Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let me tell you of a giveaway

Here is an image from the Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine.
Let me tell you of a wonderful giveaway ~ Carole from over at maynardgreenhouse.blogspot.com is generously giving a copy of  Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine to some lucky friend.
Carole and her blog are fabulous and if you have not met her, please go for a visit.

Sorry I have not been visiting very much,  hope to catch up with you all soon. Life seems to be busy here.



  1. Hello Carolyn,

    Thank you for the info! I hope you are managing to get some free moments for yourself :)


  2. Dearest Carolyn,

    Wishing you a great day and hope you enjoy your sunny days!
    Love to you,


  3. Howdy Carolyn!
    May you have a terrific week.

  4. Hello dear Carolyn

    This is the most wonderful magazine I know! I bought the Christmas one - I still take it to bed with me every night.

    Carole is one of the sweetest people in blogland and has one of the lovliest blogs too!

    We still haven't had the rest of our holiday on the boat, it's just too windy..... Naughty El Nino!!!!

    Shane x

  5. Good morning sweet friend!!! I am running off to work but will check out this giveaway; I love this MAGAZINE! BE WELL! Anita

  6. I love visiting Carole and her beautiful blog- too , dear Carolyn.
    Take care, and remember to rest a bit :)
    Hugs to you. Dorthe

  7. This is a lovely giveaway. Thank you for letting us know!

    Happy day!

    Madelief x

  8. Hi Carolyn, thank you for the heads up on this giveaway.
    I just wanted to come over to see how you are and what you have been doing. I see that you won a beautiful giveaway lately too.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday sweet friend.

  9. Wishing you a great weekend and hoping you're enjoying your Summery days! (It's cool here!)

    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

  10. Best regards from France Carolyn...


  11. Life can be busy sometimes - take your time! :-)

  12. Ciao carissima!!!

    GRAZIE!!! ;o)

    ieri è arrivato il tuo bellissimo biglietto!

    GRAZIE di cuore.

    baci...tanti...andrò a vedere il blog della tua amica!

    Kissssssssss.. NI ;o)

  13. Hi Carolyn,
    Sounds like a great giveaway. Thank you for sharing the info and link.
    I know it is a busy time for so many. January is flying by so fast.

    Enjoy your projects and blessings to you always.
    XO Celestina Marie


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