Thursday, August 18, 2011

Looking out today

It is such a heavenly day today on the Island, after the wintery weather we have been having, so here are a few photos from the deck, of the magnificent day.

Do you ever have one of those days where it does not start out how you planned?

I went to take my DH down to the ferry and the car would not start - the battery was as flat as a pancake. Lucky there was still time for him to walk down to the bus stop and catch the bus to the ferry.
The AA came to jump start the battery so it would start and I drove out and they replaced it with a new one ... so it is all go again!

Our deck needed replacing, the timber was not going to last for another summer, so recently we had builders replace it with nice new ribbed timber. It is looking good and now I will have to put some sort of protective finish on it.
The tables and chairs now look neglected, so they too need some attention.
Can't wait until summer so we can start enjoying the outdoors again.

Remember this~
that very little is needed to make a happy life.
~ Marcus Aurelius

Hope that you are having a happy day


  1. What a lovely deck, Carolyn! I would love to sit out there in the early morning having a cup of coffee and just listening to the birds tweet . . . .


  2. Hi Carolyn! Wow, it is hard to believe anyone is having any type of winter weather.:) Ours has been so hot, finally cooled down the past couple of weeks, not so intolerable now. Lovely new deck you have. Wonderful quote. I agree, it doesn't take a whole lot to make us long as we have family and good health, every thing else seems to fall into place.
    Wishing you a lovely week. OxO

  3. Dearest Carolyn,

    Well, it takes quite some maintenance and upkeep on everything. It is tough after you nice Palm Cove experience, for having to repair and prepair your own little paradise for the coming summer. But it will be all worth it. Paradise on earth does not exist but with hard work we at least can create several days with a gilded edging!
    Love to you,


  4. Wow Carolyn! What a gorgeous view! Too bad I just can't send you a little of our Florida summer, so you can enjoy your deck makeover!

    So glad you were able to do it!! JOY! We have so many things we want to do that are on hold right now. Which is just fine...I am one of the most contented women I know! All in good time!

    Hugs to you!

  5. Sweet blessings to you!
    Carolyn, I have many, many days that don't go as I thought they should and there are times they just don't go as planned.

    Some days I get flustered, but have to go with the flow.
    Getting better at rolling with the punches in my old age. Sometimes I just have to sigh.

    Say a pray for strength and dear God please help me with my attitude.

  6. Dear Carolyn
    Your pictures are sooo nice! Wonderful! Now we have really summer in Switzerland. We have a lot of sun and it's hot!
    I wish you a happy day!
    Hugs Yvonne

  7. Bonjour Carolyn,
    Your outlook is just divine and it makes me homesick.
    Bring on summer I say with lazy days and glasses of Rosè. I hope your day improved. I sometimes wonder if these sorts of days are sent to slow us down a little.

  8. Wonderful deck, what a great view. Would like to sit there for a while and just watch the view, its so beautiful Carolyn.
    Hugs to you

  9. Hi Carolyn, The view from your deck couldn't be more gorgeous. Soon it will be spring and you can enjoy sitting there again. After some gray and rainy weeks which more felt like fall than summer, we expect some sunny days now.
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear :-)!
    Hugs to you,

  10. Hi sweet Carolyn,
    your view is amazing- and sitting on the deck must be fantastic---oh and you prepare for the summer to come, while we here prepare very soon for the winter!
    I love the quote- how true is it- we just have to learn to see it!

  11. The deck is very promissing! I can imagine whole days spent there on reading or just doing nothing special

  12. What a great view and deck !! to sit next to you darling in the sun love

  13. Hi there Caroline, enjoyed your lovely post. What a beautiful relaxing view you have from your deck, coming home to that each day would make up for all the things that didn't go as planned. Your quote is so true, there are so many small things we can be grateful for bringing us a little pleasure in each day. Enjoy that view, hugs Robyn

  14. Exactly.Very little, but rather, a LARGE VIEW of the little things in life, like the sunshine and the love of family and friends. Hello there, sunshine! How are you? We are saying a reluctant goodbye to summer here, for the mornings are cooler, the days are definitely shorter and 7 more days until I go back for meetings and classroom preparation....what a fun summer is was for me!!!


  15. Your deck is a marvellous place with beautiful views!

  16. Oh my gosh is it ever so beautiful! I wish I could come for a visit and sit and have tea.
    xx, shell

  17. Dear Carolyn,
    so beautiful pictures!
    Your Deck is a lovely place to sit outdoors and I understand that you can't wait until summer, to be out there and enjoy the weather and the look arround!

    Have a lovely weekend,
    love and hugs

  18. what a stunning view you have, hi from a new follower. I will enjoy reading your blog
    Gill x

  19. Love the quote (SO TRUE) and your new deck, very nice!! It's fun to have the chance to see your world, Carolyn.

    Sending happy thoughts your way!


  20. The views are beautiful!!!



  21. What a super cute deck!
    And the view is great!
    Beautiful pics!

  22. Hi Carolyn,

    Is that your view? It looks amazing!!!!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  23. Yes, that does look like a very heavenly day. : )

  24. Hi Carolyn
    Oh your deck is beautiful and so inviting for the warmer days ahead. I can just see you relaxing on a warm day and looking out over your beautiful view.
    So glad you got the battery replaced and all is in good order again. How dependant we are on our cars. When something goes wrong, it really changes the day.
    Love the quote and so very true.

    So enjoyed catching up here to your lovely blog. Happy Spring to you my friend.
    XO Celestina Marie

  25. Oh, my goodness, Carolyn – this is your VIEW? No wonder you enjoy being outside as much as possible. I shall now always think of you looking out on this.

    xo – g


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