Glad you had such a nice time.
    Hugs, Nancy

  22. Thank you for your visit Duchess, and it is always lovely to hear from you.
    Sydney is a fun City and I hope that you can have a holiday there.

    Hi Koralee,

    I love Sydney too and it always seems so bustling and alive.

    Many thanks Nancy for your visit and yes, the pain does seem to go away when you are out shopping.


  23. Seemed like a wonderful shopping trip, despite the rain!

  24. Hello
    Great shopping trip! Thank you for the tour of Sidney, don't know as I will ever get there in this life time - it looks wonderful.
    Many Blessings

  25. So fun, darling!
    Thanks for sharing these pics!


  26. Dear Caroline,Sidney must be a very interesting city...Really Australia is a country a bit unknowed for me and I think for a lot of people .I'm sure that there are lots of beautiful places there that we have never seen .I know about Australia trough the Tv ,films ,some documental...but is not enough.
    Perhaps now I will learn somethings more with you...
    Your bears are really lovely!.Kisses

  27. Oh yes - to be rich and famous could be helpful while visiting the Chanel shop ;o)
    But I am sure you both have had a WONDER-WONDER-WONDERFUL time, dearest Carolyn, and the pictures you took are amazing. I hope I will come to Sydney one day, too!!!
    Big hugs to you and your DD,

  28. Hi,
    what a marvelous view of your trip... now we ALL want to come!
    Even the pub must have been great.. just thinking of all of the people and events there! That place has "seen it and heard" it all!!!

    Thank You,

  29. Many thanks for your visit Audrey.

    Hi Rebecca,

    Australia is a lovely place to visit and I hope that you get to see Sydney one day.

    thank you Carrie

    Hi Princess Nadie,

    I think that is the beauty of blogging we can find out more of other Countries and see photos of different places and learn more about where others live.

    Hi Traude,

    I hope that you will get to Sydney one day, my friend. It is beautiful and I am sure you will like it.

    Hi Mary,

    Yes, I am sure there would be a lot of stories that would have been told at the Pub. I find it amazing when old buildings are still there after all those years.


  30. Oh, what a wonderful trip. I went to Sydney with my husband when we lived in Asia. My mom stayed in that same hotel when she visited there too. I love Australia, and what a great city.

    Such an amazing trip.

  31. Please thank Victoria for a great review of your adventure together!
    She is a good writer and you both are pretty woman. I can tell you have a special relationship, which makes me smile to think of.

    Welcome home and hope your bug is GONE!

    Happy weekend.
    Hope you'll be hearing some good music!


  32. It looked like a fun trip. I like rain!

  33. Lovely to get V's. take on your 'business' trip Carolyn! Sorry about the dodgy weather, but I'm sure that didn't slow down your 'negotiations' with your retail 'clients'.
    Millie ^_^

  34. Hi Karen,

    Yes, I agree Sydney is a lovely City and how neat that your Mother stayed in the same Hotel.
    thank you for your visit.

    Many thanks Constance, for visiting met today. It is always great to hear from you.

    Hi Rosemary,

    I like rain too, especially after we had bought a little fold up brolly.

    Hi Millie,

    No the rain did not stop us walking all over the streets of Sydney.
    The feet started to suffer by the end of the day though.
    Thanks for your visit.


  35. Oh sounds like you both made the most of your time away.

    Thanks for sharing,

  36. Always lovely to have a visit from you Dustjacket, many thanks.


  37. Sidney looks fanatastic,my boyfriend has visit it in November,I was here,ery expensive froM Malta to fly there!


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