Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Greetings!

Traditions are important and every holiday, carries with it a tradition.
I like to continue a tradition that I grew up with and I hope that I can pass some of them on to my family.
On Good Friday, I bake a batch of hot cross buns, which get eaten up very quickly I might add.
My Son said, I wished we could have these more often,... than once a year.
The smell of the cinnamon and spice wafting about the kitchen is wonderful.
If you want to make some, the recipe is under my other Easter post, (links you might like)

Daylight saving time ended for us here in New Zealand, on Sunday the clocks went back one hour. It always takes a while to adjust and get used to the change.

We have had another fine weekend in Paradise here, done a lot of walking, picked some of the olives on the trees and we went to the Farmers market. It has been a relaxing and lovely break.

I hope that your Easter break, is filled with much love and happy times.


  1. How lovely! I am glad you had all your traditional Easter today! We had an unusual one because we used the day to celebrate my Grandmother's 80th Birthday! So lots of family but not quite a regular Easter! Just had our smaller family Easter Dinner and it was just great!I am stuffed! I do wish we had hot cross buns though!
    Happy Easter!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. Oh, Carolyn, they look so GOOD!!! I hope you had a beautiful Easter!


  3. oh yummy. I dont think I have ever had hot crossed buns. But this makes me want to try them.


  4. Thank you Marsha, have had a beautiful Easter and enjoying the holiday today, Monday.

    Hi Lisa,

    How lovely that you celebrated your Grandmother's 80th birthday and were able to have a family Easter dinner.
    Always at Easter, we eat too much, hence the long walks.

    Hi Twila,

    I hope you try them, as they are good. The big thing is waiting for the yeast mixture to rise.
    Thanks for your visit.


  5. hoping we would get to see your buns, LOL! They look as yummy as you described. Happy Easter Carolyn and have a wonderful week!

  6. Lovely, lovely! I'm happy you having a fabulous and beautiful Easter holiday. Enjoy it dear Carolyn!

    Much love: Evi

  7. They look so yummy! A very happy Easter to you & your family!


  8. Look at all those lovelies! I love it! Hot cross buns! So yummy! Such pretty photos! Happy belated Easter to you!
    We had an Earthquake on Easter in my neck of the woods! It was scary. Luckily it was nothing more than a big shake. The epicenter was in Mexico where the building codes are not like they are in California so my heart goes out to the people there. I'm fine though. My neighbor ran outside so I went outside to talk to him. He said what are we supposed to do and I said "not go outside" LOL! It was a fun ride it lasted a long time!

  9. Hi Sares,

    I wished I could post some hot x buns, in a box and send to you.
    Hope that you are having a lovely Easter.

    Thanks Evi and I am hoping that you are feeling better and it is great to hear from you again. Enjoy your Easter break, dear friend.

    Many thanks Lola and Nora, always lovely to hear from you, sweet ones.

    Hi TattingChic,

    So glad that you are safe!
    I have a blog friend Rose, and she told us about the big earthquake.
    They are such scary things and you never know how long they are going to go for. Take care and I hope that you enjoy the rest of your Easter break.


  10. Those buns look so delicious...I can smell them all the way over here!! I didn't realize you were in New Zealand! What a beautiful place to live. Never been but always wanted to :)

    Happy belated Easter Carolyn, it sounds like you've had a special day! Warm hugs ~ Jenn

  11. Happy Easter Carolyn! Those hot cross buns look amazing! I am sure they were gone quickly :)

    Karen xoxox

  12. i licked my computer screen as soon as i saw these fab hot cross buns!

    hope your day is glorious,

  13. Your hot cross buns look so yummo!! I hope you had a blessed Easter.

  14. wow! i love that white flower really fancy. Happy easter :)

    p.s. would you consider exchanging links with me?

  15. Dear Carolyn, It's good to hear that you had a lovely Easter! Your cross buns look and sound very yummy! Your tea pot caught my eye immediately. I have have some cups, mugs and plates with the same pattern :-). Roy Kirkham, right?
    Have a great week!

  16. Delicious post, darling!

    Hope you had a lovely Easter!


