Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Boulangerie ~ Chambre avec petit dejeuner

This is the quaint and charming place we stayed for two wonderful nights in the little hamlet of Le Ven Vertheuil.
Originally the stone building was built in 1850 and was the Boulangerie.
Each room has French antiques and views across the road of the nearby 12th century abbey and church.
The church bells tolled out every hour, and then at 7am, rang out about 50 times, sort of like an alarm clock for the village folk, to rise and shine!

Grande Chambre, the upstairs bedroom we choose, as we were the only guests staying there at the time
A chair to sit and relax in, with a book or to have a chat
Most hamlets in France, no matter how small, has a Boulangerie {Bakery}
Our host Bernard would get up early and have hot croissants, baguettes and pastries waiting on the table, for us to have with our morning cup of coffee.

Best wishes to all, for a fabulous week


  1. Hi Carolyn,
    You stayed at such a beautiful place. I love the pic of the room and the pretty chair looks comfy. How beautiful the church bells ring out every hour. Not sure I'd like the 50 times at 7am. If that doesn't wake you, nothing will.
    So nice of your host to deliver pastry for your coffee each morning.
    What a wonderful time you had. Always love your pics.

    xo from Texas, Celestina Marie
    p.s.thank you for stopping by my studio and your kind words.

  2. What a lovely place, dear Carolyn! The smell of fresh French baguettes is just wonderful, isn't it? Thinking of it makes me want to have breakfast somewhere in France now ... :-).

  3. Oh my Carolyn! Sounds absolutely divine. Reminds me of when we stayed in the bungalow in Sri Lanka -- we were the only guests at the time and with a personal chef to prepare all our meals, it was heavenly.

    Love the aqua shutters on the building. Fresh croissants and coffee in the morning would be a great way to start the day.

    Hope your day is great. Blessings, Tammy

  4. Dear Carolyn
    Le Ven Vertheuil looks wonderful.
    Love your choice of room too.
    My daughters home in a little village borders an old church - now unused.
    However the bells still ring on the hour - 12 at midnight!!!
    Funny but I became used to it and slept quite soundly!!!

    Wishing you a happy week.
    Shane :))

  5. So gorgeous! It sounds like you had the most idyllic mornings in the French countryside...


  6. Ciao Carolyn...

    Mia cara...mi sono persa un tuo POST!

    Lo commento qui! ;o)

    Con il cappello Marsigliese con penna sei bellissima...dolcissima...come tutti i post che ci regali, scopriamo giorno dopo giorno la Francia con te.

    Un bacio alla più dolce amica che ho oltreoceano...DI CUORE!!!


  7. Beautiful house, the turquoise color on the shutters is lovely. You lived in a cozy village.
    Sunny hug

  8. Bonjour, such à charming place, I love france, never been to the country side like thiu..only the riviera and Paris...Marie

  9. THIS is what I love about France. There are things that remain the same and for that, I am grateful. To be able to relax and dream about times past while you are IN IT, is a true fairytale! Not to mention the PERFUME of fresh French bread baking then making its way to your table, then STOMACH!
    Oh dearest, what fond memories!!!! Have an enchanting day, Anita

  10. This is a lovely and suggestive place!
    So lucky to stayed there!

  11. Carolyn,
    A lovely place to stay. The breakfast would be a wonderful way to start the day out.

    Like the chair design you show.

    There's a church in town that rings the bells and chimes especially on Sunday mornings. It's charming when the windows are open on pleasant days. Pretty sure I wouldn't like 50 bongs every morning...grins.

    Enjoying your post.

  12. Dear Carolyn
    What a lovely images you show today!
    I love those places far away from the turistic centres
    You are really lucky staying there

  13. Dearest Carolyn,

    What a nice cultural stay you had. That gives you really a 'slice of life' instead of staying at the hotel chains which are almost identical the world over!
    Boulangeries are great, we even had that in my home town in the south of the Netherlands. Guess we are more Burgundian than the rest of the country and we got it from the French occupation, after the Spaniards occupied us for 80 years. But I love it! On Saturday mornings one could go early to the bakery, local boulangerie, for such a treat of fresh breads.
    Even in The Eifel in Germany where our German 'sons' live, we have that. When Erika's Mom joins us for breakfast on Sunday she will come down with a bag of warm breads to enjoy. The smell of it...
    Also where we lived in Italy, in the Veneto area, coming out of Church on Sunday's the city square was filled with the smell of fresh baked breads and patries. That so much MADE a Sunday.
    Guess what, when we moved to the USA in 1983, I missed those Church bells; one grows so accustomed to it when having lived there since birth. It kind of unites a people. Life around the city square where the Church, God's house was central.

