Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Down at the wharf

How wondrous is the beauty of nature ~
This morning I wanted to share with you some of the scenery down at the wharf.
I love trees and the Pohutakawa Tree { also known as the NZ Christmas tree}
is splendid in the month of December, when it shows off its crimson flowers.
It is flowering early and always reminds me of a glamorous Lady with a little touch of red lipstick.

Looking down at the road, when I was dropping my family to the wharf, I saw this little heart, after there had been a shower of rain in the night. Do you ever see clouds or things like this that make you happy?

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his own nature into his pictures
~Henry Ward Beecher.

I had a Grrr moment this morning .... doing a load of laundry when my washing machine decided it wanted to play up. It started beeping and code # 37 came up on the display...
Call appliance serviceman it said. I left a message on the phone and will have to wait until he can do his magic and get it going again. So much for having a load of wet laundry on the first rinse cycle.
Update: The serviceman came and fixed my machine and a nail and small chain were blocking the pump, causing the spin cycle not to work. I am so glad to have it going again.

Have a happy rest of the week



  1. Lovely photographs, Carolyn, and I love what you wrote aboutthe Pohutakawa Tree, glamorous lady with a little touch of red lipstick.

    Good luck with your machine. We bought a front loader a year or so ago and I do NOT like it! Sometimes the clothes come out dirtier than when they went int?!?!


  2. Hi Carolyn, I always enjoy seeing pictures of your beautiful island! When my eyes go up to the sky and look at the clouds, I very often see faces, animals and other things.
    Isn't that quote wonderful? Jodie had used it on the pocket wall hanger she had made for me some months ago.
    I'm sorry about your washing machine. Hopefully the serviceman won't keep you waiting too long.
    HUGS to you,

  3. HI Carolyn,
    Oh you have captured one of my favourite things - the Pohutakawa tree flowering and the Harbour- now if my memory serves if it flowers before Christmas it will be a long hot summer in NZ.
    Thoughts going out to the families of the miners down south - so sad x

  4. Beautiful photos as always. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. "Shakespeare" Carolyn!
    Do you know what I mean?
    We had the same thought!!!
    On my morning walk in Cornwall Park I tried to find a Pohutukawa with flowers hanging low, so I could photograph - not a one!!
    Tomorrow it will be a waterfront walk for me to capture these beauties, that I always use in my Christmas theme - decorations etcet.
    Appliances - great when they work but v frustrating when the don't - you poor girl.
    Very sad news for us this evening, those poor families on the Coast and elsewhere.

  6. Goodmorning Carolyn!
    I haven't been around visiting blogs lately, but I now have read all your posts I'd missed, so I'm up to date! Hope the coalminers are still alive, thoughts are with their loved ones.
    And I hope you will have a good Wednesday, enjoy the springtime, it's wet snow here today....
    take care,
    Maureen x

  7. Carolyn,
    the tree looks beautifull, and red flowers for christmas, is a joy.
    Hope your maschine will soon work,again, so you can finish your work,on washing, and make something more funny.

  8. Beautiful photographs Carolyn.

    My thoughts have been with NZ this morning, having heard the terrible news about the miners.
    I have relatives in Wellington and I know how a tragedy such as this can affect a country, but especially one with such a small population like New Zealand.
    Love from the Uk x

  9. Beautiful pictures of the wharf and the tree, Carolyn! The flowers on the tree are lovely!

    What a bummer about your washer machine. We have problems with ours, too, and it's only about 3 years old. I hope yours gets fixed for not too much money. :)

    I wanted to thank you for your sweet comment, Carolyn. I consider you a great blog friend, too, and appreciate all that you have to share as well. :)

    Have a wonderful week!
    Jo :)

  10. My goodness, your corner is amazingly gorgeous, Carolyn!
    Warm Wishes for a Wonderful rest of your Week too xxxx

  11. My goodness, your corner is amazingly gorgeous, Carolyn!
    Warm Wishes for a Wonderful rest of your Week too xxxx

  12. Lovely photos Carolyn!

    Just popping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!


  13. What a lovely spot you live in...right now I wish I could just pop on it was sooooo cold last night and this morning -11c Now that is just tooo cold for me.

