Monday, October 26, 2009

White Roses and hydrangeas

The garden was very pretty today, some little iceberg roses have made an appearance, a white hydrangea and one last camellia for the season. I always like to be able to bring flowers from the garden and put them in a vase.
Country Living

Pansies for a splash of colour.
via {This is Glamorous.}

I have found the sweetest bliss
In simple little things like this:
A glossy blackbird on the gate
singing blithely to his mate,
Bumble bees all plump and bold
Drifting through my marigolds,
Lilac bushes bent to earth
Boasting blooms of lavish girth,
An early rain upon the lawn
Glinting in the blush of dawn.
To my hushed expectant soul,
Beauty speaks and makes me whole.

~ Rachel Wallace-Oberle

We are enjoying our Monday ....a holiday! day off! sleep in!
One could get very used to these three day weekends. Labour day, has been a good way to get some things done around the house.
I have a big standard bay tree, that has not been doing well in the huge terracotta pot.
Seems to be a little root bound so we are going to go and plant it out in the garden and maybe it will be happier there. Must away and do some more chores.

Thanks for dropping by my blog today ~
Happy week to all.



  1. How lovely to have a day off so you can do whatever you like. We don't get very many over here.

  2. How beautiful! My garden is finished for the season. I cut down the last of the flowers this afternoon.


  3. Hi Carolyn...Ooooh, your flowers are lovely...such a soft white. Beautiful! Hopefully, your tree will thrive. It takes soooo long to have the perfect tree...just the right height and shape.

    Enjoy your garden..
    Take care,
    Hugs, Nancy

  4. Icebergs and hydrangeas. Such a beautiful combination. A true luxury and blessing to bring in blooms from the garden. I'm so happy to come around here and see what you've been up to. Victoria's fashion designs are fab fab fabulous! She's quite a talent.

  5. Hi Dolores,

    The day off has been lovely and just sleeping in, relaxing and catching up with my blog friends, has been great.

    Hi Jo,

    I enjoyed visiting you and seeing all the beautiful Autumn leaves at your place. Sorry about your weather and I hope that it improves.

    Hi Nancy,

    Many thanks for visiting.
    My bay tree was looking very sad so I hope that it will start to do better.
    It was so great to get a phone call all the way from Canada, and sorry I was crunching on an apple.
    Thanks Nancy.

    Thank you Bella. Lovely to hear from you.
    I do hope that your move into your new home is going well. All takes time getting sorted.


  6. Hello Carolyn,

    Thank you for coming by today! I always look forward to your visits!

    Beautiful roses. What really caught my eye is the nightgowns. So lovely.

    Ah, your garden is coming to life and are trees are losing their leaves . . .

    Enjoy your day off!


  7. Carolyn, "beauty speaks and makes me whole" is exactly how I feel about visiting your blog tonight. Beautiful pictures and beautiful poem.
    So glad that you are having a wonderful break.

  8. Hi Carolyn,

    I loved those white flowers! Glad you came by to say "HI!" and I wanted to return the favor. Have a wonderful week!


  9. How wonderful to have a extra day to just rest and do what you want. Looks like you enjoyed it! Blessings, Martha

  10. Hi Marsha,

    Lovely to have you come and visit me, thank you.

    Many thanks June.
    It is always great to hear from you and I loved seeing your gift for your workroom ~ that is lovely.

    Hi Judy,

    Many thanks for your visit and I look forward to going to see you.

    Hi Martha,

    You have had a busy and fun day.
    I enjoyed hearing what you got up to and you would need a rest after all that.


  11. Beautiful images! Three day weekends are the best. Peace & blessings to you, :) Tammy

  12. ICEBERG ROSES - I was chatting with my new neighbours today about their roses.. and none of us could remember the name .. Iceberg.. I can't wait for the roses to bloom. there are a few in front of the house and I have one of my own that someone gave us when Dad died. I'm hoping it's going to flower this year but no buds yet. Dad had 199 roses in the end but only about 12 left now. Shame! Mum isn't into roses.

  13. Hello Carolyn, your flowers are gorgeous. I am afraid that there are not a lot of flowers around at this time of the year in SW France so I am envious.

    A bientot,


  14. Loving your blog today - thank you xx

  15. I love cut flowers too.

    Love the verse, gorgeous words.

    Pleased you enjoyed your long weekend, our turn next weekend :)


  16. Beautiful flowers.and i think I will sleep some of the day too.XXOO Marie Antionette

  17. Hi there Carolyn! Enjoy yourself today! That garden swing is fabulous!

    Thank you for your cute comment on my blog! Will you be taking your Hyacinth for a walk today?

