Tuesday, March 9, 2010

International Womens Day

This was my favourite gown for the Oscar Awards for 2010 ~ Diane Kruger wore a cream and black camellia, embroidered chiffon dress from the Chanel Haute Couture collection.
Love it or hate it?
Charlize Theron defends her dress she wore ~ an amethyst and lilac bustier and draped detail, created especially for her by John Galliano for Dior.
I think she would look great in whatever she wore.

Today is International Women's Day ~ to all the beautiful Women all around the world, may you have a lovely day and an enjoyable week.



  1. Diane's dress is just wonderful...I didn't know it was Women's Day today.. well there you go, congrat's to all the lovely women around the world!

  2. Hi Dustjacket,

    Thanks for your visit.
    Actually it is the 8th March ~
    We on this side of the world are a day ahead.


  3. Me too, I didn't know it was Women's Day today! We need to celebrate, pamper ourselves!

    The lilac dress is beautiful although those two swirly things . . . not too sure about their placement, LOL

    Thank you for stopping by, Carolyn! I always look forward to your visits!


  4. Diane's dress is AMAZING! Charlize would look beautiful in a paper bag but I really didn't like this dress...your eyes go straight to her roses! lol

    Happy International Women's Day!


  5. Love the first dress...but I didn't care for Charlize dress at all...is she not beautiful tho WOW!! I want to look like that when I grow up ha ha!! Hope your doing well my friend...the oscars were a bit boring to me last night..I alway love it when they do the songs for the movies and this year they didn't and I didn't think Steve Martin was that funny...wished they bring back Billy Crystal he so funny with it...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. Thanks Marsha, I hope that you get to pamper yourself and celebrate.
    Yes, the two swirly roses are saying, look at me!

    Many thanks Karyn and wishing you a happy day.

    Hi Gloria,

    Isn't Charlize beautiful.
    Billy Crystal was such a great host for the Oscars and would be good to have him back again.
    thanks for visiting me today.


  7. Happy International Women's Day to you!!!
    You're a great lady and I'm glad to know you through blogging.
    God Bless,

  8. Hi Carolyn!!!

    oh wow!!! I so love the Awards and the inspiration in all the amazing gowns and jewels...breathtaking!!!

    I love that chanel piece...wow!!!

    Thank you for the kind wishes for my wonderful Father!!!


  9. Not wild about either of those dresses... and Charlize is the worst I think!

  10. My fave Oscar gown was one worn by Miley Cyrus. She looked really, really pretty. Happy women's day to you Carolyn...

  11. Hurrah to all women all over the world (& first ever Oscar-winning female Director too!!)



  12. Carolyn, our local Joburg radio station announced this morning that Charlize was wearing two Chelsea buns on her dress!! Truth be told, I quite like the dress.

    Pat xx

  13. We also celebrate March 8th! It is one of my most favorite Holidays ever since I was a little girl. :-)))) Well, I have to say, as much as I love both Charlize and Dior - the dress was just wrong!:-)

  14. The dresses are the most interesting part of the Oscars. I always see quite a few I like (Sigourney Weaver's was lovely. Some of them are ghastly though, aren't they? I often wonder who is advising them.

    The show itself drags on and on....

  15. May God grant you always
    A sunbeam to warm you,
    A moonbeam to charm you,
    A sheltering angel, so nothing can harm you.

    - An Irish saying

    Love you my darling friend
    Blessings and much love

  16. Kate got my vote for most beautiful gown.. and most flattering to her shape, or any body's shape... Miley Cyrus got my vote for worst posture even if it was obvious why she was hunching... somebody forgot to make the top of the dress high enough to contain her breasts if she stood up straight! They have several fittings for these things....why can't they get it right? Designers are some strange folk.... except for the top ones... maybe they finally learned the right moves after decades in the business...obviously this gal is not at the top of her ladder ...yet....

    International Women's Day... hmmmm..... yeh.... I never know when it is because I prefer to celebrate it every day of the year.... I wonder when they'll change it to International Human Being Day? ...and will we ever just celebrate the rights of every human..... probably not in my lifetime.....

  17. Gorgeous post, darling!
    Hope you have a fabulous week too!


  18. I liked the dress overall but it is a bit odd. NOT horrible at all and she looked lovely!!Happy Womens Day!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  19. Thank you Deanna and it is lovely to know you, through blogging.

    Many thanks Diana, and I hope that your Father had a happy birthday.
    Each one is very special.

    Hi Fifi,

    Thanks for your visit.

    Thank you Fe and Happy International Women's day to you.
    I agree Miley Cyrus did look very pretty and had a beautiful dress.

    Hi Nora and Lola,

    Yes hurrah for a first... an Oscar winning female director, that is so great!

    Hi Pat,

    That is so lovely two chelsea buns on the dress, Charlize is so pretty and would look good in anything.
    I loved the colour.

    Hi Couture Millinery Atelier.

    How lovely that you have celebrated this day, since a little girl.
    I only found out about this special day, about 5 years ago.
    Galliano for Dior, normally has something interesting to show.

