Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chanel Collections and Creations

Coco Chanel on the balcony of her Ritz Apartment in 1935
Mademoiselles's beautiful dressing table 1937

I was given this lovely book for my birthday a while back and when I was thinking what I would share with you today, I thought a few photos from inside the book might be nice.

This beautiful book ~ Chanel Collections and Creations, written by Daniele Bott, shares a lush visual selection from the Chanel archives.
Here the fashion house opens its private archives revealing a galaxy of brilliant designs created by Coco Chanel from 1920 onwards.

Fabulous clothes, intricate accessories, beautiful Models and timeless design, that leaves not a doubt as to the lasting fame of her name and embody everything that has come to symbolize the magic of Chanel.
This book explores five themes ~ the Suit, the camellia, jewellery, makeup and perfume,
the little black dress and past and present. It also includes many previously unpublished archive photographs.
Essential reading for the fashionistas and design aficionadoes.

The Quote in the front ~

'Luck is a way of being
Luck is not a little person
Luck is my soul'

Gabrielle Chanel.

Happy Weekend


  1. Very chic. I like her lines, very simple, elegant, classy. Have a great Sunday! Hugs, Marsha

  2. Dear Carolyn,
    This is a neat post.
    CHANEL was sure classy and a trend setter for sure!

  3. What a gorgeous book, such wonderful photos! How divine and stunning she is!!!!
    If only I looked like that, wow, isn't she simply beautiful?
    Thanks for sharing!!!
    Margaret B

  4. She was SO elegant. The epitome of a woman!!!
    everything vintage

  5. Hi Marsha,

    Thank you for visiting.
    Wasn't her garments so classic and elegant.

    Hi Deanna,

    Lovely to have you stop by and just want to say I loved your post today ~ those baskets were such a great idea.

    Hi Margaret,

    She was very beautiful and must have been such a clever Lady to come up with all those stunning and clever creations and collections.

    Hi Jodie,

    I am still thinking of that beautiful studio of Chantels.
    I covet a place to work, like hers.


  6. Hi there,
    Thank you for sharing your special book with us. The photo's are just so chic and stylish aren't they.

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend my dear,

  7. I've always thought she was fabulous!
    she had such great style and understated flair. What a great present to receive!

  8. Thank you so much DJ and you are very welcome, I was happy to share some of the photos with you.
    You have a lovely weekend too.

    Hi Sares,

    It was a beautiful present and I was so lucky to get this.
    Always lovely to have you visit, thank you.


  9. My dear Carolyn...

    Your POST are FANTASTIC!!!

    I love your suggestions and your texts.

    CHANEL was a woman of class...

    KISSES my WONDERFUL ans NICE friend!!!

    Have a great week! NI

  10. I have no sense of style.


  11. Hi Carolyn, Oh thank you for sharing some of your special book. It sounds divine. I love the perfume COCO Mademoiselle, inspired my CoCo. Have you ever tried it? Oh my gosh, it is a beautiful fragrance. One of my favorites.

    I love the chic elegance of the designs of that time and especially the art deco look of the surroundings and decor. Very inspiring and always in fashion.
    Thank you for sharing!

    Also thank you for stopping by and your kind comments. You always encourage and that makes you so very special my friend.
    Have a wonderful Sunday and great week ahead.
    Hugs to you, Celestina Marie

  12. Hi again Carolyn, yes I see the perfume in your Spring has Sprung post Love it!!!
    Smiles, Celestina Marie

  13. Super lovely book! I just love that style, and the black and white it just perfect!
    Thanks for sharing and for stopping by!
    Hugs, Lisa

  14. oh I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee CHANEL!!!! so glam and wonderful...thanks for this post!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  15. WOW... your blog post is perfect with my EXTRA Sunday post!!!

  16. I love beautiful books that inspire! And I love seeing photos of someone with such style! What a great gift!

  17. Der Ni,

    Lovely to have you visit and you are always a great friend and your comments make me smile.
    thank you.

    Hi Renee,

    I do not believe that as to me you are a beautiful, strong, and classy Woman.

    Hi Celestina Marie,

    You are such a dear friend and many thanks for visiting and your kind words.
    Coco, Mademoiselle and No 5 are my favourite perfumes and I just love them.
    I am loving all your decorating in the kitchen and dinning room and you are so talented, my friend.

    Hi Lisa,

    This is such a lovely book and yes, black and white is always such a good look.

    Hi Diana,

    I love your Paris Art this week so it is fitting that we are both in the same City with our posts.

    Hi Fifi,

    Just off to visit your blog now and check out your Extra Sunday post.
    Thanks for coming by.

    Hi Diane,

    I do love getting books for gifts and yes this one was a lovely one and I am enjoying reading it and looking at the wonderful photographs.


  18. There are many, many quotes by Gabrielle "CoCo" Chanel which I have read and kept. :) May fav: "A woman must be two things- Classy and Fabulous." :) I keep that on my Facebook. :)

    It's so nice to visit here and read about CoCo Chanel! :)

  19. Hi Charity,

    Thank you for visiting.
    I love the quote too, that a Woman must be two things, classy and fabulous.


  20. It's been a while since I last dropped by. And found this Chanel post! Aaaaawww.... I love this post so much. Thank you3...

  21. Hi Fe,

    Glad you liked this Chanel post and thank you for dropping by.