  18. LOL! I do feel silly asking if you were going to walk your Hyacinth, LOL! For some reason I had read on my blog that you had named your "pomeranian" Hyacinth. Yes, I know, you said you named your "Persian" Hyacinth, LOL! Why I pictured a dog I have no idea, LOL! I know you would never walk your cat! I don't know many cats that would allow that!

  19. Beautiful flowers! I love all these images, which just show the many creative ways you can integrate floral bouquets into your home decor. Hope you're enjoying your extra day off!

  20. Hello Carolyn, I hope you had a wonderful day off!! Your posts are always so calming. I enjoying coming here for a moment of relaxation. Your flowers are beautiful just as you are. (((HUGS)))

  21. It looks like you are enjoying your three day weekend! Love those flowers!!!!
    I hope you get that tree planted and it likes it's new home in your garden.
    In between your chores, I hope you are able to enjoy some rest and relaxation!!!!
    everything vintage

  22. Hi Tammy,

    Lovely to have a new blog friend and I look forward to coming to visit yours.

    Hi Karen,

    I remember your Father having a wonderful garden and all his roses, dahlias and gladiolli.
    Good luck with your roses.
    Iceberg is a good hardy white rose and seems to do well.

    Hi Leeann,

    thank you for visiting and I am sure that there will be many other things that you can enjoy in France.

    Many thanks Suzi and lovely to have you come by.

    Oh how wonderful Dustjacket, that it is your turn next weekend for a 3 day holiday.

    Hi Marie Antoinette,

    Thank you for visiting, it is great to hear from you.

    Hi TattingChic,

    Our Hyacinth, was a little blue Persian and she had the same snooty disposition as "our Hyacinth" as her sisters referred to her.
    Sadly she passed away a few years ago.

    thank you Slices of Beauty.

    Hi Haute Shopper,

    I had a lovely day off, thanks.
    Yes, flowers around the home can make the place look good and brighten up the place.

    Thank you Carol and lovely to have you come and visit me and your kind words.

    Hi Jodie,

    Have had some rest and relaxation time thank you, just sitting here talking to my favourite friends is the best way to spend some time.
    Thank you.


  23. Hello my dearest friend...

    Like alwais your photos are WONDERFUL...

    Have a nice, kind and fabolus week!

    Your friend from Italy.


  24. Dear Ni,

    I hope that you have a fabulous week and many thanks for visiting me, dear friend.


  25. Very pretty pictures. White flowers are always so peaceful and serene. Beautiful poem too. Enjoy your holiday and have a great week!

  26. oh those flowers are beautiful... so you had a 3-day-weekend, too! we had a day off on Friday. oh it just slipped away so quickly!
    have a lovely week, dearest Carolyn,

  27. Hi, thanks for the comment,
    now following you via rss ;)
    and...monaco is beautiful!

    come check the new posts! ^^

    Follow me

  28. Your garden is giving you nice gifts~
    Ones to touch your heart.
    Beautiful photo of your White Roses and Hydrangeas!


  29. thank you very much Sares and I hope that you have a great week too.

    Dear Susan,

    Yes, we did have a day off but ours was Monday, Labour day.
    It did go way too quickly!

    thank you Maison Chaplin and I look forward to going to visit your blog again.

    Many thanks, Constance for your visit. White roses and hydrangeas are a lovely combination.


  30. Enjoy your time off. Well sounds more like a work day around the house. That reminds me our bay trees aren't looking all that good either. We've had them as long as I can remember. They get brought in the greenhouses every winter.
    Love the poem too!

  31. hey! nice pictures, great blog btw, check out ours whenever you want, we invite you to follow it,

  32. Hi Carole,

    Many thanks for visiting.
    I can't imagine having to bring plants into a greenhouse over winter.
    It does not get that cold here.

    Hi A&A,

    thank you for visiting my blog and I look forward to coming over to visit you.


  33. Gorgeous, the second photo reminds me of my bridal bouquet.
    Best of luck in my giveaway!

  34. Hey! Nice pictures, great blog btw, check out ours whenever you want, we invite you to follow it.

  35. Hi Susie,

    Many thanks for visiting me today.

    Hi Anne,

    I had a bouquet with white roses and pink too, a little like this.
    Lovely to have found your blog.
    Have a great week.


  36. oh wow!!! your photos are amazing Carolyn....whenever I need to see something wonderful all I have to do is pop by your place!!!


  37. Oh Carolyn the flowers are so beautiful, especially the roses.

    Love Renee xoxoo

  38. Hi Diana,

    I come to your blog to see some lovely Artwork.
    thanks for visiting me today.

