Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My walk today

Little Oneroa Bay, notice the little pink blossom tree.

It was a lovely Spring morning today so I took my camera along with me on my early morning walk. Here are a few places that I loved today.

This old Boatshed at Little Oneroa Beach, is actually a new build, made with recycled timber.
Now wouldn't that be nice to have for a little studio to create in. {dreaming here}
A pretty pink blossom tree, with the beautiful blue sky background ~ maybe there will be some peaches here to enjoy one day.

Driving back from dropping the rest of the family down to the morning ferry, I saw the cutest sight ~ Father and Mother Duck with their seven precious little ducklings waddling along the footpath behind them.
I went back with my camera, hoping to be able to take a photo of this cute little family, but could not see them anywhere. I hope that I might be able to see them again and this time have my camera with me.

All Nature seems at work,
Slugs leave their lair
The bees are stirring~
Birds are on the wing,
And winter slumbering
In the open air
Wears on his face
A dream of spring.
~ S. T. Coleridge

I hope that you have a wonderful week


  1. What a beautiful area you live in my friend...that little blue boatshed made my heart sing. xoxoxo
    Happy new week to you!

  2. How beautiful!!! Oh, yes, what a wonderful studio that would be!!!


  3. Carolyn, What beautiful photos!
    Lovely to see. New Zealand beauty.

    Presently our temps are starting to drop and I'd like it to stay at about 73 degrees, but it seems to be colder than comfortable.

    This morning it was 44. Sweater weather.

  4. Thanks for giving me a little dose of NZ for the day.

    I just wanted to say, theres something about your blog i really love :) I only have fashion blogs on my feed...but yours has a permanent space!

  5. Carolyn, this is a wonderfull place, -and a beautifull nature.
    The shed, would be a dream studio, or just for hiding with a wonderfull magazine!!
    Hugs, and happy day.

  6. Beautiful pics, dear Carolyn! Especially love the boathouse and the blossom in last pic - colour of jacaranda but not sure same shape flowers!

    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

  7. Beautiful photos!!!!! Great!!!!
    I wish you a nice day.

  8. How beautiful and lovely is all that you share
    Love Jeanne

  9. oh my goodness Carolyn- how lucky are you to live in such a beautiful place? someday i hope to travel to this New Zealand beauty. So very lucky for you you are turning to spring weather... i am envious!

  10. Springtime blossoms in New Zealand ~ how beautiful! I love that blue boatshed also and could definitely set up shop there.

    You have a wonderful week also Carolyn!!

    Jenn xo

  11. So pretty. Very nice words too..you shared. Hope you are having a good week. Very mid-states weather..cooler. Not so much air conditioner now.

  12. Dear Carolyn,

    It was so nice to see the palce where you live:) Such so wonderful area, so beautiful!! I can imagine you walking on the beach:)

    Yes, I`m agree with you (previous post) Just click and you "meet" lovely people and so wonderful photos, ideas ect. You can go everywhere, so far where you maybe never can travel, to the otherside world, beutiful places for example where you live;)
    So thank you for your blog friendship!!:)

    Big hugs, Marge

    Ps. I`m really sorry for my English! It isn`t good! I hope and trust, that you understand me, my friend:)

  13. Ciao carissima amica!!!

    Come sempre i tuoi post sono emozionanti!

    Le foto e la poesia sono bellissime.

    Grazie per la bella emozione!

    Un bacio affettuoso! ;o) NI

  14. What a beautiful walk you had! Love the Spring blossoms! Enjoy your week! ♥

  15. A most beautiful spring day! Your new camera takes wonderful photos. Of course, you have a large hand in that, too. :) And that's a fantastic boatshed!

    Have a great week! xoxo

  16. Oh, so gorgeous! Love the little blue boatshed, how lucky you are! XX!

  17. Little Oneroa Bay is my
    kind of place, you are very lucky
    indeed! NZ is beyond beautiful..
    The last pic with the mauve or lavender
    flowers(orchids?) took my
    breath away!
    merci for your kind visit:)

  18. How gorgeous! Things are starting to bloom and I think it's time I take a trip on down to NZ :)

  19. Hi Carolyn: I just love the pictures you share. I wish I could see it for myself. It is always a blessing to visit you. I hope you have a great week. Hugs, Martha

  20. Hi Carolyn, I just love the area where you live. The green soft hills that reach up to the coast, the beautiful trees and flowers, it's the perfect scenery. Enjoy the spring!
    Hugs to you,

  21. That boat shed would be a lovely studio. So picturesque and relaxing.

  22. Hello Carolyn, thank you for stopping by!
    I'm speachless at seeing that stunning bay..and how lucky to enjoy Spring, while I'm freezing here :-)
    Take care,
    Michela xxx

  23. Hi Carolyn,
    You're so lucky to live in such beautiful surroundings... just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with us!
    Happy Wednesday,
    Hugs ~ Jo

  24. I love that little Boatshed...what a great place to dream.

  25. Beautiful images today - you are getting very clever.
    Love them :)

  26. You have got lovely images with your camera ,I have wished walking with you too
    You live in a beautiful place

  27. Thank you so much for your sweet and caring words. I truly appreciate it!
    I am back and feel much better!
    I love your pictures. ... that first one looks so amazing! wish I were there right now!
    have a great day


  28. oh wow!!! we are so at opposite ends of the World...these are wonderful photos Carolyn!!!!

    I will have to post some of our fall stuff....

    Pop by my blog ....I was fortunate enough to be asked to be the October Artist and have an interview link on my blog...so please pop by!!!


  29. Carolyn, that photograph of the bay, just dreamy.

    Happy belated to your Marcel... charming: arrived just in time for cakes :) I wonder if you should bake those specific cakes for every birthday of his? ;) Send some here too if you do!

    The boathouse is gorgeous , what a lovely place to live, another hidden gem in this planet. Peace, xxx

  30. Oh, Carolyn!
    Your part of the world is just so magical. I so hope to pay you a visit down that way sometime. :-)

    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  31. Dear Carolyn, thank you so much for taking us along with you on this beautiful walk!! Sometimes I would love to live by the sea, but some others I´m affraid of...
    lots of hugs and joy to you my dear,
    maria cecilia

  32. I love these photos. It must have been a good walk. I espcially love the second photo. Is that a house or a lil church? I can sit there all day and write some poems :)

  33. Carolyn~ It is truly gorgeous where you are! ~Mandy


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