  22. HI. Thank you for visiting. I love Coco Chanel, she was the best. Have a nice day

  23. Love the little black dress! Did the movie about her come out yet? I wanted to see that, it sounded really good. I love the classic looks and many of hers are so timeless. Thanks for sharing this, Carolyn.
    Sharon :-)

  24. How can you not love Coco?! Total grace, elegance and joie de vivre!!!

  25. A lovely recommendation. I will be sure to ask for this one for my birthday.
    I haven't ever owned anything Chanel and am dying to - perhaps some perfume! - one can wish.
    xx Suzi

  26. Hi Carolyn,
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    I love this post. Thank you for sharing..such a beautiful photos.

  27. What gorgeous images! I must get my hands on this book at some point. I love seeing the old photographs of her and I"m sure there are plenty more stunning images. Thanks for sharing!

  28. You are so right about Chanel-when I hear that name I automatically think classic style. Her legacy is truly beautiful:).



  29. What a beautiful book! It's impossible to not love Chanel creations. One of my favourite perfume is still Chanel No5...even if it's an "old"'s so classy and I feel fabulous every time I wear it. LOL.

    Have a great Monday, much love: Evi

  30. Hi Carolyn, I absolutely love this post and always look forward to your "glamorous" features! Thanks for visiting and I am getting used to the platinum look.

    Pat xx

  31. Hi Riet,

    Many thanks for visiting me today.

    Hi Sharon,

    The movie is out and my daughter went to see it and loved it very much.
    I hope to go and see it soon.

    I agree Antiques Diva, I think that she epitomised Fashion in every way.

    Hi Suzi,

    To drop a little hint for your birthday, will be a neat idea.
    The perfume is divine.

    Hi SweetShuGa,

    Many thanks for visiting me today and for being a follower. I will come and do the same to your lovely blog.

    Haute Shopper,

    It is a lovely book and some gorgeous photos of her and her wonderful Fashion.

    Hi Kim,

    She has left a beautiful Legacy and there are only a few Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, that have shown this similar fashionable elegance.

    Hi Miss Eve,

    I love No 5 also and have worn it since I got my first bottle from my husband for my birthday, many years ago.

    Hi Pat,

    Oh I am so glad that you are getting used to your new look.
    I am sure that it looks great.


  32. Oooooh my... soooo FUN to tell YOU... you WON my GIVEAWAY... come see...

  33. ooh la la!
    Merci beaucoup Fifi.
    You have made my day and I just want to say how happy I am.
    It will be lovely to have this beautiful little book with your fabulous illustrations.

    Many thanks again


  34. Nothing says class more than Chanel. Chanel fragrance still reminds me of my grandmother and I think of her when I wear it. Thanks for great pictures!

  35. I LOVE the black and white glamorous! Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave a comment, I love meeting new bloggers!!! Enjoy your week...

    :) T

  36. So elegant and chic!!
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Thanks for visiting, I will let you know when the big day arrives.

  37. Carolyn!!
    What a fabulous quote, I love anything that has to do with LUCK.... and those photos are totally FAB, as well! How sophisticated, she was truly stunning...I'll bet you just get lost every time you open that book!
    Hope that you are doing great, you are always SOOOO sweet!

  38. Thank you for visiting Susan.
    Isn't that so lovely when a fragrance reminds you of your Grandmother.

    Hi Tracey,

    It was lovely to discover your blog and I always enjoy meeting a new blog friend.

    Thanks Rosemary and what an exciting time for your family, best wishes.

    thanks Christina,

    I have enjoyed seeing what neat Halloween things you are doing.
    You are very talented. Thanks for dropping by my blog.


  39. Hi Carolyn:
    Thanks for sharing images and the overview of the book -- sounds like one I MUST HAVE for my collection. can't wait to read it!

    have a great week.


  40. Dear carolyn,

    what a elegant and charming pictures, so simply beautiful!!
    Wonderful book:)

    Oh, really there is spring in New Zealand and here in Finland has autumn begin, I allways wonder that thing, it is so funny...;)So BEAUTIFUL pictures about spring!!!!I love them!!:))

    Enjoy spring my friend!!!:))
    Big hugs, Marge

  41. Chanel creations are awesome, classic, elegance. TY for sharing, Marsha. TTFN ~ Marydon

  42. Hi Rosalind,

    It is a beautiful book and a lovely one to have in your collection.

    Dear Marge,

    Always lovely to hear from you and yes, it is a wonderful book with so many lovely things in it.
    I hope that you have a lovely Autumn, that is such a great time of the year.

    You are very welcome Marydon and many thanks for visiting me today.


  43. coco is so timeless... I love the photos.
    have a lovely day, darling Carolyn, xoxo

  44. So classic-love it.

    Thank you so much for visiting and leaving a sweet comment. It's always great chatting with you.
    Its So Very Cheri

  45. What a fun and wonderful post you did...How fun to have that book...May you have a great day my dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  46. I am a great fan of this lady......beautiful and quite a story of her success. thank you for stopping by my your bears too! xojana

  47. Great Post Carolyn!
    What a gorgeous book you have.
    For a birthday gift I was able to see the Chanel exhibition at the Met a few years ago. A splendid thing to do!


  48. Hi Susan,

    That is what I find so interesting about Chanel ~ the clothing from any year, looked so great ~ as you say timeless.

    Thank you for visiting Cheri, always great to hear from you.

    Lovely to have you call by Gloria and I loved seeing your photos of your daughters, who are all Grandmothers now. They look to young to be. GM's.

    Thanks Jana, lovely to have a new blog friend and for taking the time to leave me a comment.

    Hi Susie,

    Many thanks for your visit.

    Hi Constance,

    How wonderful that you got to see the Chanel exhibition, and what a special event that would have been.



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