    Hi Renee,

    Wished I could send you a little bunch of roses your way.


  39. Sounds like a lovely day off...your roses are amazing. I always try to have fresh flowers in my home too!

  40. and visions of white hydrangeas and white roses keep dancing in my head...just lovely, Carolyn.


  41. first picture is amaizing ^.^

  42. Hi Koralee,

    thanks for visiting.
    Fresh flowers always look so good around the home.

    Many thanks for visiting Jermaine.
    that is a lovely thought visions of white roses and hydrangea, dancing
    around you.



  43. I agree. Sleeping in until noontime and eating breakfast in the afternoon are the best ways to enjoy a holiday Monday.

    I hope that you had the very best one!


    Lovely photos! I wonder though...if I were to swing on that swing...would my hands tickle much??? :)

  44. Hi Carolyn,
    I'm like you - always looking for fresh flowers to bring inside. No matter how simple they are they are my one'must have' thing, always. This weekend at the beach I found big bunchs of beautiful jasmine and the scent was so captivating, I brought it home to Wellington. Happy week!
    Amanda xx

  45. I also love flowers in the house!
    Wonderful impressions and a wonderful poem!
    HUGS traude

  46. I do envy you Carolyn, I would love a Bay Tree in a tub. MOTH's promised, but nothing has eventuated. I live in hope. Glad you enjoyed your Long W/End.
    Millie ^_^

  47. Your flowers are gorgeous in that vase, and your photographs are stunning. Karen

  48. Hi Carolyn!
    I do love that poem, it is perfect, and add in your flowers and it IS a glorious morning. :)

    Can you grow your bay tree out of doors all seasons? We were in Muir Woods, just outside of San Franscico and while walking we the aroma of the laurel trees was wonderful!
    I do hope yours can stay outside.


  49. That tiny pot of violets is dear.
    How wonderful to get so much enjoyment out of your day off and in your garden. And to appreciate it so much. We so often don't look around when we have the time.
    A lovely post today!

  50. Hydrangeas are my favorite flower. What a beautiful post you've written! I'm glad you had a day off to enjoy!

  51. Hi Carolyn, as always your post is such a treat. I also adore the country style and you always cater for my taste. Thank you.

    Pat xx

  52. Hello, thanks for the comment! I love th pics, the colors are cool! ^^
    now following you via rss ;)

    Link me, follow me

  53. Gorgeous flowers Carolyn!

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy it.

    Many Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  54. Dear Carolyn,

    What a fabulous pictures you show us, thank you!:) So inspiring!!!

    Enjoy your garden, my friend!:)

    Wish you happy week, my friend
    hugs, Marge

  55. Happy week to you sweet Carolyn! Your flowers are so very beautiful! It is so nice to be able to bring flowers in from the garden...sadly our gardening season is over now and the long winter will be starting. Glad you got lots done - that always makes me happy :)

    :) T

  56. Oh my, you grow such beautiful flowers! I love the swing covered in climbing roses, that is just dreamy.

  57. Hi Etrapar,

    Always good to have a new blog friend.Many thanks for visiting and I look forward to coming over to find your blog.

    Hi Charity,

    It is a pretty swing.
    I did have a lovely day off, thank you.

    Hi Amanda,

    I hope that you had a lovely time at the beach. That would have been lovely bringing home a beautiful bunch of Jasmine.

    Hi Traude,

    Yes, flowers in the house are beautiful, always brighten up the place and even better if they have a fragrance.

    thanks Millie, I do hope Moth will buy you a bay tree, so nice to go and pick fresh for your cooking.

    Many thanks for visiting Karen and lovely to have a new blog friend.
    I will come over and visit you.

    Hi Mary,

    Thanks for visiting.
    We can grow our bay tree outdoors all year round. It never ever gets really cold and we never have snow.

    Many thanks Barbara and glad you liked my post. We do need to look around at the little things and they can often give us so much joy.

    thanks for visiting Diane. I love hydrangeas too, even when they are dried they still look great in baskets.

    Hi Pat,

    Glad that you liked my post.
    I hope that you arm is coming right.

    Hi Maison Chaplin,

    thanks for that and I am following your blog.

    Many blessings to you Melissa and I hope that you are having a good day.

    Dear Marge,

    thanks you for visiting and you always leave such kind comments.
    thanks for your friendship.

    So lovely to have you come and visit Tracey, many thanks.
    I hope that you are having a happy week.

    Many thanks for visiting Gail and always great to hear from you.



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