Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas cookies

Christmas Cookies.

150gm butter, softened
1 cup of caster sugar
1 teaspoon lemon juice or orange
Grated zest of 1 lemon
1 egg, beaten
2 cups of flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
4 teaspoons milk.

Cream butter and sugar until very pale
Beat in juice, zest and egg
Sift flour and baking powder and fold into mixture with milk. Chill dough.
Roll out on a well floured board to desired thickness and cut into shapes with cookie cutters.
Preheat oven to 190C. Bake cookies for 8 - 15 minutes until golden.
Cool on racks.

To decorate

Icing ~ Beat an egg white, then add icing sugar until thick and sprinkle on silver cauchous.

Every year we make a few batches of these delicious biscuits.
They are great to give away as little presents.
My daughter made this batch this morning and I thought I would share the recipe, you may like to try making some yourself.

I was happy to get this lovely Award from Susan nearly stylish.
thank you very much.
I would like to pass this on to ~


I hope that your week is going well. I walked into the village this morning to post some Christmas cards away. It has suddenly got very warm over here, I think that Summer has arrived.

Happy week


  1. Ha...you're getting summer weather and we just got our first snowfall!

    Your cookies look delicious...my kiddos have been asking me if we can start making Christmas cookies...these would be a perfect start!

    Congrats on another award, we all just love it over here at your blog Carolyn!!!

    Blessings ~

    :) T

  2. Thank you for the receipe, Carolyn. They look yummy! My husband would like them, he likes anything with lemon. What is caster sugar?

    Too funny, I was going to post a receipe for cookies too!

    I wish I was with you as it is COLD here! We're sitting here by the fire under a blankie and I have my thick socks and slippers on!

    Thank you so much for the award!

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Hi Tracey,

    Many thanks for your lovely visit, always great to hear from you.
    I enjoyed my visit to your beautiful place and loved your creative bottles.
    How neat that you have snow.
    The cookies are delicious.

    Do stay warm and have a great week

    Hi Marsha,

    You are welcome, happy to share this recipe with you.
    Caster sugar is very fine white granulated sugar.
    Happy to give you the Award.

    Do stay warm, thick socks and slippers sound nice and cozy.


  4. Hi ladybug!
    Those look like such sweet and yummy cookies~ thank you for sharing that recipe with us! I need to make a batch... mmmm! :P
    Bears= ADORABLE and how cute are your dough ornaments??!! You have so much creative talent!
    Love and hugs,

  5. Congratulations on your award and thank you SO much for passing it to DJA. You are so kind.

    I just love your cookies...and your Christmas header, great.


  6. Oooh la la Carolyn, I'm sure these cookies tastes delicious as much as they look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

    Congrats for the award!

    Much love: Evi

  7. Carolyn amor, how yummy those cookies look but to show you what a goob I am ..what does gm mean? lol I think I have to have a translator for making cookies, did I mention I almost smoked out my house using one of those tension cake pans for the first time for cheesecakes lol but it came out good...just a lil smokey flavored :) Congrats on your award, you so deserve it! Ohh yes, were do you get those pretty lil silver balls on the cookies? :) see again goober...if only we could taste and smell things on blogs...hmmm maybe one day :) Besos, Rose

  8. Carolyn I can't wait to try your recipe. Just hope it is more successful than my attempts over the weekend. Have a lovely week! xx

  9. Oh thank you sweet Carolyn for this lovely Award! I'll 'wear' it with pride.
    Millie ^_^
    P.S. I'm in a panic now reading that you are writing your Chrissie cards!

  10. Oooh, those cookies look amazing! I'll definitely need to try out the recipe... there's nothing more festive than baking during the holiday season! Hope you had a great weekend and a lovely week ahead!

  11. Adorable little cookies, Carolyn! I love the touch of lemon. Yes- it's definitely time to start our cookie baking! I don't have any little helping hands, though. :(

  12. I am still trying to get used to the fact that you are just starting Summer over there! It's weird for me as I think everyone should be freezing during the month of December!! ha
    Oh those cookies look great...yummy!
    everything vintage

  13. A lovely award, the cookies look so delish!!! Blessings!

  14. Oh, WOw! Those Christmas Cookies look divine! Thanks for sharing them with me! YUMMY! It's always a pleasure to come and visit you!

