Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Weekend

Life seems to be busy and there is so much to do this time of the year, but found a few spare moments to sit down and write to you.

We spent Thursday night over staying, at our children's apartment. 
As you may know they live in the bustling City where it is all happening.
The noise was amazing, all night long you could hear the voices of people, coming out from whatever Restaurant, bar or movie they had been too.
I was just about off to sleep when you could hear the road sweeper  swishing along and then the rubbish truck came by making an awful racket.  
Next thing I knew the the sun was peeping through the wooden blinds and it was a new day.

We are now back home where most of the time, all is peace and quiet.  The weather is warming up now and the bedroom windows are left open at night and  the only sound I love to hear is the morepork  (NZ's native owl ) calling out to his mate and the waves in the distance.
We have a General Election here in New Zealand and went out and voted this morning. Later on this evening, we will know which Party has got in to govern our Country.  

Update ; the National Party got back in again, so they will be governing our Country again - Mr John Key is our Prime Minister again for another 3 years.

I hope you have a lovely weekend


  1. Dearest Carolyn,

    What a lovely 'white pansy' message you wrote! You must be young for managing to live in the big and bustling city. Before one gets used to so much noise it takes a while. But I do remember that in the city of Wonosobo, Indonesia (600,000) there always was noise, never ending. But we did sleep tight! Strange when we got home in-between and there was absoulute quietness...
    Interesting about the native bird of New Zealand being an owl. You are a keen observer and a nature lover. An eye for detail in general...
    Love to you and a happy weekend!


  2. Hi Carolyn! I always find it hard to sleep when staying in the centre of a big city! When in Edinburgh recently the roadsweeper arrived at 5 every morning! Have a lovely weekend:)

  3. Enjoy your quiete home darling !!...we live in e new build in the weekend and evenings we have no noise...but on the oh my..this week they hit the ground poles 4 days long !!!!....but i am happy it will be the last one !! i am at home i am sick since wednesday evening,....poor me.....enjoy a happy weekend..........♥.. ♥... ♥....

  4. Peace and quiet ... I love it :).
    I saw an owl flying in our garden last summer.
    Have a nice weekend!
    - Markka -

  5. Happy weekend Carolyn!
    I can just imagine how noisy it must have been at your childrens apartment when you live in such a paradise!
    Love the owl. Such a beautiful creature.
    Hope your weekend is extra fun.

  6. OMG. First of all, love, love your photos that show off the beauty of your weekend pleasure! AND THEN I JUST REALIZED THAT YOU HAVE A WEBSITE FOR YOUR BEARS!!!!!!!!!

    It was so hard to remember who has a shop....may I include you in on my post dearest? My post will be up all week....let me know. Oh how I feel so badly!!! I want to show your bears!!! Anita

  7. While in Colombo the last nite, we had to stay in a room right next to the elevator on the first floor. I was not a happy camper at all as I can't sleep with any noise. I'll take the sound of a hoot owl any night, but really don't want to hear what other folks are doing all night long. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  8. Ah, yes, the hustle and bustle of a city, so energetic . . . for the young ones, LOL. You can enjoy it and then come home to the tranquility of your home :)

    Lovely photo, Carolyn.

    I hope you are enjoying your weekend. We may take a drive in the country today, not sure yet.

    Much love,

  9. Enjoy again the tranquility of your own home.
    If you're used to that rest then all sounds very fast at you.
    Have a wonderful weekend Carolyn.
    Warm wishes, Mea

  10. That owl is so beautiful!
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend, darling!


  11. Dear Carolyn, it is so great to stay over in the city for some dayes- knowing we can go home to quietness ,next day!! I don`t thinkl I could live in that kind of noice ,any more :) Love your beautiful spring photo.

  12. hi carolyn,
    you are sending wonderful pictures of nature. i like them!

  13. Hehehehe. Reminds me of my 20s living in New York City. For a while, I lived above a grocery store that took deliveries from big trucks at 4am. :) Hustle and bustle is exciting, but peace and quiet is lovely too.

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  14. I love the photo of the's so lovely!

    I know you must be happy to be back to your quiet home although I know you love being with the children!


  15. º°❤
    Olá, amiga!
    Passei para uma visitinha.
    Boa semana!
    Beijinhos. º° ✿
    ♫° Brasil

  16. Ciao carissima amica!!!

    Auguro anche a te una domenica serena e tranquilla!

    Un abbraccio di cuore!

    Kisses and hugs. NI


    I posted one of your DARLING AND SWEETEST OF BEARS, Gabriellea! I provided a link as well. Oh how delightful she is!!!!!! MERCI MON AMIE! Anita

  18. When I visit my daughter in NYC I feel the same way...the noise (especially during the night when it seems nobody is trying to sleep except me) is a shock. But it is such a vibrant city with great food and shopping AND my darling daughter lives there!

  19. I am falling in love with New Zealand :-} I enjoyed your night trying to get a few winks in the city. We have a few owls here, I love to hear them. I used to work in Manhattan, what seems like a life time ago and I understand the buzz that makes people magnetize to it.

    But I'm a country girl it feeds my soul!

    xx Lorraine xx

  20. Hi dearest Carolyn,
    I really would prefer the noise of the owl, too - I think nowadays there is no greater wealth than silence... and I am happy that you are such a wealthy woman! :o)
    Best wishes for a wonderful Advent-time & warm hugs to you, Traude

  21. Such a lovely peek into your life Carolyne! It's great to get home in to the country after some city life. I like the inspiration of cities, but prefer living a bit away from the noise, just like you! Have a fab start to your new week ahead!

  22. Dear Carolyn
    Something to be said about the quiet, yes? I think when we are young, the bustling of the city life is attractive, although I have always enjoyed the quite.

    So sweet of you to drop in.. Thank you so much. I appreciate you kind thoughts. My hands are not quite as nimble as they used to be but I do my best...I hope your weekend is a beautiful one.
    blessings, Penny

  23. It is MY great pleasure to have your darling bears and work on my page dearest Carolyn!!!!!!!!!!!! MANY THANKS for your sweet friendship!!!! Have a wonderful day! Anita

  24. I love you my darling friend.
    Love and hugs and kisses
    and glorious wishes.

  25. Hi Carolyn...found you through Lorraine Young. Lovely posts and those bears! Sweet little critters!

  26. I went to visit my son in Paris this weekend and it was so crowded and noisy, that we were glad to be back home again! Catherine

  27. I love hearing owls!

    Here where we live in Edinburgh it can be quite noisy with traffic and noisy groups of party goers, but we're not right in the centre of the city so we escape the worst

  28. Hello Carolyne!
    I live in a very quiet and full of green zone of Rome (it's an archeological zone), i see always loads of different birds but i never saw owls... :(
    You are so lucky!

  29. Dear Carolyn,

    It must be nice spending time in town now and then and staying at your children's apartment. I think the noise is something you get used to :-)!

    Wish the weather in Holland was as lovely as in NZ!

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  30. Yes it's so quiet here in the Adelaide Hills too Carolyn. But what I love is no street lighting so it's pitch black at night as I go to sleep. I never sleep well when I'm travelling when the light comes through the curtains. I bet you breathe a big sigh of happiness each time you arrive back on Waiheke.
    Millie xx

  31. Hello Carolyn!!!!

    I love love love to cook!!!! We live where there is hardly any noise...well except for me...I am told I can be very noisy....

    Wishing you a wonderful day!! Welcome home!!!


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