Friday, February 24, 2012

"Riding along on a pushbike honey"

Do you remember that song?... tralala!

The weather was so beautiful last weekend and was the perfect day to take the bike out for a spin.
Blue skies,  that is one of the beauties of Waiheke at this time of the year. The bike belongs to our Son, his Christmas present from his Dad and Mum.

It is such a beauty and I love the colours and retro lines, that were so popular back in the olden days. On riding it home, from the shop, our Son was asked by two lots of people, if they could take his photo with it.

 This is the new deck which I have been staining - the floor boards have been painted with a blonde stain and the railings are charcoal. Makes such a difference and it is lovely to be outdoors.

I snapped the other fabulous bikes, for sale in the shop windows, taken when we were in Sydney.
I reckon the Gucci bike would have come with a pretty price.

May your weekend be filled with happy days.


  1. What a beautiful day for a bike ride on such a beautiful bike! Honestly Carolyn, it is such a gorgeous place where you live. One day I will visit.

  2. Dearest Carolyn,

    That is a great bike, the one you gave to your son. Your deck looks very nice. Hope the white will not be blinding your eyes in summer... We learned the hard way after we'd used white tiles. One got almost 'snow' blind! So we redid it with terracotta colored tiles.
    Biking is such a nice thing to do, provided the area is flat enough and it's not too hot. For us it is very tough. Pieter got himself a new 6-gear bike but still it is hard up those hills. We both have our original Dutch bikes with 3 gears but they're heavy to wheel with.
    Love to you,


  3. What wonderful bikes! I sure love to ride mine! I meant to say in the other post that I am doing a 'friendship' post tomorrow if you have a chance to stop by! Hugs! ♥

  4. LOVE the photo of you!!! Great looking bike!

    Your deck looks awesome!!

    Today was like a summer day here!!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


  5. Hello dear one!

    Well, now I have a hankering to go out on my BIKE this spring and summer! LOVELY WEATHER YOU ARE HAVING! We are almost at the point of wearing shorts......ALMOST....but it is still February in Minnesota and we must wait for the REAL spring to arrive in MAY.

    Have a PERFECT DAY! Anita

  6. Oh what a wonderful bike ride!! And I adore that pouch--gorgeous!!!

  7. My dear Carolyn,
    wht a lovely place and what a lovely day for a bike ride!
    The pictures form those differnt bikes are great!
    Wishing you a lovely and happy weekend my friend!
    Sending love and hugs

  8. I live near the sea,during winter is so sad !But when spring is coming I like very much talking along the sea,it gives me peace!Enjoy the sun!

  9. dear carolyn,
    yes, you were right to use a beautiful day for a bicycle tour.
    AND the gucci-bikes are very fabulous....hmhm!

  10. when I am looking at the first picture I envy so mych the weather you are having now:)

    Life and travelling

  11. Dear Carolyn, you looks so sportive, in the photo, what a beautiful tour you had, in that lovely weather. And the bike looks fantastic, such lucky son you have :)
    The deck is beautiful in its new coat, I hope you can enjoy sitting there, this week-end.

  12. Love your picture and that bike !!...what a nice weather you have !!...almost spring here...i hope...hahahaha!! from me...happy

  13. A wonderful bike and you look so confident Carolyn like it's YOUR bike.
    I'll look out for you on the roads when I'm on Waiheke - riding along on your pushbike honey......

    Shane tra la la la!!!!

  14. I remember the song well. Looks a lovely day to be riding. Your son has a lovely bike.

  15. Hi dearest Carolyn, what a gorgeous bicycle (I think it is prettier than the Gu**i-bike!) - and what a nice girl on the bike :o) Oh and it must have been a great day: Blue skies and the beautiful sea scenery!
    Enjoy these fine NZ-summer-days (with the new white&black deck!!!) and have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs Traude

  16. Hello Carolyn
    What beautiful bikes! Other than the odd exercise bike I have not rode a bike for years. Enjoy your ride!


