Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our eventful night!

Last Saturday night, was the night of Marcel's school ball.
Living on an Island meant that we had to stay the night over in the City at an
apartment in Quay West. They had made a booking error and had only given us two rooms and daughter 19 and son 16 no longer wanted to share a room which is understandable.
Anyway, Marcel had a wonderful time at the ball. ( I will share photos on another post).

As a parent it is your job to stay half awake until, you hear the door shutting and
know that they have got back safely. After hearing the door quietly shut we were now able to go back to sleep. We were just drifting back to Nod Land when we heard this almighty alarm going in our room.

Bleary-eyed, I could see on the clock that it was 4am...
Because we had been upgraded to the Penthouse on the 31st floor meant we had to climb
down all those stairs, still half asleep. After milling around outside in the cold we were told we could go back into the warmth of the lobby. When the fire service had checked out the situation ( a false alarm - I would say) we were able to go back to bed and continue our sleep.
Here are a few pictures of the great view, taken from our balcony.
Have an enjoyable weekend.
Hugs Carolyn xx


  1. Hi Carolyn, Glad to hear it was a false alarm.

    This is the real thing however (bells ringing). . . you won my giveaway prize for my 100th blog post ~ Congratulations!!! Please send me an email with your mailing info (link shown on my blog). Thanks again for visiting my blog!

    ~ Karen

  2. Thank you so much Karen.

    I was very happy and thrilled to hear that I was the lucky one to win your
    100th post treasures.
    I enjoy visiting your beautiful blog and one of these days I will come and shop at your Etsy store - I love your
    antique lace collars and baby dresses.


  3. Hi Carolyn.
    What a wonderful view from the balcony. I´m glad it was just false alarm. I know excactly what you meen about the 'no sleep' until the kids are home.
    Thank you for visiting my blog, and congratulations with Karens giveaway.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Hugs, Tina


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