Saturday, March 12, 2011

Earthquake in Japan

Now it is time to send our prayers and thoughts to everyone living in Japan.
With the 8.9 earthquake that hit there yesterday, the results are devastating.
It seems unreal all the events that are happening around the world, so many horrible things.

My brother's son and wife have been living over in Japan for the past two years, but are planning to come back home to live, in a few months.
Renee is a teacher there and when the quake struck, going home was a problem as the trains were not running and she had to make the long two hour walk back home.
They have planned a trip to Europe and are due to fly out, on Tuesday.
So fingers crossed that the planes will be flying again by then.

Looking out our window this morning, was a strange sight, many boats were heading out to the safety of the deeper water for fear of a tsunami that they thought might reach our shores.
All looks peaceful out there at sea now, so I am glad the rogue wave seems to have petered out.

This year we will experience 4 unusual dates...
11/1/11 and
AND go figure this out...

Take the last two digits of the year you were born
plus the age you will be this year, it will equal 111......

Enjoy your weekend


  1. Good Evening Carolyn, girl I have been praying for Japan..this is just terrible..I had the 111 thing send to me and it's unreal..I hope all is well on your side of the world my friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  2. Hi Carolyn.
    May you have a peaceful week-end.
    God watch over you all.

    The videos I have seen of Japan's destruction is overwhelming. Absolutely shocking.

    On the lighter side...
    That is neat about taking the numbers and it adding up to 111.

    God bless you,

  3. My sweet Carolyn..I've been living in Tokyo for almost 2 years,too..and my heart is full of sadness for this tragedy. You're so sensitive,darling!
    Hugs and count on my prayers!

  4. You are right-it was so terrible!

  5. Terrible news from Japan, so much horror in the world now. Hope your relatives find a flight.
    So many ones, scary.
    Hawe a nice weekend


  6. My prayers and thoughts are by the Japanese people sad.....strange from the 11 thing.....thanks for telling love

  7. Hi Carolyn,
    Indeed, Mother Nature is not happy with us humans wrecking the earth... Unbelievable things are happening lately, the quakes are so many this year... I hope your family will stay safe, thanks for your visits to me, and for those nr's, I saw them also on some other blog, how funny is this? Mmmmh, I hope it has nothing to do with all the nature problems, we still have a long way before it's december... Enjoy the weekend Carolyn,
    Maureen x

  8. Dear Carolyn, what a terrible tragedy for the people in Japan. The terrible images will not let me go.
    Fortunately, the son of your brother and his wife unharmed and you have not bothered by a tidal wave.
    My thoughts are also with the people in Japan.
    Warm wishes my dear friend.
    Hugs, Mea

  9. WHOAH, I just did the calculations, and 111 was the result of the year of my birth and how old I will be! STRANGE!!!! Oh yes, I had a HAPPY blog post in mind, but now, I don't feel right posting it, with all the sadness in my mind for these dear souls....stay well, stay safe dearest, and I pray that your loved ones make it out safely. Bises, Anita

  10. I have friends in the affected areas as well, but thankfully everyone is ok, though damage has been done to homes and property. I'm also thankful that the tsunamis aren't as serious as initially forecasted. Glad your family is doing well.

  11. Dear Carolyn, It has been horrible. All my prayers are with Japan today. Lose everything you have is terrible. Many people is suffering now and we only can work to help them.

  12. My sweet friend,

    I have thought so many times, what is happening all over the world?? So many sadness and terrible things!!! We can pray! I believe that there will be power!
    I trust that God knows everything!
    We must trust that. Carolyn take care yourself!!<3
    I send you many hugs from Finland,

  13. Yes, it is so terribly all the naturs catastrophes happening, those last years, and Japan is badly hurt.
    We think about them all over the world.
    Hope your week-end will be calm and piecefull, dear Carolyn-
    And yes ,the 111-is SO WEIRD!

  14. The numerology is too weird!

    I am so glad to hear your newphew and his wife are okay.

    My brother is too. He was in class teaching when it happended. (Wouldn't it be weird if he teaches where Renee teaches?!?)

    He said it was the worst 5 minutes ever. He's lived in Japan for over 40 years. His two girls came and got him at work and they were all worried about their mom as she is mostly wheelchair bound and was alone at home as the girls were out shopping.

