Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July ~ Happy Independence Day

Wishing all my American friends, on the 4th July .... a very happy Independence Day.

Just to keep in the red, white theme,( and blue on the boat) ~ I will add my bear Brighton, which is available on my web-site
if you are interested, please take a look.

Have an enjoyable weekend.

Warmest bear hugs
Carolyn xx


  1. Hi Carol...Thank-you so much for visiting. Yes, I am going to go up the ladder today or tomorrow to see how they are doing...

    Love your blog...very lovely. Your 4th of July bear is wonderful in his red coat.

    Will visit again...

  2. Brighton is a perfect name for a sea going bear...

    guess you can see that my time speeds by just like yours seems to do.

    Do you have snow near enough to get to where you live?

  3. Hi Veronica,

    Mt Ruapehau is the nearest ski resort to us and that is about a 4 hour drive.
    Marcel (our son) has three weeks holidays and is
    keen to go to the snow, so we may go down there.

    Carolyn xx


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Carolyn xx