    Hugs and love being sent your way...hope all is well with that machine of yours.. oxxoxo

  14. Oh, such beauty! I love the water. I'd be miserable not living near it.

    Sorry to hear about the grumpy washer. There's nothing you can do until the repair guy shows up, so until then, take a trip down to the wharf again. :)


  15. Bummer about your washer. Hope you get it fixed soon. Love the pretty views you shared with us and the heart is a blessing.

  16. Hope your washer got fixed, that is the worst! NZ is quite possibly the most gorgeous country ever! XX!

  17. Hi Carolyn, could you please send me your mailing address, I will send you some little Christmassy things. I have never ever get something in the mail all the way to your gorgeous island. My envelop wants to cross the blue blue ocean!
    Have a happy day. xxxx

  18. What gorgeous shots! You live in the midst of such beauty, Carolyn!

    Have a great weekend ahead,

    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

  19. Beautiful photos! Hope tomorrow brings a better day! Hugs, Diane ♥

  20. It looks just gorgeous there Carolyn! Hope you're having a lovely week xoxo

  21. What beautiful pictures Carolyn. Thank you so much for sharing. Hope your machine gets fix soon. We don't realize how much we depend on these things until they break down, huh? :-) Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  22. Hi Carolyn,
    So enjoyed catching up with your posts tonight. Your pics are always lovely. You are so talented with your camera. Yes, it is amazing to see all sorts of things in the clouds and water droplets.

    So sorry about the washer. Nothing worse then being in the middle of laundry and the machine gets contrary!!

    The tree is gorgeous and so glad your dad's apple tree is doing well too. You do have a green thumb!

    Gorgeous peonies. I planted some last year, but they have not taken off good yet. My mother could grow beautiful blooms of peonies.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind words. Good Luck in my giveaway too. Thank you for the sweet Thanksgiving wishes as well. You are always so very thoughtful.

    Love to you my friend,
    Celestina Marie

  23. That is a beeeaaauuuuuuuuutiful quote that you have there, Carolyn!!!! Beautiful!!!! I will share it with others, if you don't mind?? :)

    I often see things like puddles shaped in hearts and petals scattered and look like hearts, and they always make me smile and happy...I thought I was the only one, though! Now I know, you too! :)

    I want you to know that I feel for your countrymen in the recent mining tragedy that happened there. May God rest their souls.

    Love you, Carolyn ♥

  24. Christmas is a time of magic dreams if that tree of which your country is beautiful poinsettia in a beautiful Renaissance, here we often put a poinsettia flower is to be translated into Christmas star, its leaves are large drops red say brings good luck to have it at Christmas in Spain so that every home there will be one this Christmas, also s epone fir trim full of houses and homes or on the Christmas tree tastes nothing in writing, she used to read in the clouds interpretation of the images was so happy, thanks for stopping by and sorry if I visit you but my spirits We often do not give more kisses maria

  25. Hi Carolyn,
    that sunny days ... what to say, there is a cold! Brrrrr!

    A kiss.

    P.S. I am sorry to know of your washing machine, we women are "dead" without her!

  26. What a beautiful landscape!!! So great photos!
    Big Hugs,

  27. What a beautiful and thought-filled post. The Pohutakawa tree sounds exquisitely lovely...


  29. Lovely photo of a pretty Pohutakawa tree ~ I'm like Julia I love to look skywards and see all different pictures in the clouds as you say Carolyn ~ Nature is so very beautiful!!
    I hope your washing machine is back working.
    Have a restful week-end & Thank you so much for your encouragment.

  30. Such a sweet, peaceful post. Your photographs really make my mind wonder and long for the quite time...It is always such a treat to visit your beauitful Blog.:-))) Wishing you wonderful weekend, the last one in November!

  31. Wishing you much love and many blessings
    Love you

  32. Good Morning
    What a gorgeous spot and I loved the heart.
    Hope all works out with your laundry...
    Many Blessings Carolyn

  33. Thank you, dear Carolyn for your post about my Giveaway! You make me soooo happy!!!
    We have our first snow this year here in germany - Hurra!!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  34. Hello Carolyn...
    Your pictures of the water are just so lovely...makes want to fly over there right now!!

    My heart goes out to the miners and their families. Such a tragedy for New Zealand.

    Don't you just hate when things like that happen...hopefully you can get your machine fixed soon!

    Have a wonderful day...
    Hugs, Nancy

  35. And probably full of all your favorite things to wear...
    Oh, your photos are all so gorgeous Carolyn. What beautiful views.
    sending big hugs


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