    Lots of love,


  14. Hi Carolyn,
    Lovely to view this post again. I would love to visit one day and your pics are so inspiring.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment on the tea set. It is prettier in person.
    Thank you for the anniversary wishes for August too. It is actually 38 years. The numbers for that font in 8 always looks like a 0, so I changed it to words instead. I can't believe it will be that long already. Time sure has flown by.

    Have a wonderful day dear friend.
    Hugs from a very HOT Texas, Celestina Marie

  15. mmm mmm just wonderful... I think I can smell the baguettes!

  16. what a lovely building! I remember a visit to France ahd having baguettes for breakfast and we would break them into pieces, spread them thickly with butter and apricot jam and then dip them into a bowl of hot chocolate..... Delicious...

  17. Hi Carolyn - Oh! your chambre looks divine with that beautiful chair and to wake up to the waft of freshly baked croissants and baguettes makes me want to pack my bags and head right back there today.
    Have a wonderful and safe week.xx

  18. Oh Carolyn this just looks and sounds bliss - reminds me so much of a holiday my husband and I had in Provence a few years back. We stayed in a GORGEOUS little B&B where they served fresh croissants and coffee each morning in the most beautiful little garden court yard. After breakfast we'd go to town and enjoy yet another fresh baked treat and cappuchino from the local café/boulangerie - oh my, what a treat for the palet. What a way to start the morning!!
    P.S. Thanks so much for your sweet words on God's Little People.

  19. my first visit to your delightful blog and already i"m green with envy and my mouth is watering over the petit- déjeuner! France....j'adore!

  20. Hi Carolyn!!!! you are always sharing some amazing photos of great places you stayed at!!! love experiencing all of your travels with you!!!! Wishing you a wonderful week!!!!

  21. ok....now you have me soooo wanting to visit here. Off to find my husband right now to see if I can convince him....I will tell him you sent me!

    Hugs of joy to you my sweet friend.

  22. Dear Carolyn, what a wonderful places you stayed! Thanks for those lovely pictures!

    Have a great week,
    love and hugs

  23. Oh how I have dreamed of going to France. Thank you for the tour. The bakery with fresh pastry sounds like heaven.The town seems like you stepped back in time.

  24. I'm enchanted! That bed looks so comfy too.
    There really is nothing like bread in France, is there? The only French bakery here that I like is a good 40 minutes away. I go once in a while and freeze what I don't use, but it just never tastes as good as coming right from the bakery to the table.
    I remember it well when my daughter lived in Paris. The only reason I didn't grow fat from the bread was all the walking!
    Have a lovely week, Carolyn!

  25. Wow, really chic!

    Hope your week is fab so far.

  26. A wonderful place!!!!
    I would love to sit down now into the car and drive to France. In 5 hours I could be on the edge!
    But Italy is getting closer and we'll spend our summers there!

  27. Dear friend,

    What a lovely place!!
    Oh, I remember fresh French baguettes!:)
    Your trip was wonderful!! We visited in Paris in the spring, but I`am dreaming to visit on French countryside, too:)

    I send you many, many hugs from Finland,

  28. ♥ •˚。
    °° 。♥。


    ♥ •˚。
    °° 。♥。

  29. That is super cute, looks like something out of a Miss Marple movie--but in a good way :D

  30. what a lovely and quaint place to stay at!

  31. Hello Carolyn, this looks like an amazing trip! Wow, great pictures and stories, you must have loved it.
    Thank you for your sweet comment on creJJtion and my gifts for Koralee! She is such a sweet lady.

    Well have a wonderful day,
    love Maaike

  32. What a charming place. I love the sound of church bells ringing. When Jess and Nel went to Paris, they had the most delicious croissants and pastries. They said the food was so delicious. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  33. Oh wow, this is so beautiful~What a special place!!!

  34. So incredibly charming. You would think with all those pastery shops the french would be FAT!lol


  35. I'm packing my bags now... just lovely!


  36. Hi Carolyn thank you dear friend...
    for your affection to me....i stay very happy....lovely of you..and i am seeing in your images wonderful places a with a magical architecture....a true dream..places
    big hug from brasil

  37. What a beautiful place to rest your head. I would have hit the bakery first thing in the morning too!


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