  15. mmmmhhhmmm, the cookies look very yummie! Wait a minute, I will come over to you, we'll make a nice girl's-coffee-(or tea?)-party! oh no, not only girls, we also invite Mr. Ebenezer Bear and Mr. Wenceslaus Bear, they are so good-looking guys!
    Lots of Christmas-Hugs and congratulations to your new award! Traude

  16. Hi Carolyn!!! I love these cookies...so festive....I can't wait to do some Holiday baking!!!

    Wonderful post and thanks for sharing these with us!!!


  17. oh how yummy those cookies are! I will definitely try this recipe.
    thanks for posting the award, darling!
    I hope you are having a fabulous day, hugs

  18. I want some of these cookies.They are so pretty and white.Congrats on your award.You deserve it .
    I want to wish you the merriest of Christmases and all the joy this season has to bring,
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  19. They look so pretty! I have a sugar cookie recipe I make every year too. I envy you your walk to the village! It sounds like a pleasant stroll. I hope your week is going well and try not to eat too many cookies all at once!

  20. Yummo! The cookies look and sound delish! It's been warmer here, although they are saying a very cold, cold front is coming in a day or so. They said that last week and we are still waiting! :) Blessings, Tammy

  21. Hi Carolyn,

    Thank you for the yummy recipe and congrats on the award.

    It was very cold here in California and we had a big storm that left a beautiful coating of snow on the nearby mountains.

    Thank you for your visit and lovely comment...I adore you!

    Love and hugs,

  22. We are bracing for a blizzard here...our grey skys could use a little bit of your sunshine. The cookies look scrumptious! Congratluations on your award. Many smiles and blessing sent your way!


  23. Hello my dearest friend!!!

    Do you know that you are a rellay a WONDERFUL FRIEND???

    OHHHHHHHHH...thanks a lot my sweet friend for your nice comment.

    You cookies WOW...GOOD!!! ;o)

    KISSES a lot. NI

  24. Thanks Christina, lovely to have a visit from you and thanks for your kind words.

    You are welcome Marsha.

    Thank you Dustjacket and happy to pass this Award on to your lovely blog.

    Many thanks Miss Eve, appreciate you visiting me today.

    Dear Rose,

    I am sorry I forgot you probably do not use the metric system - gm is a gram. I will convert the recipe, for you. I bought the little silver balls from the supermarket - let me know if you can't get them.
    that would be lovely to smell and taste things on each others blogs!

    Good luck Amanda, it seems to be a very good recipe, so I hope that yours turn out well.
    Good week to you.

    Hi Millie,

    Happy to pass the Award on to you dear friend.
    I normally leave my cards and then rush to get them out. I had quite a few overseas ones to send, so that is why I have made the start.

    thanks Haute-Shopper, for visiting.
    I love the smell of baking in the house ~ such a lovely thing.

    Hi Barbara,

    It is great to have helping hands,
    one thing is... the biscuits do not stay around very long as they are delicious.

    Hi Jodie,

    Yes, scarves, gloves and overcoats for you and tee-shirts and shorts for us. Thanks for visiting dear friend.

    thank you Gwen, for your visit.

    Hi TattingChic,

    Always lovely to have you come and visit, many thanks.

    Hi Traude,

    Would be lovely if you could come for tea and biscuits and we could all have a tea party.

    Hi Diana,

    Always fun to do some holiday baking and have the help of the children.

    thank you so much for thinking of me dear Susan and giving me this lovely award. Do try the recipe because they are yummy.

    Thanks Marie Antoinette and I wished you could come for tea and I would like to share my biscuits with you.
    Happy Christmas to you too!

    Hi Sares,

    The walk into the village is nice, apart from the walk up the hill on the way home ~ in the heat was hard going.
    No I am not eating many cookies.

    Hi Tammy,

    Yes, the weather can be changeable here too ~ so much for global warming.

    Hi Karyn,

    thank you for your visit and your kind words and great to have a wonderful friend like you.
    Thinking of your family and your dear Papa Calentino, I hope everything goes well for him.


  25. Thank you very much for visiting me today, Denise.
    Another blog friend from Canada, was also having a blizzard where she lives. Stay warm and I hope for some sunshine for you.

    Dear Ni,

    Many thanks for your lovely visit and it is always so great to hear from you and all the sweet messages you leave for me. Happy days and good luck with your Christmas preparations.


  26. Those look almost too pretty to eat.
    But go ahead and pass me one anyway. ;-)


  27. Hi Anne,

    Sure, help yourself!
    I wished you could come and share a cuppa and a biscuit.


