Thursday, May 28, 2009

A few visitors to the Island.


A while back my husband was standing in our little local jewellery shop, buying a battery for his watch. Standing next to him was a Lady and when she spoke, he thought now where do I know that voice from?
Glancing over he saw the incredibly short, voluptuous Dawn French.
Lenny Henry and Dawn must enjoy Waiheke as they have made a few holiday trips down under.

Last week I read in the local paper that the Pussycat Dolls had been on the Island and had gone for lunch to Stonyridge Restuarant. Our Son, who works there at the weekend, was working that Sunday. I asked "did you see the PCD? He said "oh yes"
Kids today can be dark horses can't they, or our one is.

Then the same week I went to pick up the bottles of oil, where we had our olives pressed. I was speaking to the owner and he was telling me about a Guy that had come into the little shop to buy some olive oil. He said to the customer - you look like the Guy from ZZ Top and he said " I am "

So it is a really small world, who you meet on our little Island.



  1. Hi Carolyn,
    I must be really out of touch. I have no idea who Dawn French is... you must enlighten me.

    I do, however, know who the PCDs are and ZZ Top. Sounds like exciting times at the island!

    You always leave such kind comments on my blog and I want to thank you. I really look forward to your visits.

  2. Hi Tracie,

    Dawn French is an English Actress and was in shows like The Vicar of Dibley and French & Saunders.
    She is a jolly little Lady and quite a hard case.

    I enjoy visiting your blog you always have such lovely and pretty things to share.


  3. Hi Carolynn!

    It looks like it is better having good eyes on your island no! to miss the opportunity to recognize some famous people!
    Now next step will be to catch their eyes with your bears! If some end up buying one , he/she might show it to his/her friends who will want to have one too!!!!!

    Lots of love,

  4. My goodness Carolyn! I thought I was on an island as I have never met anyone famous...
    Now I know I must go to an island, like yours in order to do so!
    It really is a small world after all,
    everything vintage

  5. Carolyn, your little island sounds so cool! I am a big city girl and would love to just sllooowwww down!

    Pat xx

  6. I don't know Dawn French, but celebrity sightings are always fun!!
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog.
    Have a nice Thursday,

  7. How cool is THAT? I don't even think I am going to see I don't think! lol That is so neat!

  8. Hi Carolyn~

    How exciting! To have run into Film star and a little Rock N Roll. I'm here in's politicans and sports stars...Not sure how pleasant that is for us??? Have a nice day on your ISLAND!!! :)

    ~Miss Kris~

  9. What fun! I haven't met anyone famous before but I did have lunch at a table next to the famous author Pat Conroy. I kept looking over at him thinking-I recognize him from somewhere. Later when we were having dessert the waiter asked if we had noticed that the man at the next table was Pat Conroy to which my husband said 'yes'. I flipped and asked why he didn't tell me! I would have gone over and told him that I was one of his biggest fans! My husband then replied that that was the reason he didn't tell me so that I wouldn't run over and make a fool of myself:)



  10. Wow! Well, your islands are gorgeous and pristine. It's no WONDER so many people want to go there. I certainly do! :)

  11. Hi Sophie,

    They buzz over on helicopters and you get to read about them having being here. There are a lot of Restaurants and vineyards, that seem to attract people here.

    Hi Jodie,

    I hope that you can get here one day.

    Hi Pat,

    You really do not want to come to the Island for the nightlife or shopping. It really is a place to come to relax.

    thank you for visiting Rosemary.
    I always love to see what you have been making. Your crowns are great.

    thanks for visiting Diane.

    Hi Kris,

    It is what you make of a place and I am sure Chicago must be a wonderful place to live.
    thanks so much for your comments and you have a great day too.

    Oh Kim, pity your husband had not told you as I am sure that Pat Conroy would have been happy to sign an autograph for you. How neat was that!

    Hi Bella,

    I hope that one day you might get the chance to come on down and visit here.


  12. How cool is that!! We would love to visit New Zealand. Especially my 17 year old daughter Katrina. They filmed Lord of the Rings there and this is her all time favorite movie, mine too, and New Zealand looks so beautiful!! We met Billy Boyd, Pippin, from Lord of the Rings, when he was in Pittsburgh PA singing his one song from the Return of the King, with our Pittsburgh Symphony when they did Lord of the Rings. It was soooo cool.

    Now ZZTop was popular when I was in High School and they are still so popular now. My 14 year old son loves to play his music on his guitar and will be going to see ZZTop next month in concert.

    Sorry this is so long, I got carried away!! Have a great day!

  13. Hi Carol,

    Lovely to hear from you and I enjoyed what you wrote.
    How neat that your got to meet Billy Boyd~ what fun.
    Yes, I thing Lord of the Rings is such a great movie.

    You must be proud of your Son playing guitar ~ how clever! Good luck with the concert.
    I hope that you can get down to NZ one day.



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