Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy week!

I hope that you are all having a lovely week ~ I am sending my dear friends some red roses.

How did we get on before the Internet?
From about 5pm last night I have been able to send emails, but not receive them.
The service has been down and I imagine there are many irate people not able to do their work.
I have just been greeted with 353 emails in my Inbox, Grrr!... most of which have already been sent through before. So now I will have to go through and sort them all out.
I do hope that they will be able to fix this problem soon and have us all back on line again.

Senescent comes to us all and I was surprised when I went for a check up at the Optician to find that my long distant sight was not as good as it was. Reading the chart was all a wee bit blurry.
I have never had to wear spectacles for driving but that now needs to change.
For a while, I have had to wear glasses when I read, sew my bears or do needlework.
These are the eyewear that I like ~ do you like these? I will probably go with the black or the dark brown.

I quite like these ones too .... which ones if any, do you like? I did have a pair of these Cats eye glasses about 15 years ago.

Enjoy the rest of the week.


  1. Ohhhh, 353 emails?!?!?! WOW!!! If our internet is down, I still can get my email through my Blackberry, addicted I know, LOL

    I like the cat eye ones, dark brown :)

    I used to wear glasses for driving but I no longer need them for driving but a definite MUST for reading, working on miniatures, basically anything closeup.

    I used to be able to ask hubby to read bottle labels but not any longer, LOL, as he needs glasses too!

    Thank you for the lovely roses :)


  2. Oh the dramas of the internet! Cute glasses. I wear glasses all the time but can't wear the kind that sit directly on the bridge of your nose. I have a scar from childhood and it irritates it, makes me feel like I need to sneeze constantly! Hope you have a happy week too!

  3. Thanks for visiting Marsha and Sares.
    The 353 emails are about the last weeks worth, such a hassle and it is still not right, as I can go through on blogger and get your two messages.
    Oh well I will have to be patient and will go and have a cup of coffee.


  4. I am SO addicted to the Internet, Carolyn, it's not even funny! I like the cat eyes, go for it! XX!

  5. LOVE the cat eyes....thanks for your sweet words on my blog....yours is super cute:)

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
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  6. Thank you honey, for the beautiful roses and girl 353 emails I would not know where to start or finish ha ha!! Hope you have a BEAUTIFUL week my Dear friend on your side of the world...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  7. Hi Carolyn,
    Oh I'm crazy for those cat glasses. I'm thinking the bottom one is my favorite. I'm overdue for an eye exam myself!

  8. Oh you're too sweet sending such a lovely bouquet of roses - the reds have such a beautiful fragrance.

    Ooo the cats eyes definitely.
    I would go for the palest ones because I'm very fair, therwise the middle ones would be my pick.

    All those emails - where is the problem Carolyn?
    I hope they sort it for you soon...
    Shane x

  9. Oh that is not good about the internet!!!

    I love the cat eye glasses, brown for black are pretty cute.

    Hope your week is going great,
    hugs DJ

  10. Hallo Carolyn
    Now it is early morning in Sweden and i am up. Lovely roses, and i hope your email works soon. And i like the first glasses best.
    I send you a hug över the globe

  11. Bonjor Carolyn, sorry to hear about the problem with the internet and hope that it gets sortted soon.

    The roses are stunning, mille mercis and I think that any of the glasses that you have chosen would do the trick.

    Leeann x


    Cara e dolce amica!

    Anche io porto gli occhiali per vedere da lontano quando guido.

    A me piacciono molto quelli affusolati...da GATTO! ;o)

    Sarai bellissima...ancor DI PIU'!

    Ti bacio con affetto! KISSES a lot. NI

  13. Hi Carolyn ~ hope your computer probs are fixed. I love the top glasses in black very chic!

  14. Wishing you a happy day darling....relax !! no internet means sillents !!! hahhahaha!! and time over i think.........happy day.......love Ria......come over and join my party !! nice !!!

  15. You poor thing having to go through all those emails. I love the cats eye glasses and thank you for the beautiful roses.

  16. OMG Carolyn! I'm dying to have those glasses on the last image /you know it looks like the one what Samantha wears in the Sex and the City 2, in her office with her panties down :-)/. I couldn't find them anywhere in Europe...or Asia. Can you please help me out with the name of it, so I can search for it on the net? I'm not sure what's the proper name of this style /for me it's cat style/...

    Million thanks! You are my hero :-)

    I hope your week is off to a fabulous start...cheers: Evi

  17. Love and hugs to you my sweet friend
    Love and hugs

  18. Gorgeous glasses!

    Hope you have a fab week too, darling!


  19. Ha! I can never make up my mind on frames. However, I did ask my daughter's opinion once and I really don't like the ones I ended up with when I went with her suggestion. So sorry to hear about your computer problems. It's quite something when you think about it, how we all have come to rely on a machine.

  20. How did we all cope before the internet? In one word - badly!!

    Hope your week is going well!


    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

  21. Wowwww, i really adore these glasses, i wish there were MINE :)

  22. I hae internet hiccups... very annoying and I too often wonder how we survived without it before? I'm torn between the first set of glasses and the cateye ones... definitely go for a darker frame though!