    But the country is prepared (as much as anyone can be) for this type of thing. They have police and neighborhood watch patrol who check on the elderly and sick.

    Thankfully they are all okay.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  15. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and the Japanese people. I hope that their flight out works.

    Also, for July this year...
    5 Fridays 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays! Only happens ONCE in 823 years!

    How much those in japan must wish for a regular day right now.

    xo, Mary

  16. I've been praying for Japan as well, Carolyn. Hope that flights are back up and running soon and that they'll be able to get out Tuesday.

    Have a wonderful weekend, lovely! xoxo

  17. Dear Carolyn, my prayers go to all the people who are suffering in Japan, and wishing your brother´s son and his wife could make it out of Japan.
    Just one year and another big big earthquake in the world, we are still suffering from the consecuences of our 8.8 in feb. 27 2010, remember?? and very worried about yours few weeks ago.... really Mother Earth is suffering too.....
    big hugs to you my dear

  18. Hi Carolyn, it is so awful to hear of the disaster in Japan. Truly unimaginable. The earthquake would have been more devastating had the infrastructure not been there. It is the tsunami that has caused the worst devastation. Our friend Mr. Saito lives in Dubai. His family is safe as is his wife's. I've written a blog about him that will post on Sunday. My 12 year old was investigating earthquakes and he said they have all occurred on the 11th of the month. Very strange indeed! Best wishes to you and yours, Tammy


    Praying for all those in Japan and those in Christchurch as well who are trying so hard to rebuild their lives after such tragedies of nature.
    Praying for all those suffering on this earth♥

  20. Japan's destruction
    is absolutely shocking.
    the 111 thing it's unreal!!!

    kisses Marina

  21. Oh , so beautiful photoooooooooo! So romantic ^^

  22. Good morning precious friend,

    Thank you for visiting my post. It is an honor to be able to write our thoughts out, isn't it? May our prayers bind as one, sweet wafting cord of unity to the heavens....Anita

  23. Beautiful post, darling!
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend!


  24. Love you darling one
    Thanks for all you share

  25. My prayers go out to your family and all those in Japan!

    Glad you guys are safe too!



  26. The poor old earth seems to be having some major struggles....

  27. I am very relieved to hear your family in Japan is safe. My heart is so broken, watching the videos of the catastrophe. I wish I could do more than just donate and pray.

    Sweet hugs to you.

  28. What can I say? We are praying here in Finland too. Hugs and blessings to you and your relatives.

  29. amazing!!!

    xoxo from rome

  30. Carolyn,

    I came back:) But I must say to you, that I really approciate your blogfriendship even I don`t vist so often here in blogworld (time...)
    Thank you for your all visit on my blog and your so sweet messages!!<3
    I send you many many hugs, you are lovely woman!!<3

  31. My heart goes out to all who were effected by the horrible tragedy that has happened in Japan. It does seem as though there have been an extra amount of natrual disasters lately. I hope it ends soon. I wish the best for your nephew and his wife.
    OK... the number things are freaky, especially the one about the year we were born and how old we'll be. How crazy that it will equal the same number for 'everyone'... very interesting.
    Hope you have a lovely Sunday.

    p.s. Thanks for the vote! ♥

  32. Hello Carolyn, I'm glad to hear your nephew and wife are safe. It's hard to say what flights will be available. The devastation is heartbreaking.

    The dates and numbers are so interesting. It really does work, I can't quite figure out why!

    Thanks again for stopping by.


  33. it is heartbreaking to see the destruction in japan. we can only pray for comfort for all the hurt out there.
    have a wonderful day

  34. I do hope Japan is able to recover quickly & get the help they need.

    And that is really interesting with the numbers!

  35. Thinking good thoughts and sending healing prayers for the people of Japan who have been effected by the Earthquake and tsunami. ALSO the same good thoughts for your brother and his wife, Carolyn.

  36. Do hope your relatives return safely dear Carolyn - just such a catastrophe for Japan.

    XOXO Lola:)

  37. I'm so glad your relatives are safe!!! Terrible stuff! Have a lovely day though :)

    Hugs, Kristin

  38. I'm so glad your family is ok. Such horrible sadness. I'm brought to tears every night watching the news. I pray for everyone.
    xx, shell

  39. Is that true Carolyn?? That story about the elevens?? my goodness!


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