Monday, March 19, 2012

St Patrick's day out

I loved these fish sculptures,  made from jandals and tin cans

We had a wonderful day out on Saturday, spent some fun Mother/daughter time together.
A St. Patrick's parade was taking place and we got to see the tail end of it, when we met in the City.

Blue skies were overhead and the sun was shinning brightly, so we made our way to a Restaurant, called The Food Store for lunch.
Sitting at an outdoor table, we were able to watch the folk walking by, dressed in green for the occasion. 

I chose the crayfish with avocado, lettuce and tomato gazpacho sauce and V had the tuna nicoise - confit tuna, quail egg, beans olives and shallot dressing, both meals were delicious.

We walked to La Cigale French markets and  did a little shopping, buying some pretty soaps and candles to take home.

Next we went to the Art Gallery to see the Exhibition showing Degas to Dali - this was wonderful and if you get the chance to see this it is well worth the visit. I will share a post on this next time.

Today it is pouring with rain and very windy, in fact our power went off just as I was making myself a morning cup of coffee. You don't realize how much you miss it, and so glad when after an hour life could resume as usual.

Thanks so much for stopping by and wishing you all a wonderful new week


  1. What a wonderful day you had!!

    O-M-G, over the limit on your email?!?! There should not be a limit?!!?

    Thank goodness we can communicate through blogging!!!


  2. Hi Marsha,

    Yes, has me puzzled and I have written to my web hoster, so hope I can get it sorted,
    Thanks for visiting


  3. So glad my post went through as I got an email back saying it was undeliverable?!?!


  4. Best regards from France Carolyn,
    Enjoy your week !


  5. Dear Carolyn,
    thank you for sharing those lovely pictures! It looks, like you had a great day out!
    Have a lovely and happy week, my dear friend!
    sending love and hugs

  6. Hallo dearest!!!

    Wonderfull day.

    In Italy there isn't S. Patrick but I look whit interst your photos!!!

    Have a nice day nice friend!Kiss. NI

  7. So nice post ...enjoy a happy

  8. GOOD MORNING DEAR HEART! I saw a sculpture like that fish but it was ANGELS' WINGS made out of rubber sandals! AND what a glorious time out in the beautiful air.....ENJOY YOUR DAY! Anita

  9. Those fish are so much fun! Sounds like you had a great St. Patrick's Day, Carolyn.

  10. The first picture is awesome showing a beautiful piece of art . Nice and wonderful post .

  11. Geez, time flies. It's St Patrick's day all over again? Feels like it was yesterday when I asked you and you kindly give explanation of it. Kisses from Indonesia to my dear Carolyn!

  12. Dearest Carolyn,

    Amazing that St. Patrick's Festival is catching on all over the world. Sorry to read you had rain... Wishing you a lovely week ahead and hope your mail problem got sorted out too!


  13. You had a fun day with your daughter, days like that one remembers long. Sounds strange with your email, hope you can fix it.
    Hugs to you

  14. omg the event seems great dear! my country does not celebrate st patrick's day D: too bad.

  15. looks like a great event! Those fish sculptures are amazing!

  16. Oh I wish I'd seen the St Patrick's parade - I'm sure the atmosphere was grand!
    Lunch sounds lovely - I miss going to cafes with my DD. Before she moved to France we "did" Newmarket or Parnell most Saturdays - you make the most of your time with V - so precious.
    I must visit the art gallery again and see this exhibition, a friend at my lunch yesterday said it's amazing.
    Yesterday we lunched at La Cigale, it was a wonderful day!!!

  17. Oh my sweet,

    I have ONE MORE WEEK TO GO next week and then, SPRING BREAK! Oh I cannot wait.

    LOVE TO YOU, Anita

  18. oh this looks amazing!!! you must have had so much fun Carolyn!!!!

    I love the photos!!! Wishing you a wonderful week!!!

  19. What joy...looks like an amazing day my friend.
    Thank you for your sweet comments you left me the other day...what a blessing you are to me.
    Hugs to you and hope you get your emails up and running soon. xoxoxoxo

  20. So fun, darling!
    Love these pics!


  21. Beautiful pictures, the festivities look so full of color and the I can sense the joy in the air. Many thanks for such a wonderful virtual tour.

    Have a wonderful week ahead, Carolyn :)

  22. Dear Carolyn
    Thank you for the nice pictures! It was really a wonderful day you had. So nice!
    Thank you also for the lovely comment on my blog.
    I wish you a happy week with a lot of sun.
    Hugs Yvonne

  23. What a lovely time!

    WAit! you have an e-mail problem!? My problem is while writing, parts just disappear. my kids think i am doing it myself. but i watch were i put my fingers instead of looking at the screen to see what if i was making a mistake.

    Well, I am glad that your power was on shortly! :) a cup of warmth during a storm is comforting.
    I worry about our power if Caitlin has to have home dialyses. Our power goes out a bit.

    xo, Mary

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  26. I wish you a very Happy New Spring!

  27. Lovely lovely lovely! What a nice day you had with your daughter. And your lunch sounds wonderful....anything with avocado gets me every time.

    Have a happy week Carolyn (with no more bad storms!)

    Hugs ~ Jenn xo

  28. Hi Carolyn,
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time. It rained all weekend here too, but today it is just the perfect Spring day. Wishing you a wonderful day.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  29. Carolyn,

    What a wonderful day spent doing a little bit of everything! Your lunch sounds scrumptious. Sorry to hear you lost power. We usually loose power once or twice during our winter season .. not fun.

    Thank you for stopping by today - I appreciate your comments :)

  30. Hi Carolyn,
    Looks like you and your family had a wonderful time over the St. Patrick's day weekend. Your pics are great.
    Like the restaurant name called The Food Store. That is interesting. The Art Gallery would make for the perfect day.
    We had a lot of rain too with high wind. Today the sun is back out and so welcome.

    Happy Spring my friend,
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  31. We are experiencing a total snow storm...unexpected in March! Thanks for stopping by to wish me well!


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