  23. Hi Hon,
    I like the one in the middle of the second bunch...LOL
    Pop on over to my place.I am having a give away to celebrate my return to blogland and the holidays.
    May God bless,
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  24. Oh, the agony of having to wait days or weeks or even months to receive a reply to a letter through the post. Remember those days?

    You know, I was just thinking I need to make an eye appointment. Things just aren't as clear as they used to be. *sigh* The cat eyes are stylish!

  25. Which ever glasses you choose, I know you will be darling in them!!!
    I would faint if I ever saw that many e-mails in my inbox Carolyn. Can you believe that I have only had e-mail for two years...yeah, I'm a slow starter.LOL!
    You have a lovely week as well dear friend.

  26. I spent my morning at the eye doctor- not the highlight of my day for sure. The saddest thing about aging is poor eyesight, really cute glasses almost make up for it!
    I love the dark brown glasses!

    Thank you so much Carolyn for your sweet visits- I have had little time to visit my sweet blogging friends but I want you to know that I ALWAYS appreciate your visits and the kindness you leave my way. Thank you so much.

    Sweet blessings to you.

  27. Hi Carolyn, I am not a fan of computer problems either. I hope it is fixed for you soon.

    Love all the glasses. I am like you, can not see far. Up close I do great and need no glasses or anything. Thank God, since I paint and so small little work at times.

    I now wear one contact and view long distance with the right eye and read with the left. I have adjusted well.

    Love the red roses. You are so kind to share them with us all.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  28. Hi Carolyn, It's hard to tell which style and color suits you the best without seeing you wearing the glasses. I'm sure you'll look great with the pair you choose. Without my glasses I'm a little mole :-).
    I'm sorry about your computer problems. Fighting with such things always feel like waisted time but I can hardly imagine how life was without computers.
    Hugs to you,

  29. Hi! Those roses are beautiful! I would go for the black or brown glasses too! Have a lovely day!

    Kristin xx

  30. happy week to you too, beautiful roses my favorite flower fragrance alienate, in terms of glasses cat like me are more in my view more consistent with me kisses maria

  31. Tell me about it Carolyn! I failed the eye test on my driver's license renewal! What a shock. I have glasses for reading, but never needed them for distance. Quite a surprise! Age. Don't you hate it?
    I would love a pair of the tortoise glasses....am looking for them around here with no luck. Guess I will check the 'net.

  32. Ugh I hate it when my internet goes down. Hope everything is up and running smoothly again.

    Fabulous choices for the glasses. I'm all about the cat eye ones. And I like the dark brown best.

    Hope you're having a fabulous week! xoxo

  33. Carolyn, so sorry you had to deal with Internet problem! I now how upsetting it could be even more so when you have so much mail to deal with! Well, do not be surprised, but I love all th frames. I would keep them all: one I would wear and I would creat the hat out of the rest!:-)))

  34. Hi Carolyn

    Wow, do you work out of your home-so many emails! I would not like that... I hate it when the cable goes out! but I usually get more done :)
    I don't wear glasses either but I do need the cheaters to read. Some time ago I just couldn't see especially night driving so I broke down and went to the eye Dr and found out I have cataracts. That was a shock, I was legally blind and the Doc didn't even want to hear that I had been driving... I had surgery on one eye but need it on the other... I will do that after the holidays. yuk
    Blessings to you today
    Ha... funny the verification word was "focus"

  35. What a pain Carolyn! I am so reliant on the internet for everything! You must have been pulling your pretty hair out.

    As for the specs, I am partial to the cateyes in the middle. :-)

    Happy Wednesday,

  36. Oh, I love the first cat-eye glasses -- incredibly chic!
    You'll definitely need new glasses if you're going to go through over 300 emails... yikes!

  37. oh my heavens!!!! wow!!!

    I am addicted to being connected...it is like a disease...I carry my blackberry everywhere I go....

    I love the roses Carolyn!!! flowers are always so amazing to me....

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  38. Hope your email prob is fixed now!! Like ALL the glasses you share. Where would I be without my readers?????

    Hugs Carolyn~~~

  39. Hi Carolyn,

    I hope your email problem will be fixed soon!

    I am wearing glasses since I was 18years old and don't mind at all. Nowadays glasses are so fashionable! I love all the glasses your show us.

    Enjoy your week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  40. It''s everywhere the same, Carolyn. But no matter what and how bad internet is, we cannot without, can we?
    Hope your week is great so far. Happy hugs for today xoxoxo

  41. Yikes, I bet your emails kept you busy! And both styles of glasses are super cute. :)

  42. I only need glasses to read as well...I love both of your styles...I always have a hard time picking out ones I like on me...I always like them on others.

    Hugs for a great day...hope your internet gets going again! xoxoxo

  43. My goodness that's a lot of emails! Yikes! The roses are beautifl-thanks for sharing:)!



  44. Dear Carolyn, I think I like more kind of rectangular ones!!!

  45. are these gorgeous roses from your garden, my dear????

  46. Hi Maria Cecilia,

    I wished I could say the roses were from my garden but they are not.
    My dear husband brought them home for me.
    Thanks for your visit.


  47. Make a bold statement & go the Cat's Eyes dear Carolyn. You are lucky you've escaped thus far. Have a gorgeous Waiheke weekend.
    Millie ^_^


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