Sunday, May 4, 2008

Aramis Bear 18" and Gingerbread man.

Here is Aramis Bear ~ he is a sweet boy made from jet black Alpaca with black wool felt paw pads and he has black German glass eyes.
He has a striped bow to finish off his look.
His wee friend the Gingerbread man will accompany Aramis to his new home.
If you are interested in adopting this sweet bear please contact me.
His adoption fee is $270.00US plus shipping.

Thanks for looking.
Carolyn x


  1. I love your teddy bear!
    Very adorable.

    V x

  2. He's a looker, Carolyn! I always wish I could see them in the fur, especially the ones with black fur.

    The Sydney fair looks like it was such fun. I'm glad you went! I am wishing for a teddy bear show here in Colorado...maybe someday.

    Bear hugs,

    Drop by and visit my New Avenue Crew blog!

  3. Many thanks V and Debbie.
    I really appreciate your kind comments.

    I found it really hard to photograph Aramis
    with his black mohair - he actually looks better
    in the fur (so to speak!)

    Debbie, I hope that there will be a Teddy Bear fair in Colorado that you will be able to attend.

    Bear hugs


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