Saturday, August 30, 2008

Farewell sweet Victoria

Last night we took Victoria out to the airport, to go overseas.
We checked her luggage in at just after midnight and then had the long wait until
her plane left at 3.15 am. ( Why do aeroplanes leave at that unearthly hour of the day!
She is flying Royal Brunei Airlines to Brunei (9 hours) and then has a ten hour stopover there.
We have just spoken to her (mobile phone did not work) but we called her at the hotel
where she can get some rest. She said that it seemed a beautiful safe place and there
were shops and even a McDonalds in the shopping precinct, so she was just off to check them out.

Sounding very tired she has her next leg of the journey which will be a 17 hour flight
to Heathrow, England. Her friend Lisa will be meeting her at the airport.

Victoria is going to be spending a semester at the Rochester University, studying
Fashion Design.

It was so hard saying goodbye and the hanky had to come out a few times.
Having never been overseas on her own, was a big thing for her - we are proud
and happy for you Tor, for having this wonderful opportunity to do this.
Enjoy your time away.

Love you, Mum xx


  1. look to the blog. Nice.
    Thanks for your comments on my faces... takes me forever to decide what to do with them once I get to that point........

    Wow...what a long trip! ick... good thing she will have a year to rest up for the return one.... lol....

  2. I share the ick! and my husband agrees with you too Vee!

    She said that the seats were very hard on the 9 hour flight from NZ to Brunei ~ so what is she going to say about the next stage .... 17 hour's to Heathrow!


  3. Hi Carolyn...Lovely note to your daughter. It is hard to let them go, especially so far...but she will have a wonderful time with new experiences and hopefully lots of letters to Mum at home!

    Like your new look...very classy.

    Talk soon.
    Hugs, Nancy

  4. What a coincidence Carolyn, Rochester is about a fifteen minute drive from my house! What a brave daughter you have, travelling all this way to study! I'm sure she will have a lovely time once she's settled in. Rochester is a lovely place to visit and the view from the top of the castle ramparts is terrific!

  5. That is so neat Paula.
    I thought that you must live somewhere near to Rochester - it is
    a small world after all!

    Victoria and her friends have just been to the supermarket, which was fun getting goodies,that we don't have back home.

    They are off to London on Wednesday for the day, so great excitment!

    Hugs Carolyn x

  6. Oh my, yes that was an ocassion to give the old hanky a workout...

    I hope she has a safe journey and a fun one too....

  7. Thank you... yes she is having a fun time - went up to London to do shopping and sightseeing and to Brighton to have a look around.

    V starts her classes this week so is looking forward to that.

    We have skyped her and was so lovely to see her face and be able to talk to her - really does not seem like she is over the other side of the world!

    Hugs Carolyn x


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