  17. Yum! Love the pretty photos and have a happy Easter! :)

  18. What a wonderful tradition! The buns look so delicious that my mouth is literally watering! lunch time!
    Happy Easter to you Carolyn!

    xo, Mary

  19. Love your bunnies AND your buns! (please don't misinterpret that! ;))

    Hope you had a marvelous Easter, Carolyn!

  20. happy Easter to you and your family, dearest Carolyn!

  21. Mmmmmm Carolyn!!! You've inspired me to bake some too!!!!!They look so inviting ;))
    Hope you had a great day!

  22. Many thanks Jenn, for your visit and I hope that one day you will be able to come down to NZ.

    Karen, yes, they were eaten very quickly and almost wanted to make another batch. Your icecream cake looked lovely and I am sure that would have been eaten quickly.

    Thank you Janean, wouldn't that be lovely to be able to taste things on our screen!

    Many thanks Gwendolyn and I hope that your Easter was lovely.

    Gleenn, the flower is a pansy and yes, they are pretty.
    Would be happy to exchange links, I am sure that I am a follower and will check.

    Dear Julia,

    Thanks for your visit and I hope that you have had a lovely Easter.
    Yes, it is a little Roy Kirkham teapot and cup for one.
    Must be lovely to have the mugs, cups and plates and it is a pretty pattern. Enjoy your week.

    Thank you Carrie, and I hope that your Easter was a happy one.

    Many thanks Melissa and I enjoyed visiting you and seeing your lovely photos.

    Thank you Mary and I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Easter.

    Hehe... Barabara and I know exactly what you are saying!
    Thank you and I hope that your Easter was special too.

    Many thanks, dear Susan ~ I hope that you had a beautiful Easter.

    Oh that is neat Monica, that you are going to bake some too.
    Hope that you are having a lovely Easter.


  23. Oooo...those hot cross buns look scrumptious! Your mantle looks lovely pretty. I love mantle clocks.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter...we did too. My sons were here along with little Matt who spent the night and is still here playing with "Papa".

    Talk to you soon...have a lovely day!
    Hugs, Nancy

  24. Carolyn amor, so happy to hear you had a lovely Easter! Those hot cross buns sound sooo yummy...I think I am going to have to try making a know...I am a pretty good cook, with my mama and Ita as teachers, I learned alot but for some the baking area...I am the worst lol Hmmmm all that mixing and making our homemade meals, is mainly cooking from memory...I really should write my recipes down one girls might want to cook for their own families one day :) I thought I left you a comment on your last post...but when I entered the code everything went white on the screen and I hoped you had gotten it, it was a nice comment too :) well I hope this one made up for it :) Have a beautiful week :) besos, Rose

  25. Carolyn -

    How lovely it is that you have traditions that you share with your family!

    The hot crossed buns looked absolutely YUMMY!

    Wishing you well my friend!


  26. thank you Nancy, for your visit and glad that you had a wonderful Easter with your family.
    Your new Avatar photo is great.

    Many thanks Rose, so sweet of you to visit and your kind words.
    Do try the buns they are delicious, you just have to wait for the yeast to do its thing and rise.
    Hope all is calm now after the earthquake, must have been scary.

    thank you so much Denise, for coming to visit me today and I look forward to coming to say hello back.


  27. Lovely indeed is everything that you share
    Love you

  28. Thank you Jeanne, always lovely to have a visit from you.


  29. oh how did I miss this!!! what a wonderful post Carolyn!!! your hot cross buns look amazing!!!

    oh and the smell of them baking I imagine would be heavenly!!!


  30. Those hot cross buns look very very warm and yummy, Carolyn! Speaking of is definitely way too hot these days over here, right now!!!!! weeeewwww!!!!

    On Easter, I a had such a smorgasbord of happenings, I cannot decide which one I ought to remember the most! hm! My! My!

  31. Hi Diana,

    the smell was wonderful wafting around the kitchen and I wished you could have been sitting enjoying a cup of tea and a bun with me.
    Thanks for your visit.

    Hi Charity,

    We still have perfect sunny days, but it has cooled down a little, but still no rain. :o(
    Oh please tell us about your Easter Smorgasbord ~ sounds great.



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