Monday, March 1, 2010

The month of March

Country Living.

In the warm nights, we like to sleep with all the bedroom windows open wide. I love the fresh air and cool breeze that makes it more comfortable to sleep at night.

There is one problem though... and that is pesky mosquitoes that buzz around your ears and annoy and prevent us from sleeping.
Even though we have a Raid gadget, that every so often lets off a spray of pyrethrum (an insecticide made from dried daisies or chrysanthemums) some of them still manage to stay and annoy us. We have tried mosquito nets and I don't really like them very much.
I think they hide in the wardrobe during the day and then wait until we are sound asleep before coming out to make their presence known.
Then with the bright full moon out and then at about 3 am we heard the caterwauling of someones cats outside the window, it is no wonder I am feeling tired today.

Our daughter, has been job hunting and has an interview today so I hope that goes well for her.
While one has finished her University days, our son is only starting ~ went off today for his first day studying Graphic Design. Best of luck my dears.
How those years have gone so fast!

Hoping you all have a wonderful week, for the start of March.


  1. Oh,those pesky mosquitos! I don't do well with them, I swell up whenever I get bit, not a pretty sight!

    I hope your daughter finds a job she loves!

    Thank you for stopping by, Carolyn! I always look forward to your comments and posts!


  2. Hi Carolyn, I don't hear too many cats crying but I do have a neighbor with an annoying barking dog...LOL! As far as mosquitos, don't like them either... : ) you have a nice week too....Hugs, Jennifer

  3. Hi Marsha,

    For something so small, they are so pesky and yes, the swelling of the bites can be awful.
    thanks for visiting, I always look forward to visiting you.

    Hi Jennifer,

    Dog can be annoying too, when they bark and keep you awake.
    Have a great week


  4. I am looking forward to the beginning of the new month. I love your beautiful postcards in your last post....I love saving postcards!

  5. Sometimes one wonders just where all those years went. Good luck to your brood.
    As for mosquitoes, our windows have a screen on them so thankfully, we don't have to worry about them in the summer. Besides, they like my husband much more than me ;-)

  6. I love the fresh air at night too, in fact I never close a couple of my windows. Don't have too many problems with mossy's down here. In Brisbane we had mesh screens on the inside of the windows. They slid along the windowsill so could be moved if they weren't needed.

  7. Mosquitos are really annoying. They seem to love me more than hubby, but I predominantly hate them for making that sound. Hey mosquitos, I willingly give you a blood donation. For your convenience it's served in a tiny container standing at the window sill. Just be quiet when you come by!
    I wish all the best for your children, dear Carolyn! May your daughter find a job and you son have a great start at the University!
    Have a great week!

  8. Good luck to your daughter on her job interview, Carolyn! I also wish the best of luck to your son at school and to YOU in finding a way to outwit those pesky mosquitos! :)
    ~TattingChic ♥

  9. Mosquitoes & dogs - how on earth are we expected to sleep at night?!

    Wishing yr daughter all the best today,


  10. Hi Diane,

    Thanks for your visit and yes, a new month is always something to look forward to.

    Hi Dolores,

    The years do fly by so quickly.
    Screens would probably be a good idea, have never really thought we needed them.

    Hi Karen,

    You are lucky not having mossy's down in Wellington and when the weather starts to get cooler here they seem to go away.

    Hi Julia,

    The mosquitoes seem to like me more than my husband and I often get bitten by them.
    thank you for your good wishes for our children, that is very kind of you. Enjoy your week.

    Thank you TattingChic for your visit today and your kind words.
    I hope that you are well.

    Many thanks Nora and Lola, a little hard isn't it trying to sleep with all that going on.
    I appreciate your best wishes for our daughter.


  11. i love sleeping with our windows open- lately we have had raccoons in our yard- they chatter and make such funny noises- i love it!

  12. Hi Carolyn, It's so hard to believe that autumn is here. Perhaps the plus side is cooler nights and no mozzies! Try upping your vitamin b intake. The mozzies don't like it!

  13. I'd still rather 200 mozzies than 1snoring MOTH! He said to tell you he has a Rain Dance for Waiheke pencilled in for tomorrow arvo.
    Millie ^_^

  14. Hello there, sweet Carolyn!
    I'm sorry that I've been such a stranger lately~ the weather here is getting nicer...we are sooo ready for Spring!
    We have terrible problems with those mosquitos here, living right above the mighty Missouri river.
    I still haven't made it to the post office...forgive me, I'll get there soon!
    Love and hugs,

  15. Carolyn-I thought we in the deep South of the USA had the mosquito market cornered! :). Love that all white bedroom picture. I wish your daughter good luck in her interview. These can be scary times for young people just out of school. Thanks for your sweet comment. We short people have to stick together :)

  16. Carolyn I hope all goes well for your daughter today. She has worked so hard and I'm sure will find just the right fit in a job.

