Sunday, December 13, 2009

December ... and so busy!

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December always seems to be such a busy time of the year.... we are in the festive season and let's celebrate mode.
The past week has been very busy with the Graduation on Thursday, going to a dinner party with friends on Friday Evening and then a friends 50th birthday Party on Saturday.
It is lovely to be home today and to be able to relax a little.

The other day I was catching the ferry to the City and my heel got caught on a metal joining piece of the gangway. I fell headfirst, my skirt went up and was terribly embarrassing having to pick myself and contents of my handbag up. Some very kind commuters came to my aid.
I am feeling a little sore as my knees were grazed, but could have been far worse, as I could have broken something, but just my pride was dashed.
The ferry operator told me that others had done the same thing and after filling out a report of the accident, I really hope they will put this right, so others, will not have this happen to them.

This was the view at dusk, from the patio of our friends home, where we went to dinner.
They have a huge, beautiful new house with a Master bedroom, bathroom and dressing room, about the size of our house ~ or that is what it felt like.

How is your December going? .... busy with decorating, tree trimming, gift buying and wrapping.
I will share some photos soon of Christmas, at our home.

I hope that you are getting the chance to enjoy this beautiful season.



  1. Hi Carolyn, Oh I am so sorry you took that fall. So glad you did not get hurt worse and, like you said, you could have broken something. I so hope they fix the problem on the gangway.

    Your evening at friends sounds lovely. Their house must be huge and beautiful.

    Yes, December is busy here too. Trying to enjoy the season though and visit with friends when possible.

    Thank you for stopping by. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Looking forward to visiting again for more of Christmas at your home.
    Have a good evening.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  2. Oh, Carolyn, I'm so glad you weren't seriously hurt.

    What a BEAUTIFUL view!!! Breathtaking!

    I hope you get some time for yourself to relax.


  3. Hi Carolyn, I just dropped by from Carole at Maynard Greenhouse. Wow, what a beautiful look from your friend's home! I really hope that I can visit Newzealand one day. Your bears are very sweet and adorable! I think I'm finally done with my decorations but I still need to make a few gifts and cards.

    Have a great Sunday evening!


  4. Oh, GOSH! Carolyn, I'm so glad you are alright! I do understand about the pride being hurt, though! I've had something similar happen to me once! OH! It was awful! I was about 14 and I had a crush on a boy at school. I was so shy, but one day I got up the nerve to say hello. I was wearing a dress that day and I knew that I would pass him in the hall at a certain time. Well, that time came and I saw him coming toward me. My eyes locked on him as I walked toward him (and also in the direction of my next class).
    Just as he approached I began to say my carefully planned "He...." and BAM!!! The biggest boy in the school bumped into me. He didn't know his own strength for his accidental bumping me threw me back with such force that I was forced back against the lockers... slid down the locker and landed on my bumb...and my dress flew up over my head! I looked up to see him pass by! LOL!

    I was devastated! When you're 14 EVERYTHING is devastating! I've long gotten over it and can laugh at it now. I hope it brought you a chuckle, too!

  5. oh I know busy and so much fun!!! I have been going 100 miles an hour this past week...and I am really enjoying family and friends and lots of Holiday projects!!!!

    sorry to hear you fell....get all better soon!!!!


  6. Hi Celestina Marie,

    So lovely to have a visit dear friend and thank you for leaving a message as it is always neat to see you. Thank you.
    I have enjoyed visiting you and seeing all your wonderful Christmas posts.

    Hi Marsha,

    Thanks for your visit and I hope that you are having a great weekend.

    Hi Julia,

    How lovely to have a visit from you and I look forward to coming to visit your blog. Thank you.
    Great to get the decorating finished and good luck with the cards and gifts.

    Hi TattingChic,

    Oh no!... being a sweet 14 year old and have that happen would be just so embarrassing and just as well you can laugh about it now!

    Hi Diana,

    Lovely of you to visit and I think everyone is like that ... going flat out! Soon we will all be able to relax and take things a little easier, when all the work is done.


  7. Oh my goodness gracious!

    I can truly understand how embarrassing that must have been (the part with your skirt up and all)...oh dear! Perhaps everyone ought to wear pants when walking in that area! What do you think? Or! Someone should just fix that boo boo so people will stop getting stuck and flashing panties! What do you think about that? :)

    I think this time, Christmas warmth is showing me where the cold spots are in me, and melting those cold spots, and they are turning into tears! Oh dear! So...much crying this Holiday season for me...!!!

    I wish you all the magic this Winter Season, for Christmas, and well beyond! All the magic for you!


  8. whoa.... that could have been a disaster... thank goodness it is only knees and pride that were grazed.... they better get that darn thing fixed. That's ridiculous!

