Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lavender days

The old time favourite Lavender is always around.
I love the fragrance, the beautiful purple flowers,  walking out in the garden, breathing in the heavenly scent and how it attracts the bees from far and near.

Lavender sachets tucked in  a wardrobe and the underwear drawer always make everything smell divine.

Interestingly enough, the French word 'to wash' is the verb laver.

Taking a bath in essential oil,  relieves tension and restores vitality, calms the mind  and relaxes the body.
Country Living

It's a wonderful world we live in, hope that you are enjoying your week and all the joys that come your way.



  1. I love lavender. I use essential oils for various things, tea tree for stings, cinnamon and orange and lavender in the house, peppermint to bring down a fever, eucalyptus for congestion, so many uses.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend which is quickly approaching!!!


  2. Carolyn,
    Sweet Blessings to you! Lavender is truly special. Need to get my bar of lavender soap out and enjoy the fragrance.

    I enjoyed stopping by your sweet blog!
    God bless and have a super week,

  3. Beautiful lavender sooths the soul ..... I sometimes add a few drops of oil to furniture polish .... When I open the door on returning home there's a soft waft of lavender throughout the house.
    Hoping your're having a wonderful week Carolyn xx

  4. In moderation, lavender is wonderful. When I was little, they sold lavender at the Canadian National Exhibition and I found it overpowering. There were mounds of it and it always seemed way too strong.
    I do like it now.

  5. I love lavender as well, it soothes the soul and calms the mind. Plus it makes the bees happy.

  6. Oh Lavender is my all time favourite! It really makes me giddy...I have the best lavender lotion that I wear everyday...from would love it.

    hugs to you dear one

  7. Dear Carolyn
    Your pictures with the lavender are so nice! I love Lavender.
    I wish you a happy weekend.
    Hugs Yvonne

  8. Dearest Carolyn,

    Trying to catch up on Bloggers... This is such a lovely post you did and it is one of life's little pleasures to smell fresh lavender.
    Love to you,


  9. I love lavande's flower's parfume...
    I usualy catch some and smell them between my fingers when I cross some during my walk.
    Best regards from France,


  10. Dear Carolyn,
    what a lovely post about Lavender! I love Lavender as plant, as essential oil, as soap, there are so many things we can use Lavender for.... and the plant always looks so nice!

    Have a happy week my friend and a wonderful weekend!
    Sending love and hugs

  11. Such a beautiful post dear Carolyn-I also love lavender, -they are beautiful-and smells heavenly-
    your photoes are so lovely.
    Happy-soon to come, week-end ,I can see you enjoy your dayes :)

  12. Love lanender !!...ant the joy of SPRING !!!...yes yes yes!!

  13. We love lavender too - one of our favorite scents!

    Have a lovely weekend, dear Carolyn


    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

  14. There's nothing nicer than crisp white sheets with a scent of lavender.
    Your bunches of lavender look wonderful too!
    We might sail down your way tomorrow night so long as it's not too windy!!!!
    Shane x

  15. Oh, is this ever one of my favorite flowers and scents! I remember when I went to Provence for the first time; all I wanted to see before I left was a field of lavender....I did.

    HI CAROLYN! THANK YOU DEAREST for your visit! It is always so good to see you post!!! BISOUS Anita

  16. This post is lovely. I heart the shades of purple and I love the scent of Lavender as a body cream :) Have a wonderful week, dear Carolyn.

  17. Beautiful indeed.
    I too love lavender.
    Love you

  18. For my birthday a friend gave me some Aromatherapy bath salts and lotion and boy oh boy does it smell good. I have a bag of lavender just waiting to be used. I really need to make some more heart sachets. Have a great weekend! Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  19. I love lavender to, a wonderful scent. Beautiful pictures.