  28. Your Christmas cookies sound delicious and look so pretty too, Carolyn!

    Have you had your computer fixed yet??
    Wishing you happiest wishes for a joyful holiday season!


  29. Hi Constance,

    thank you for your visit, always great to hear from you.

    No I have not had my computer fixed, it is waiting in the car, for when we take the car ferry over, in a few weeks.
    I am still using my daughters one.


  30. Those cookies look yummy!
    Congrats on your award.
    Thanks for the visit. Glad you like my wreaths!!

  31. Carolyn, what beautiful cookies! It makes me want to go and bake right now (even though I haven't baked cookies from scratch in years!). So, so pretty1
    Sharon :-)

  32. Oh yummmm! I wonder how long it would take to get those over here!?
    OK, OK, I'll make my own Carolyn. Just thought I'd ask! lol Thank you for sharing the recipe friend.

  33. Hi Carolyn: I am freezing and you are having summer weather. How funny is that? So your summer comes in December? Love the cookies, they make me hungry. Blessings to you this week, Martha

  34. You are so ahead of me...in baking and Christmas cards..just started writing mine today. So need to get on with the baking...I have a cookie exchange in my home next week...I need to make 8 doz. Oh dear..Christmas is just coming too fast. Your cookies look so so lovely!

  35. Thank you Rosemary.
    It is fun working with burlap. I made a small Christmas stocking for toys yesterday.

    Hi Sharon,

    It was lovely to see your pretty German glitter ~ that will be so much fun to do something with.

    Hi June,

    It would be so great to have you come for coffee or a cup of tea and have some of the biscuits.
    Thanks for your visit.

    Hi Martha,

    Yes, our Christmas time is in Summer, and one day I would love to have a white Christmas.
    Stay warm.

    Hi Koralee,

    I agree Christmas does seem to be coming fast.
    Good luck with your cookie exchange ~ that sounds like fun.


  36. Yummy!
    I am just drink cocoa, wearin' my fuzzy slippers, spreadin' evergreens, and dreaming of Christmas past -- all I needed was a good Butter Cookie!!! thanks for the recipe Carolyn...


    (PS: please stop by and sign up for my paper give away when you get a chance... Would love for you to win :-) )

  37. Hi Carolyn,
    Sorry I haven't been by in awhile but how nice of you to make me cookies. I'm trying so hard this season to eat less sweets.....but it's still early into it. haha
    Love the look of that award too....very stylish just like you!

  38. Nam;)
    Your biscuits looking so lovely and delicious!!!:)

    Congrats on your award, my friend!!

    Happy sunny days to you!!!:)

  39. Hi Rosalind,

    Many thanks for visiting, and I would like to come and see your blog.

    Hi Carole,

    It is a busy time of the year, so I understand finding it hard to get around all the blogs.
    I am doing the same, trying to eat less sweet things too.

    Hi Marge,

    Lovely to have a visit from you, my friend. Thank you.
    I hope that you are having a great week


  40. Hi darling, thanks for your words, je t'adooorrrre!

    The Bible of fashion,
    MAISON CHAPLIN.blogspot.com

  41. Carolyn you are having summer and here it is -31 c and it is freezingt but not as cold as it will get.

    The cookies look delicious. Are they from your daughter who made those gorgeous men's sweaters.

    Love REnee xoxoxo

  42. The cookies look scrumptious. Your bears and ornaments are wonderful.
    Your blog lovely. I loved it.

  43. thank you for your visit Maison Chaplin.

    Hi Renee,

    Stay warm, that sounds very cold there.
    Yes, the biscuits were made by Victoria, who also did the Menswear collection.

    thank you very much Pat, for your kind words. I look forward to coming to visit your blog.


  44. Oh lucky you! I'd need some warmer weather, Carolyn!
    I have a heating pad and 3 pairs of socks on in this very moment!:(((
    Yummy cookies!

  45. Hi Monica,

    Many thanks for your visit.
    I wished I could send over some lovely weather to you.

    Stay warm

  46. Hi Carolyn
    Congratulations on your award and thank you for sharing the yummy recipe.We could do with some of your sunshine, it's COLD here.

  47. Hi Hillary,

    Thank you for your visit, and do wish I could send over a little sunshine to you.
    You are welcome for the cookie recipe and they are really yummy and I hope that you get the chance to bake some.


  48. Great cookies! They look delicious :)

  49. Thank you for visiting Karine and yes, the biscuits are delicious.



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