  17. Indeed a clear blue day for riding some bikes!! It looks real cool too!
    Wish you a wonderful weekend Carolyn:)

  18. I'm captured by the scenery! It is really beautiful!!!! Nice bike too though! Have a wonderful weekend!

    hugs, Kristin

  19. isnt it fun to bicycle..brings back memories of childhood and teens!!!

  20. I can't remember the last time I rode a bike. Looks like it was a fabulous day! And what a cool bike. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  21. Hi Carolyn,

    What a great bike your son has. It does have an old fashioned look, which I love! I think I prefer it over the Gucci one :-)

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  22. Great bike! and what a wonderful place to take a ride. It snowed here last night so no biking for us for awhile.


  23. Hello my dear Carolyn!

    WoW, what a bikes!! I really love them:) I like all kind the old stuff;))

    Enjoy wonderful days there in your beautiful country!!:)

    Many hugs, Marge

  24. Oh Carolyn, that weather looks remarkable there. What a awesome bike too. You look so cute with it...I think your son just might be in for it now that you have ridden it. Maybe another bike is in your family's future : )
    It's always so great coming over to see what you are up to my friend!

  25. That IS a gorgeous bike! The lines are sleek and beautiful. And oooooh, I love your deck! I really love those dark railings. Fantastic job!

  26. oh what a gorgeous day for a bike ride!!!! I can't wait till Spring shows up on our door step Carolyn!!! I am so ready for some warmth and beauty!!!

  27. What a wonderful bike Carolyn! I love the lines of it, and the colours... I have dreams of living in a small place and riding a bicycle with a basket to run my errands...
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

  28. Carolyn,
    What a beautiful day! I am a tad bit green as i sit here listening to the winds howling and the bite of winter still in the air. I believe snow is in the forecast today. :( Spring cannot arrive fast enough for me!
    One of my best friends is from New Zealand and he is always showing me the most glorious photos. What a gorgeous place! Maybe I will be lucky enough to see it one day...
    Hope you have a lovely weekend...xo

  29. How fabulous indeed.
    Much love and many blessings

    Love you

  30. Such beautiful bycicles Carolyne - it reminds me - i need a new one soon ;) Happy weekend - hope the weather stays so nice!

  31. What a gorgeous day on the island! You gave your son a very impressive the style and the color!
    Your deck looks lovely...the charcoal is a great color to offset flowers on the deck. Beautiful job Carolyn!

    Hope you enjoy the coming week!
    Hugs, Nancy xo

  32. It's been such a long time that I have rode a bike, I'm not sure I could still ride....what a sight.

    Proud of you!

  33. Your blog is wonderful! Looks like the perfect day for a bike ride and the countryside is beautiful. Great photo! Enjoy your weekend!


  34. Darling Carolyn,

    THANK YOU for your wonderful comment. IF ANYTHING, just the sheer kindness of those people like you who THINK I should make a book is almost enough for me. Knowing that people find my work worthy of being in a book is a delight. BUT I AM INTENDING on doing so, let me tell you! But planning my next move requires time, and only during my spring and summer break can I even start to plan my next move. MANY HUGS AND THANKS! Anita

  35. Your son´s bike is really nice, looks so sunny on your photos. Looks like we will get an early spring this year, soon can i have t-shirt like you.

  36. what a nice bike and a lovely day for a ride too!

  37. Oh it is starting to be that time of year my friend...must get my bike out soon.
    Just wanted to thank you sooooo much for the sweet treat that came in my mailbox....pure joy...and your card is simply beautiful! Hugs to you my are a blessing to me. xoxoxox

  38. Great bike Carolyn !
    Best regards,


  39. Hi Carolyn, Sounds like you enjoyed a wonderful day for a bike ride. Love your son's bike. So retro. Your deck looks beautiful. I love the color you stained it. I bet it is lovely to relax on the deck and enjoy a gorgeous day.
    Once again you share great pics. And you look so cute with the bike.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Sending hugs, Celestina Marie


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