Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ring a ring of Roses

 Roses, who can resist the sweet smell and pure happiness they bring?
When I am grocery shopping I often like to come home with a bunch of flowers and is a good opportunity to get out the camera and take a few photos.

Alice with Roses ~ from an illustrated "Alice in Wonderland"
Mabel Lucie Attwell 1879-1964

I have always enjoyed reading this poem from Alice in Wonderland and it is true the phrase ;
the extra special powers that flowers can have on us.
There is something about roses, that makes me feel feminine and happy.

Cats and rabbits
Would reside in fancy little houses
And be dressed in shoes and hats and trousers
In a world of my own

All the flowers
Would have very extra special powers
They would sit and talk to me for hours
When I'm lonely in a world of my own

There'd be new birds
Lots of nice and friendly howdy-do birds
Everyone would have a dozen bluebirds
Within that world of my own

I could listen to a babbling brook
And hear a song that I could understand
I keep wishing it could be that way
Because my world would be a wonderland

My dear friends, have a lovely week


  1. sometimes I have to hold myself back!!! its hard to resist!

  2. Oh, I love roses too!!! So beautiful, indeed!!!

  3. P.S. I need one of those buckets--it looks so adorable!!!

  4. Dearest Carolyn,

    You too have a wonderful week. Roses do pick me up as well. They are something magical, almost heavenly and they do create a mood all on its own.
    Love to you,


  5. Oooh, these are gorgeous! And what a way to make a day better....

  6. Hi Carolyn,
    What a beautiful post and I love the poem. Your pic is beautiful.
    Yes, roses make me feel happy too and today's tea by my roses, made it very special. Thank you for stopping by to share in our tea.

    I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week.
    Enjoy your warmer weather and lots of roses.

    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  7. What beautiful roses! I ♥ the bucket too!!! The photo makes me smile. Today was a dreary day and your post brought sunshine in!!!


  8. I love that poem Carolyn. Magical. The illustration is so pretty and I haven't seen it before. I love little prints like that one. Simple, but darling.
    Don't flowers from the market just make your day? I can't help bring a home a bunch in winter when all mine are sleeping. Yours are so pretty. I love them sitting in the pail.
    sending hugs...

  9. So lovely and so true! Beautiful photos... makes me want to go and see if there are any roses still on our bushes... especially the aromatic one!

  10. I often treat me to a bunch of flowers too, when I am grocery shopping... they're so cheap, a true little pleasure to enjoy!
    Love your roses.
    Hugs dear Carolyn,
    Monica xo

  11. Love rosses too....great poom...enjoy a happy day from

  12. Oh, what a beautiful roses !
    My favorite flowers ♥
    Your post make me smile :)
    Hugs, Riitta

  13. How wonderful, dear Carolyn- I love roses ,too- and just now many of my busches are blooming for the second time this year :)

  14. Oh that sweet poem at the end; me too, RABBITS and TERRIERS (oh,not a good mix actually!) would reside chez moi and outside, HORSES!!!! Oh the wonders of dreaming, and everything here my dear puts me in a state of mind that I so need right now. Stress rules at the moment and I fear that all year long, it will. School is a nightmare. Simple as that.

    So good to see you! Anita

  15. Ahhhh, the smell of roses. So perfect. Love that poem too! Hope your week is going good girlfriend.
    xx, shell

  16. those roses on the first pic looks awesome! <3

  17. Carolyn, I love roses and Alice in Wonderland. (We have my husband's Grandmothers original copy) The beauty and scents are unparalleled. I am finally catching up and able to visit. Love your blog. Best to you!

  18. Such a lovely poem...I am sending you blessings for a sweet week too my friend. Enjoy your beautiful roses! xox

  19. I love roses I love you
    Love Jeanne

    It is our beautiful Canadian Thanksgiving weekend upcoming.
    Love and hugs

  20. The roses are beautiful. Thank you for the reminder of funky Alice. Would that we could all live in a Wonder Land.
    The grocer is such a good source for flowers. They are reasonably prices and we can create our own arrangements.
    Thanks for Sharing, Ginger

  21. Hi Carolyn, I hope you are having a lovely week. When I buy flowers, I like to break them up into little bouquets -- sometimes I even spread the joy and share with friends. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  22. Hello my dear...

    How are you?

    Non ti vedo piùùùùùùù-...

    Mi manchi!


  23. Hi Carolyn, Love roses! they just make me smile and they smell so wonderful. I think I might start picking up a bunch of flowers when I go shopping every now and again :o) Have a nice day! Hugs Jennifer

  24. I love this sweet, magical post! Love to you sweet Carolyn. ~Mandy

  25. Roses are one of my favourite flowers..all colours! Enjoy your week!


  26. My dear Carolyn,

    what a wonderful post!

    I love those roses and I love Alice in Wonderland too!

    You braought my back to my childhood for a few moments!

    Have a wonderful day my friend!

