Sunday, May 2, 2010

What I got up to in the weekend.

We took off from a paddock next to a vineyard, and it was about 4.30 pm, so sorry about how dark this photo is.

Turning 40 is a real milestone in one's life and a very dear friend of ours, did just this in the weekend. Happy Birthday Mr Rudd! Along with a lot of other friends we attended a birthday party, for him.

A little present that Mr G and I gave him was for a helicopter ride around the Island. We have a friend that flies helicopters, so everything was arranged and we drove out to where we were going to meet up with him. As there was a spare seat, I went along for the ride too.
This was the first time for Chris and his wife Kirsten, and they both really enjoyed themselves, looking down at their house from the air and seeing the sea and other landmarks. Chris even said that it brought a tear to his eyes, so that was a nice thing we could do for them.

I am behind in visiting all your blogs, so I look forward to coming to visit soon.
Many thanks for visiting my blog and I welcome new friends here.

Wishing you all a very happy weekend
Hugs Carolyn


  1. What a wonderful birthday present, Carolyn. Sounds like you all had a great time. Thanks for sharing that special occasion!

  2. How great! What a lovely birthday! Have a great weekend. Happy May Day!

  3. Oh, Carolyn, just as I was reading your post, your comment came through. It's as if we were having a conversation face to face!

    Sounds like Mr. Rudd had a wonderful birthday party and what a wondeful gift!!

    I've never been up in a helicopter but I have been up in the Goodyear Blimp!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  4. What a fantastic gift! That would make everyone turning forty feel great!
    I love the beautiful landscape....very pretty. Look at the gorgeous colors, wow!!!!
    Everyone laughing and smiling.....good friends and beautiful scenery, perfect!!!
    Margaret B

  5. Carolyn: What a sweet thing to do. I am so glad he enjoyed it. Thanks for your prayers. I am feeling better today. Have a great week dear friend. Blessings, Martha

  6. Thanks Laura, for visiting me today and I look forward to coming to say hello to you.

    Happy May Day to you Lisa, and I hope that your weekend is going well.

    Hi Marsha,

    Isn't that funny, I have had the same thing happen - have been writing on someone's blog, when they are visiting me.
    How neat that you got to go up in the Goodyear Blimp!
    Enjoy your weekend.

    Many thanks Margaret, for your visit.
    It was a great day and will be a memorable thing for Chris to look back on.

    Thank you Martha, I have been thinking about you dear friend.
    So unfair as to what has happened and I really hope that you can get this sorted.
    Happy weekend


  7. Hi, dear Carolyn, That's a fantastic gift to your friend! No wonder that he was so touched! It's great that you could enjoy the flight as well.
    Have a lovely Sunday!
    Big hugs,

  8. Carolyn-You know how to make a birthday memorable!! I am up way too late listening to horrible storms. Hope you are having a great weekend!

  9. Oh wow what an awesome present. Looks SO fun.

    xxx DJ

  10. HEY! That's a FANTASTIC photo! You all are beautiful and so HAPPY! That was a very thoughtful and unique gift, one he will remember for a lifetime for sure. I took a helicopter tour around Maui once. A bit scary at first, but so exhilarating!

  11. I love your idea of birthday presents, Carolyn. Remind me to tell you when mine is! :)

  12. Fabulous Carolyn
    Happy Birthday

  13. I agree that this was a thoughtful gift for your friends. The pictures are darling. I have never been up in a helicopter, but my brother flies them. He flies air ambulances and I hope I never have a reason to fly with him!!!

  14. Many thanks Julia, for your visit and it is always great to hear from you.

    Oh Susan, sorry to hear that you are having storms there and I hope that it calms down.
    I hope that you are having a lovely weekend.

    Was fun DJ, and a little bit scary.
    Always great to have your feet back down on the ground.

    Hi Bella,

    Yes once you calm down and relax, it is beautiful and exhilarating and you can enjoy the view.
    Maui, must have been lovely to look down at, especially if you got to see the volcano.

    Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for your visit, and if you ever get over to NZ - will take you for a ride in a helicopter.

    Thank you Jeanne.

    Hi June,

    How neat that your brother flies an Air Ambulance - I hope that the only ride you will make is for a joy ride.
    Thanks for your visit.


  15. What a magical experience to give such a 40th birthday gift to your friend. Everyone looks stunning. The light is exquisite in the photographs Carolyn!!


  16. It looks like a wonderful time! I am sure you had some beautiful views too. i have never been in a helicopter, perhaps someday! Have a terrific week ahead Carolyn!

  17. Thank you Constance, for your visit.
    It was a memorable thing that we could do for Chris and Kirsten and they were both thrilled, especially never having been up in a helicopter.

    Many thanks Sares, it is a wonderful experience flying up in a helicopter and you do get a birdseye view, even more so than an aeroplane.

    Happy week

  18. are just the most thoughtful person! What a great gift. Have a wonderful week! XO Trish

  19. Many thanks Trish and it was all worth while, seeing the smiles on their faces.

    Enjoy your week


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