Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

 The flickering of a candle and the herbs are ready to brew up a witches spell in the cauldron

 Tip toe quietly through the night, creeping cautiously, taking fright ghostly ghouls and pumpkin lights, its Halloween time again tonight!

Here in NZ we do not really celebrate this event, some folk choose if they want to, to go out... trick or treating. Maybe it is the fact that we have never grown up with this custom and it is not Fall here, there are not any carved pumpkins on the deck and a lack of Autumn leaves lying on the ground.

It has been a busy weekend here, but just want to wish my friends a happy Halloween.
To those the do celebrate this night, how are you spending your Halloween and what are you dressing up as?  
I would be interested to hear.

Have a happy new week




  1. Dear Carolyn
    I wish you also "Happy Halloween"! A lot of greatings from Switzerland. Hugs Yvonne

  2. Dearest Carolyn,

    Well, I am with you. I did never grow up with it and not having little children makes a difference too. We had in The Netherlands St. Martin on November 11 and that is very similar to Trick or Treating. Have a wonderful week ahead and love to you,


  3. :-)
    Enjoy Halloween !
    Regards from France...


  4. Happy Halloween my dear Friend!

    Will email later, I had no time at the weeken, sorry, but I did not forget!
    Have a lovely Halloween and a great week!

    Sending Love and hugs

  5. Hello my dear,

    THANKS a lot for your nice mail!

    Also have a crazy Halloweeh!

    TRICK-or-treat? ;o)


  6. Hi Carolyn! I will be busy making treats for all the kids on the street today! My youngest loves dressing up in costume!! Hope you have a lovely week:)


    Well, I missed the "Fall party" at school on Friday...I was out sick, and now, getting ready to go to work, I feel sick still. BUT I HAVE 50 spelling tests to give!

    Halloween was never a big thing in my home, only because where I grew up, it was too dangerous to be out! So I stayed in, making popcorn balls with my mom to give out to the kids. Tonight, we are tucking away in the back room while usually, only about 2 knocks come to the door!

    Have a PLEASANT and wonderful day my sweet! Anita

  8. Hello Carolyn!!

    Cackle cackle, I am dusting off my broom . . . . . tee hee

    Trick or Treat!!!


  9. Happy haloween from

  10. Must be odd to have Halloween in Spring - I've never actually thought about that! In any case, I still hope you have a happy Halloween. Always a good excuse to binge on candy :)

  11. Happy day to you Carolyn. Thanks for the frosting recipe. Our school did dress-up on Thursday for the kids, but neither of mine did anything. They wanted me to take them someplace to buy something rather than being creative and coming up with something on their own. When I was growing up, I don't ever remember having a store bought costume. Have a great week. Tammy

  12. Hi Carolyn,
    I will be celebrating Halloween here in Texas tonight. Hubby, I, and the children will go trick or treating in the neighborhood. My daughter will be a witch, and my son will be a vintage TV character, called Gumby. I'm sure you never heard of him, but he was a popular green clay character for generations. I won't be wearing a costume, but I enjoy watching everyone else. We usually stay outside for about an hour, then head home and give out some candy to other trick or treaters.
    Happy Halloween!

  13. Aw, that last image is darling. Happy Halloween! You're probably right -- Halloween would be so odd without the fall leaves and pumpkins.

    I'm taking my little one out tonight. She's going to be a Mad Hatter.


  14. Also not a costum here, dear Carolyn-but somewhere in DK, some kids (and their parents)have started trick and treating-also my grandkids :)
    Happy Halloween to you, and happy week.

  15. BOO Carolyn from across the ditch!
    Millie xx

  16. Hi Carolyn.
    Happy Halloween to you as well.

    I'm wearing a grey colored t-shirt that has flocked black bats on the front of it. I bought miniature candy bars of Almond Joy, Mounds and Hershey Chocolate bars.

    Our weather was pleasant and we stayed home to hand out candy to the young children who said trick-or-treat!

    There was a jack o lantern on the bistro table on the porch.

    Had a nice evening. Now onto our Thanksgiving on the 24th of November.

    God bless,

  17. Happy Halloween, Carolyn! Hope your week is of to a great start :) xoxo

  18. Hi Carolyn,
    I have had so much fun passing out candy all night to many of the children on our town. I always look forward to seeing them all dressed up in their cute little costumes.
    Thank you for the Halloween wishes.
    hugs from here...

  19. Thank you for visiting me. It's nice in here.:-) Hugs Stina

  20. Hope you have enjoyed a happy Halloween, dear Carolyn. Ours is by far not that much celebrated as it is in the US. Do you celebrate it thoroughly in your gorgeous part of the world?
    Happy first of November, wait make that a second of November(well almost.. for you)
    Love xo xo xo

  21. I don't care so much for Halloween either, Carolyn! I think that when we turn the news on, we get too much real-life horror, that setting aside a holiday for celebrating the horrors is just no longer appealing. Horrors are becoming too real these days! On the other hand though, it could also be a way to ignore fear, by making it into a trifle! :) I just remain neutral, I get a kick from the scary movies that are playing on every television show, but then I won't really sit down to watch them, either. IF there's a costume party, I'll go to it because I like costumes, but that's it. :)

  22. Best Witches
    I hope it was a good one
    Love you

  23. Dear Carolyn, here in germany, it's mainly something for the kids. They come trick and treating and we bought lots of sweets to give away. Today is a holiday here, and i soooo enjoy being lazy! xox

  24. You can celebrate here in Bloglandia!! I hope you don't mind, I sampled your "brew" and it was delis!
    Have a wonderful day, Carolyn!!


  25. To our house came three little ghosts, and they got candy. At all saints-day, (do not know if it´s called that) which is saturday this week we eat turkey. It is our own tradition.
    Happy week

  26. Hello

    No I don't celebrate Halloween, but I scared my mum dressed in a white bedcover just for fun, she laughed !

    Happy November

  27. Hi Carolyn!!!! looks like you had an amazing time!!!!! we had so much fun with Cole lastnight!!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!!


  28. Dear Caroyn,

    And I shall wish you a peaceful All Saints' Day! France is really rubbing off onto me.

    I used to love Hallowe'en but no longer celebrate it. To be honest I carve and cook pumpkins so much in autumn that it no longer seems to be a specific Hallowe'en ritual.

    I hope you are well, happy, and that your busy week has been a good one.

  29. Hi Carolyn,
    Sorry for missing so many of your posts. It's good to be back in blogland again!

    I remember Halloween in NZ and you are right, I noticed it's not really celebrated in your country.
    Mind you, this year I have not really had much time celebrate it here either!

    But I do love this time of year and autumn is so beautiful with all the colours.
    I hope you had a good Halloween!

    Many Blessings,
    Jo. x

  30. Thank you so much for your nice birthday greeting! We are not celebrating Halloween very much here either, but a little bit! The children mostly! Have a great Wednesday!

    Kristin xo

  31. Boo to you too, Carolyn! I don't get trick or treaters, so it was a quiet evening here.

  32. Hi dear!
    Hope you enjoyed your Halloween, mine was a blast!^^


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