    Hi Barbara,

    Yes, I love watching the ladies walk down the red carpet and seeing what everyone is wearing. The show does seem to go on and on.
    I agree, makes you wonder who is advising them, as some of the clothes are ghastly.

    Thank you so much, dear Jeanne, that is such a lovely Irish saying, and a lovely way to start my day.

    Hi Vee,

    How neat that we can be the fashion police and give our opinion.
    That must have been so uncomfortable for Miley, with the top of her dress, not fitting correctly. Makes you wonder what the Designer was thinking, when she was doing the fitting.

    Thank you Carrie and I hope that you have a great week.

    Happy Womens day to you Lisa and thanks for your visit.


  20. Hello my dearest friend...

    YOUR post are alwais nice!!!

    How are you?

    In Italy now "snow"...INCREDIBLE...in march month...


  21. I like the first dress but C.'s ... maybe the two "rosettes" should be a it closer together? What does your daughter think about that idea??? ruin it?
    My fav., well, one fav. was worn by the young actress from "Up In The Air".
    Soft pink feminine. I do like the one you show.. looks very French :)


  22. Dear Ni,

    I am fine thank you.
    How incredible that you are having snow there in Italy!
    I thought that you would just about be having Spring there.
    Do stay warm, dear friend and have a great week. Hugs & kisses.

    Hi Mary,

    I have not talked to Victoria about this dress ~ will probably sit down tonight and have a look together and see which gowns we like.
    I love anything soft pink and feminine.


  23. Diane was my favorite, too :) I loved Miley as well and I totally agree: Charlize always looks beautiful.
    have a fabulous week, darling Carolyn and thank you ever so much for your sweet and reassuring comments!

  24. I love that first dress!!! I was lovin all of the pretty nude colored dresses this year!

    A lovely week to you Carolyn!

    :) T

  25. I love love Diane's dress and Miley's. Those two were my favorite. Oh and Sandra Bullock's! I didnt know it was International Women's day.

    PS. Thanks for the nice comments about my dress. And for thinking my pups are cute. He just always has to be wherever I am. Ha


  26. I hate the purple dress, looks like cinnamon rolls on her breasts..lol

  27. Hi Carolyn,
    I didn't know about this, thanks for bringing it to my attention.
    Have a lovely Wednesday,

  28. The first dress is very pretty, the second one, not so much! I hope you have a gorgeous week Carolyn!

  29. I really don't like Charlize Theron's dress, at all!

    I think John Galliano secretly doesn't like Charlize Theron, and that's why he created this exclusively for her.

    Seriously-- it's absolutely hideous.

  30. Hi Carolyn: Happy Women's Day to you. Blessings to a special lady. Martha

  31. Ahh - I do love a good look at the Oscar dresses, there is that wonderful moment as the "L.A Royalty" strutt their stuff down the red carpet.
    We ask ourselves if we like it or not and secretly we just all want to be them!
    I love this dress too - Dianne's - stunning.
    Charlise...hmmm it looks a little bit like someone has stuck something somewhere they shouldn't - all just opinion.
    x Hugs Suzi

  32. I wasn't really a fan of Charlize Theron's gown. I thought Demi Moore looked lovely as did a few others whose names completely escape me right now!

    Oh, and Gerard Butler looked yummy, as always! ;-)


  33. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for visiting me today, I know how life is so busy for you and I appreciate you taking the time to leave me a comment.

    Hi Tracey,

    It was lovely to see all the neutral and nude coloured gowns.
    Thank you for visiting me today.

    Hi Twila,

    Your dress was so pretty and loved the photo of your pups peeping through the glass to be in the photo.

    Hi Stefanie,

    Funny though we can all have our comments on this dress and gives us something to talk about.

    Hi Rosemary,

    Have a lovely Wednesday and I am hoping that Joan is having a great time down here in NZ.

    Many thanks Sares, and I hope that you are having a lovely week.

    Hi Charity,

    I loved the colour though and wonder about the two roses placed where they were!

    Hi Martha and many blessings to you.
    I will keep you in my thoughts for the Doctors appointments you have.

    Many thanks for your visit Suzi.
    It is great to be sitting in our lounge room and to say what gowns we love and don't.

    Hi Anne,

    Thank you for you visit and it is always lovely to hear from you.


  34. Happy Day to you too!
    The dresses were amazing, loved watching the red carpet. You're right, Charlize could wear a sack and look good but I don't get the whirley gigs.

  35. Thanks so much for stopping by with yr lovely comment about a certain Mr Depp! Yes, I remember reading how you could watch him in a film with the sound turned off & that's why I included him today for "Wordless Wednesday"! Especially for you!!

    Have a great Thursday!



  36. Many thanks Rebecca, for visiting me today, always lovely to hear from you.

    Thank you, sweet Lola and Nora, so kind of you.
    Have a great Thursday.


  37. The black and white dress is a real classic, just lovely but she has such a great figure anything would look great.

  38. Hi Glennis,

    I agree, most of these Ladies would look so good in anything.
    Many thanks for your visit.



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