Friday, January 9, 2009


We are lucky to be living in one of the most beautiful Countries in the world. We have got fresh air, warm sun and the sound of cicadas resonating in the air. You have to love it!
Just made me think of all the good things about Summer. The temperature has been soaring up over 26 with beautiful blue skies, with not a cloud to be seen.
One way to cool down is by sipping an icy cool drink or licking an icecream.
Then there is the smell of the barbecue - sizzling steaks and sausages, to go with a salad. The fresh fruit at this time is my favourite, a bowl of cherries, pineapple, nectarines,strawberries, and peaches ~ so delicous.
Hearing happy and excited people swimming in the water, is always a good sound.

One downfall of Summer is sunburn! which I unfortunately managed to do to myself the other day. It was 3.30 pm when we went to the beach to relax, reading a book on a beach towel. You would think the heat of the the rays sun would have mostly gone for the day, but oh no!

So here I am indoors today, doing things around the house.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Hi Carolyn, Happy New Year!! So nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind comment.

    I have so enjoyed my visit to you lovely blog and seeing your wonderful bears. Oh they are way cute and you are so talented.

    Looking forward to seeing you again soon. I have been having computer troubles but getting all fixed tomorrow! Then I can get back to normal. LOL!!

    Have a nice weekend.
    Celestina Marie

  2. It sounds wonderful! I think i'd risk a bit of sunburn too!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. What a wonderful time of year! I love summer! Sounds like you are having marvelous time!

  4. Thank you for your visit Celestina Marie, Lynda and TattingChic.

    I hope that the holidays are going well for you.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  5. Well... not summertime for months here yet....but just having it jump from -17C to +4C was a bonus!!

    I don't mind the changing of seasons.... the new snow is so pretty, but, the new grass will be great to see too..... even if it is a ways away....

    take care of that sunburn...


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