    We were doing a few things today...but, as far as Christmas goes...we have a very easy and simple one ...we don't worry about doing too much...

    We did the tree today... will do some more decorating tomorrow... and then some baking and maybe one or two more cards... then, just sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of the season....

  9. Oh that was no good about the tumble, ouch! They'd better do something about that problem.

    sounds like a busy and nice weekend for you!

    I'm trying to get everything organized, going good though.

  10. Hello dear Carolyn, I'm sorry that you had an accident on the way to town!!!
    I wish the beautiful 3rd Advent Sunday and a nice week

  11. Hey dear Carolyn, I'm so happy you weren't seriously hurt...:-) I know it's such a bad feeling to fall...and also I always feel so embarrassing when I fall even if it's not my fault LOL.

    Your friend's home is beautiful...

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, cheers: Evi

  12. Hi Charity,

    I hope that your holiday season will go well ~ sending good wishes to you.

    Hi Vee,

    I liked it when you can sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of the season ~ that sounds great to me!

    Hi Dustjacket,

    Sounds great that things are going good for you! .... It can be such a busy and stressful time of the year.

    Hi Fleurette,

    Have a beautiful third event Sunday and a great week ahead.
    Thanks for your visit.

    Thank you for visiting dear Evi and I hope that your weekend is lovely.


  13. Hello Carolyn, sorry to hear about your misadventure, hope you're having a good weekend! xxx

  14. oh how I wish I had more time for myself and my little apartment- decorating and buying presents and so on... the Xmas feeling hasn't really reached me yet. *sigh*
    have a lovely day, dearest Carolyn, hugs

  15. Oh NO Carolyn...poor you!
    It could have been sooo much worse. As I was reading it, I was thinking you were about to write that you twisted your ankle and your foot is in a boot and you have to stay off of it for a month! And that you had a big cut on your forehead and had to take x-rays at the hospital!
    Boy do I have a vivid imagination and that didn't happen!!! ;)
    Glad to hear all is well and I hope your pride isn't too hurt.
    I hope your weekends leading up to Christmas aren't as busy as the last ones were!
    Rest my friend~
    everything vintage

  16. Hi Michela,

    Many thanks for your visit and I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend.

    Lovely to have you drop by, Susan and sorry the Xmas feeling has not reached you yet. You have probably been too busy working. I hope that you can have some rest and relaxation soon.

    Hi Jodie,

    Having my skirt up around my ears was no fun and I am feeling ok.
    Grazes on my knees and a little achy in my back and neck, but nothing to worry about.
    I hope that your Christmas preparations are going well.


  17. I am so sorry you fell. I bet you were sore the next day. Pleae be careful. The home you were visiting is stunning. Blessings to you, Martha

  18. Thank you so much Martha and I hope that you are managing to get some rest, in this busy time of the year.


  19. Hi Carolyn!!! so nice of you to pop by for some Holiday Cheer!!!


  20. I'm always taking a tumble Carolyn - & look what's just happened to me! Glad you were able to walk way with all your bones intact, believe me the alternative is NO FUN!!!
    Millie ^_^

  21. Carolyn-Glad you are okay after your tumble and they should be glad you are not the letigious type :) What a view! Loved seeing the palm tree. Take care and enjoy the season. Thanks for coming by my friend!

  22. Thanks very much Diana, such a fun time of the year, isn't it!

    Hi Millie,

    I know what happened to you dear friend.... so easy to do.
    I am hoping that you will have the cast off soon, so you can enjoy the Summer.


  23. Hi Carolyn,
    I wonder why taking a fall is always so embarassing? I always feel so bad when it happens to others, but when I do it I guess I'm always thinking someone will laugh. Never happens. Except of course my husband. He always says something smart like, 'did you have a nice trip?' grrrr.
    Other than that, it sounds and looks like you had a lovely time.

  24. Hi Carolyn! First let me congratulate your daughter on her graduation, she looked lovely on her special day....I'm so sorry about your fall, they need to fix that, next time someone may get seriously hurt. I fell once and my skirt went up too, I know how you feel, talk about turning every shade of red known....Thank you for stopping by my blog tonight, I'm just about done decorating and I'll have more pictures to show in the next few days. Have a nice evening! Hugs & Love, Jennifer

  25. Thank you Susan.
    I enjoyed seeing the Christmas decorations you helped out with, at the school ~ lovely idea.

    Many thanks for visiting June ~ I love your new hair do, looking really great!

    Thanks Jennifer, for your kind words for Victoria.
    I have enjoyed seeing your Christmas decorations and it must be a good feeling having completed it all.