    I also hope you get ahead of the mosquitos so you can get some good rest. I can't think of anything more annoying than having those little critters buzzing around your head.
    Theere is nothing more refreshing than sleeping with the windows open. My neighbor would not fream of it. She is so afraid of intruders. Heck I don't even lock my doors at night. I even put a welcome mat out for them. lol

  17. Hi Carolyn
    I am from Minnesota and the joke is that the state bird there is a misquito. So I know what you are talking about...nothing more annoying then that high pitch buzz around your ear at 2 am. It just shows you if you think you can't make a difference in this world because you are so small - you can think of that small misquito and what a difference he can make in one night...

  18. Dear Carolyn,
    It is amazing how March whirled in and took me by surprise.
    Best wishes to your children with job hunting and sarting the studies.

    I tend to worry way too much about my children even with them being in their thirties.
    I'm working on not being such a worrier! I'm just not as good at it as I think and know that I should be.

  19. Carolyn, hi

    it is almost impossibly to understand, you have warm nights, with open windows,now, in the middle of snow here, but it sounds wonderfull, although I can see it is not only sleeping nights.....
    Your bears are wonderfull Carolyn,
    wishing you a lovely evening.
    Hugs Dorthe

  20. We call the mosquito the 'unofficial state bird of South Carolina':). Good luck to your daughter and your son-I hope they both reach they're dreams!



  21. Gorgeous post, darling!
    Happy March!


  22. Dear Carolyn,

    I can understand you, it isn`t wonder, if you are tired! I like fresh air when I sleep, too. So, that`s why I keep window open wide at summer, but the gnats... This month is "cat`s month" ;D I wish all the best to your children!! Time goes so fast, my friend!:) Big hugs to you!!

  23. Hi Paperbird,

    Oh racoons would be fun to have, I also love hearing the morepork owl tweeting in the night.

    Hi Amanda,

    I love the thought of Autumn days and cooler weather. I might just follow your Vitamin B advice.

    Thanks Millie and please thank Moth too ~ we had rain in the night and it was a great sound, but did not last long.
    I will order another tanker load of water again today.
    Sorry about the snoring dear friend.

    Hi Christina,

    So happy to hear that you are gearing up for Spring and it is such a beautiful Season.
    Thanks for your visit and kind words.

    Hi Susan,

    Thanks for your visit and kind words for Victoria ~ yes, can be a scary time with job interviews.

    Many thanks June for visiting me today and your kind wishes for Victoria.
    Must be a lovely place you live in June, where you do not have to lock your doors.

    Hi Rebecca,

    That is so funny that the Mosquito is the state bird, haha, so you will be very familiar with the high pitch noise in the middle of the night right next to your ear too.

    Hi Deanna,

    March has come around so quickly and took me by surprise too.
    Thanks for your kind words for my kids.
    I hope that you can relax more and worry less, I know that it is not easy at times.

    Hi Dorthe,

    It was so lovely to discover your blog and thanks for visiting mine.
    Must be so beautiful where you are with all the snow ~ stay warm.

    Thanks Kim for your kind words and visit today. Blessings to you.

    Many thanks Carrie and happy March to you.

    Dear Marge,

    So lovely to have a visit from you dear friend and thank you for your best wishes for my children.
    Yes, the time does go by fast.


  24. Hi Carolyn!!!

    oh there is nothing nicer than sleeping with fresh air....I guess you guys don't have screened windows like we do....

    It was a nice warm(er) day here and the snow is all melting away...spring is just around the corner and I can't wait to garden and enjoy each and every moment!!!


  25. Good luck to your daughter! She is a talented woman. She will find the right job, I feel sure!!
    Wish I felt optimist about sleeping in a world without mosquito bites!
    They ADORE me!

    Hugs to you
    Fingers crossed for your daughter!

  26. We got so used to using mosquito nets in the Caribbean that I wouldn't mind it at all. They have such an adorable way of twisting them up when your bed is made. Of course in Florida we have screens.

    Good luck to your daughter in her job search and to your son starting out! They grow up so quickly.

  27. Hi Diana,

    So glad that the weather is warming up for your there and you will be back in your garden ~ yeah!

    Thank you Constance and I appreciate your kind words and best wishes for Victoria.

    Many thanks Barbara for your visit today.
    How wonderful to have been to the Caribbean, that must have been lovely.


  28. Hi Sweet Friend,

    Mosquito's are pesky indeed! Wish I had a clever solution for you!

    Sending good luck wishes to your daughter and your son! They grow up so quickly don't they?

    Sorry I've been so scarce my friend...oh how I wish I had more time.

    Wishing you a beautiful and blessed week!!


  29. Hi Karyn,

    Thank you so much for visiting me and yes, life does seem to be so busy.
    Appreciate your kind note you left.


  30. Girl, what you should do is install screens into all of your windows. :) That way, you may open them as often as you like. :)

    Try fiber glass screens for windows. :)

  31. Hi Charity,

    Screens might be a good idea, have never really thought about them.
    Thanks for that.



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