  20. Your pictures are so pretty and I agree, Lavender is natures gift.
    I will always remember my visit in Sault, France during the lavender harvest festival, it was the best part of my holiday.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  21. I absolutely agree. Lavender is heavenly. Hope you are enjoying a good soak after all that painting. :)

  22. I love the smell of lavender also. Such a beautiful and calming scent. I always envision myself being in the south of France when I smell it. :)

    Hope you're having a great week, Carolyn! xoxo

  23. Dear Carolyn, I love lavender! I have a small pot in our garden that has been standing outside the whole winter, and I have been looking at it last weekend and seen new shoots sprouting already. I cannot wait til it blooms in the summer.;) Already now brushing my hand against it the lovely fragrance can be scented.
    Love the last two lines in this post, and i agree.;)
    Have a great weekend,

  24. Wonderful images. I love lavender.

  25. I also love Lavender fragance & flowers -so nice! :)

    BTW, I've just created the fanpage for my own fashion brand. Click here to discover it! -> Raquel T.G. (I'll be selling online part of the SS 2012 collection very soon!) Hope you like my designs!


  26. I love lavender!!!! Beautiful photos!

  27. Dear Carolyn,

    I love lavender too, my mom use it as poutpourry to perfume wardrobes, it's an ancient tradition here in Italy!
    Love lavender fragrance, is.. dreamy!

  28. Ciao carissima!!!

    Che bello questo post!!!

    Io amo follemente la lavanda, anche un mio Teddy Bear lo chiamai "lavender"!! ;o)

    Buonissimo fine settimana dolcissima amica!!!

    GRAZIE della tua presenza!!! baci. ;o) NI

  29. Lovely Carolyn!
    Your blog is so lovely!
    I have a friend here in ´my little neghbourhood who is married to this lovely Mathiew in New Zeeland.
    I love them both and their threee childreen-Love Eva Agnes

  30. Ahhh, lavender. How beautifully you have written, it feels like i have been taken away for a moment of respite. Thank YOu Carolyn! I also thank You for the kind thoughts and oh, so important prayers for our daughter, Caitlin.


  31. Dear Carolyn,

    I love lavender too and bathe virtually every evening with a dozen or so drops of essential oil. I often put a few drops on my children's pillows too. In summer we are blessed with a voluminous bush right outside our French windows. I watch the bumble bees for as long as I can.

    I am loving wild violets which grow rampant in our shaded paths this early spring.

    Carolyn, I also wanted to thank you for mentioning my giveaway a few weeks ago. I should have come by earlier to thank you. Real life has been rather engrossing these days but I know that applies to most people :-)


  32. Mmmmmm, I can smell the lavender all the way over here. I love it. Such a sweet and calming aroma. Hope you are doing well my dear friend. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

    Much love,

  33. My favorite plant is lavender...I didn't know laver meant to wash...thanks for sharing this! I do have lavender sachets in my drawers...I love opening them and getting that great relaxing scent. A very simple luxury!
    Enjoyed your post!
    Miss Bloomers

  34. Hello, dear Carolyn, Lavender is so wonderful. We are fortunate to have a very large lavender festival not far from us each year. Lots of farms growing different varieties – walking through the fields is truly a marvelous experience.

    It's hard to imagine that autumn is beginning for you! Wishing you a special weekend. xo – g

  35. Hmmmm, the fragrance of lavender - it blows over to me from New Zealand, to the heart of Europe :o)
    So fine!!!
    Have a wonderful Sunday, dearest Carolyn!!!
    xox Traude

  36. Hi Carolyn,
    There is nothing like fresh lavender. Such an old fashioned of my favorite scents.

    Hope you have a great week ahead and hope your finished with your painting! I always enjoy visiting your lovely blog.

    Warm hugs,

  37. Beautiful flowers! They are so fresh and delicate, makes the sunday feel so good.
    Have a wonderful Sunday Carolyn:)

  38. I love lavender! it's such a restful scent!

  39. hi carolyn,
    your pictures are so beautiful.
    i love lanvender!!!!!!
    many greetings

  40. I love lavender too, Carolyn. I think it makes everything smell so fresh and it helps with something I like to emphasize a lot and that is calm. I keep a couple of fragrant pouches in my bathrooms.
    It was fun browsing here today.
    Love and blessings.

  41. Hi Carolyn, Oh I just love lavender and the beautiful scent it gives. I enjoy it throuhout the house and also the designs in the gorgeous tea towel you gave to me.

    Trying to catch up on blog visits. I have been so busy and time just runs away from me.
    Thank you for sharing such pretties.

    XOXO Celestina Marie


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