  26. Hi Carolyn. Thank you for the kind comment. Hope you have a wonderful Xmas with wonderful memories of your dad. XO Trish

  27. Oh dear..hope all is ok after that fall. I have done that many times..and quickly look around to make sure no one saw seems to happen at school a lot on the silly stairs. Yes we are all busy but it is such a happy busy...I love this time of year.Sending you some blog love and can't wait to see your Christmas home.

  28. December seems to be flying by so far. I'm sorry to hear you took a tumble, i am glad you are alright. The unexpected falls when we have no chance to react can sometimes hurt the most. I hope the week ahead is smooth sailing!

  29. Thank you very much Trish and I wish many blessings for you during the holiday season.

    Many thanks Koralee, lovely to have a visit and wishing you a wonderful and happy time, for Christmas and the holidays.

    Thank you Sares for your visit and I hope that you have a great week.


  30. Carolyn, that must have been terrible! Thank goodness you were not hurt any worse. Yes, December is so busy, I'm actually looking forward to January. I just need to make it through the next two weeks... so much to do!
    Sharon :-)

  31. Hi Carolyn - that tumble sounds no good at all, they definitely need to fix it! A over K is no fun! Sounds as though you've had a busy but oh so exciting week - the graduation being a highlight! Take care xx

  32. Hi Sharon,

    Good luck with getting all you need to get done ~ yes, I think the holidays will be very desirable.

    Hi Amanda,

    Yes, a lovely weekend catching up with friends, so looking forward to a quieter week. Thanks for your visit.


  33. Love and hugs
    Sorry about your fall.
    Love your visits and kind words.
    Blessings and much love

  34. Ah Carolyn, they certainly should fix that metal plank. Sounds like they "need" a certain number before they do something about it. Terrible.

    I still remember climbing a fence to take a short-cut home after school when I was in High School. The pocket of my pants snagged on the fence, just as I was jumping off the top. It ripped half the seat off my pants! Luckily I had a sweater I could tie around my waist. Very embarassing though!

    Have a great holiday season and a Merry Christmas. Wishing you and your family all the best for 2010. Karen

  35. How awfull that must have been for you. Maybe you can wear flats next time and keep the heels in your bag til you get off. Blessings!

  36. Although it's not summer here...that's just about what our December looks like too!

    m ^..^

  37. Dear Carolyn,
    Hope you are feeling back to normal today. Truly glad you did not break a bone! It's weird. When you are little you fall all the time, as our bodies change size. But as an adult it is shocking to take a fall, because we forget what it is like to see stars and hurt ourselves.

    Well your friends have "the room with a view" this is certain.

    Keep enjoying~
    Can't wait to see something that your daughter will design!!


  38. Hi Jeannne,

    Lovely to have a visit from you, thank you and blessings to you.

    Hi Karen,

    Oh that sounds awful ripping your pants on the fence, glad that you were on your way home.
    Merry Christmas and best wishes to your family.

    Hi Gwen,

    That is probably a very good idea, I have seen others do the very same thing. Thank you for your visit.

    Hi Tales from OC Cottage,

    Always good to have a visit from a new blog ~ I look forward to coming over to visit you.


  39. Oh Carolyn,
    YOu poor thing, You really have been in the wars this year. Fallen when we are older is scarey. It is a long way down and it makes me realise how out little ones must have felt when they were young and tumbled so many times.
    Yes December is busy but it is so good if that busy is making memories.
    Your friends view is gorgeous. I love the fire in the pond?
    Lovely - rest up and I hope you feel better. x Suzi

  40. Carolyn ~ I hope that you are doing better. Why is it when you are the busiest that injuries lay one back.

    Love the swaying palms, no doubt a basking breeze, too.

    The gingerbread house is really sweet.

    Merry Christmas, TTFN ~ Marydon
    **NEW BLOG**

  41. Carolyn: so sorry you fell. I break things when I fall, so am glad you only had some scratches.

    Yes, I'm busy too. What I'm doing at the computer right now is taking a pleasant break.
    Would love to sit down and post some photos of my decorations and if I ever get ahead of the game, I will. (Do we ever get ahead of the game??)

  42. Dear Constance,

    Always lovely to hear from you and many thanks for the kind message you left for me.

    Thanks so much Suzi, yes, it has been a big year and really looking forward to 2010.
    Yes, the fire in the pond was a lovely touch. The house was so big - you could have had a party for 100 people in their garage.

    Many thanks Marydon for your visit.
    It was a lovely warm evening and really pleasant sitting outdoors, enjoying the beautiful view.

    Hi Barbara,

    It is like that isn't it! ~ keeping up with everything. Mind you it is a good thing, to always be busy.
    I look forward to seeing photos of your decorations.



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