    Sending love and hugs,

  27. A little sad poem, but so beautiful. In Alice´s world are many fun shapes. And roses, i love them.
    Wish you a happy weekend

  28. We love roses too - our favourite flowers!

    Have a lovely weekend,dear Carolyn

    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

  29. The rosiest week to you too dear Carolyn.
    Millie xx

  30. Good morning darling one,

    Thank YOU for coming to hug me. Oh, it is Thursday and almost the end of the week!!!! We teachers are exhausted! IS YOUR SPRING/SUMMER coming along? DO YOU BELIEVE that we are 20 degrees ABOVE NORMAL and that yesterday it was 90 degrees farenheit? HOT!


  31. I'd have a bunch of them every week if I could! Soft colors.
    What a lovely post, Carolyn. Wonderful illustrations and I don't remember that's been a long time between Alice reads!
    Happy Weekend!!

  32. Love them as well! Who could resist, right? :). Hope you're having a lovely week! xoxo

  33. Dear Carolyn,

    Your roses look beautiful!

    Lieve groet,

    Madelief x

  34. Alice in Wonderland is great magical world surrounded their dreams of a rabbit warren of thoughts est I love your world so refined and beautiful kisses gull in flight.

  35. Carolyn,

    I love your new header and the background is perfect. I love your poem and your bucket of roses. Reading Alice and smelling roses, what a lovely combination.


  36. I love roses too. The problem with buying them from the store here is they don't have any smell. That's the best part!

  37. So beautiful!!!!
    I always say that I like lie in a bed of roses. I think that sounds very poetic but I feel that.
    Roses are the most beautiful flowers.
    Kisses, Mayte.

  38. Hi Carolyn,
    Beautiful roses. We all deserve to see such pretty flowers in our home. I should do that more often! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  39. You are right, who can resist the sweet smell and the tenderness of roses... A beautiful bunch.
    A great way to start my day, Have a wonderful weekend:)

  40. Hello, dear Carolyn! Your world is blooming, I see. So very pretty, and the air is smelling sweet. And thank you for sharing that precious poem.

    It's great to catch up with you again. I always enjoy your lovely photographs. Your children's penthouse looks fabulous!

    Hope you have a marvelous weekend!

  41. Good morning precious Carolyn,

    your visit this morning is like waking up to hear a sweet bird is keeping me exhausted, but friendships always revived the mind, body and soul...bless you sweet lady and dear friend. Thank you again for being a faithful reader and friend. ENJOY YOUR NEW SEASON OF WONDER! Anita

  42. I do love roses too, Carolyn, peonies are my favorites. Especially the bright pink ones, oh boy, they do pick me up up UP.
    Warm wishes for a wonderful weekend, ours is filled with raindrops xxxx

  43. cute!

    xoxo from rome

  44. Hello, dear Carolyn! You've got me all the way with this post – roses and daydreams and the power of flowers. Your roses in the pail are irresistable – there is nothing like them.

    I hope your new week is filled with flowery activities. xo – g

  45. This is such a beautiful post !
    Thanks for sharing .

  46. The only roses I ever have in vases are the ones I purchase from the grocery store. They are so reasonably priced and then, I don't have to pick them from MY garden! I just hate plucking roses from their rightful place in the garden borders, where everyone can enjoy them.

  47. I love your roses!!!!
    Have a nice week

  48. beautiful post and who can resist roses? XX

  49. Such a beautiful post Carolyn..
    One of my favorite places to be is outside tending my roses... There is just nothing like the sweet scent of a rose..
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts about my vase.
    Always so good to have you visit.

  50. Oh yes,deares Carolyn - who can resist roses? Their smell, their beuty, even their taste? When I was in France I bought a bottle of Syrup of rose blossoms (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - it's so delicious to champagne, vanilla pudding and other desserts - what a temptation!)
    Warmest hugs from Austria, Traude

  51. Dear Carolyn
    I love roses too! This is a very nice post!
    Thank you very much for the nice comment on my blog.
    I wish you a lovely week.
    Hugs Yvonne

  52. Such lovely roses and beautiful thoughts! So glad I found my way to your blog, you have a new reader!

  53. I love roses! The poem is sweet too:). Hope all is well your way!



  54. I love so much roses! Are definitely my fav flowers!
    The poem is so cute...i loved this post!^^

  55. I love roses too, wild roses and the most ornate garden varieties too. I love the poem too, flowers do have extra special powers

  56. I love those illustrations!

    Pomona x

  57. Your roses are so pretty. Jess loves Alice in Wonderland, and she recently did a post about it. She just got the book in hard cover for her Birthday. I love the Alice quote. Isn't it nice to bring home fresh flowers from the store? It always makes my day.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  58. That's an inexplicable beautiful bucket of roses, Carolyn! So so very beautiful! Sighs.... I have always been the very soft one who loves roses and kittens and soft sorts of things.... I wish life didn't require us to be so strong and that we could always simply each be made happy by a bucket of roses each day!


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