Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Romancing the Plaid

Isn't this a sweet little girl, walking her Scotch terrier ~ via Dustjacket thanks

I just want to share a few tartan images.
Dolce & Gabanna
David Tennant looking dapper in his kilt

I adore tartan, maybe it is because both my Grandparents on my Mothers side were of Scottish descent, from the Clans, Murray and Campbell.
It fulls me with nostalgia when I think of the winter days when I used to wear my woolen kilt out and felt really proud.
I love the, often bright colours, which are woven together to make an appealing pattern consisting of crisscrossed horizontal and vertical bands.

Wishing a wonderful Wednesday, to you all.


  1. Carolyn, These plaids are great!!!
    Neat to see.

    Have a plaidful day,

  2. Carolyn, what a great posting. I love 'plaids', especially in reds.:)

    Hope you're having a wonderful week.


  3. Plaids are great but sewing them and matching them up takes careful planning. My favourite shirt was a light blue plaid that I made and loved wearing.

  4. Gorgeous pictures, thanks for sharing.

  5. Hooray for plaid! And such a cute little Westie in his little green plaid.

    Glad to see you had a sunshiny and gorgeous weekend!

  6. Hi Carolyn, I have also alwyas had a thing for plaid. I love a good tartan - thank you for these today x

  7. Hello Carolyn!
    Thank you for your lovely visit!
    I love your choices, especially the Italian touch ;-)
    Have a happy Halloween week!

    Michela xxx

  8. Oh love this. The first one is soooo cute (thank you so much for the link) and I love the doggie in the last!

  9. Hi Carolyn,

    I had a tartan skirt when I was about eighteen. I used to wear it to school. Still have some fond memories of it!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  10. Hello my dearest friend!!!

    Yes...yes...also form me this tartan is wonderful!!!

    I like IT!

    ...AND YOU!

    Kisses and HUGS a lot! ;o) NI

  11. One of my favorite type of fabric! I love plaid, can never get enough of it and somehow find it all around me in things like my daughter's skirt or little beret I have made not so long ago. Such a wonderful post!!! Beautiful!

  12. great photos and love the baby doglet in the plaid coat too!

  13. Tartan never goes out of style, but I love the history behind it. My husband is Scottish and he got married to me in a kilt (the best man and usher wore theirs as well). I have a few plaid items myself, but I'll need a Scotch terrier next!

  14. Hi Carolyn!

    Ah, the little Westie in plaid is just too cute!


  15. oh I love plaid!!!! what a fun collection.....I think these are great!!!!

    Have a wonderful day Carolyn!!!

  16. carolyn, i too adore plaid. i really like your photos...and the scottie dog - yay!!!!

  17. Love these! When we went back to school shopping for Sammie she was smitten with everything plaid. She goes to school with plaiditude~ I love the photo of the girl walking the dog. It reminds me of my daughter but our dog is a Terrier cross, same color. Have a wonderful rest of your week. ~Theresa

  18. It's always in style! Love the photos! Enjoy your day! It's rainy here today so I'm catching up with friends! ♥

  19. We both love plaid- so bright & cheerful in winter!

    Have a lovely weekend, dear Carolyn!

    XOXO LOLA & Nora:)

  20. Love the tartans! and especially that gorgeous little westies coat in the green plaid. My Mum & Dad gave me a beautiful plaid skirt in browns and golds, for my 16th Birthday - I loved it! and would you believe wore it with a green twin-set.
    Dianne xx

  21. I'm becoming very interested in plaid for the winter also. You gave us some wonderful examples :)

  22. Scotland and customs peculiar their kilts but ancient, I like discovering new things you learn all kisses maria

  23. I adore tartan in all it's various colours and patterns - nothing nicer in winter!

    The little girl with her dog is so charming.

    Carolyn have a happy Friday and then the weekend!!!

    Take care

  24. Beautiful tartan! It reminds me my mother used to make me wear kilts so often!!!
    Enjoy a nice week end!

  25. Nothing says Fall to me more than plaid. I know that it is Spring in your corner of the world, but this post warmed me right up today Carolyn.
    I loved the post on 'the olden days'. Oh the things we used to get away with!!! And what a darling you were when you were a little girl. And just as darling still!
    hugs to you...

  26. Absolutely gorgeous post!
    Especially loving the D&G!


  27. I love tartan too...
    Thanks, this is a beautiful post.
    Have a happy Halloween week.
    Kisses from Spain,

  28. I'm a sucker for tartan, too!
    Remember the Bay City Rollers? Oh my gosh, I loved them as a kid! ;-)

    Hope you're having a wonderful week!

  29. I sooooo love love love it...

    Thanks for sharing the joy...happy weekend. xoxo

  30. I just love that first photo Carolyn! it's so precious. I'm a big fan of tartan myself :)

    Hope you're having a lovely week, sweetie! xoxo

  31. Thank you all, for visiting.
    Yes Anne, I do remember the Bay City Rollers and I was a young kid that loved them too.


  32. I love a good plaid! I have a black and red plaid scarf I wear in the winter. It also reminds me of loggers. My Dad's family all logged years ago and I seem to remember them having heavy flannel shirts of the same plaid they would wear.

  33. Hi Carolyn such a funny post! Love all pictures!!!
    Tank you for your lovely comment!
    Have a nice weekend you too!
    Warm hugs.

  34. Hi Carolyn, I just love the plaids and your pics are great.
    Do you still have your kilt from childhood? I love using plaids in my home coordinating with other patterns in the same color.

    You always share such inspiration posts. Thank you for being so creative.

    Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  35. excellent selection of plaids! I love plaids though prefer them in combination with some good plain cloth too. I really like the wee Westie in the last photo with his plaid coat

  36. hehehehehe... Carolyn, some of these photos are really funny... funny that right now, I am crying (I am very hurt right now, by someone in my family) ...but your photos managed to make me smile! :) Thank you, Carolyn. :) I truly am thankful for your friendship, and that you have this blog of yours to share.. :)


  37. Hi Carolyn,

    That was a fun post. Such pretty plaids. Maybe its the fall weather we are experiencing here that makes them look so cozy.

    Have a great weekend,

  38. Dear Carolyn,
    you know I'm crazy for tartans!! Love anything plaid, I make great use of these fabrics in my work/decor!
    Sorry for I'm not that present, I'm terribly busy with the move. I would love to comment more often, but please know I think of you very often, and your friendship means a lot to me!

  39. ooo! What a beautiful shot of the little girl and her Westie or Scottie.
    The first photo of the Tartan jacket looks about identical to the jacket I made my Freshman year of High school! No plaid pants,though, just black with a bit of a cuff.
    Thank You for the great inspirations!!!

  40. My sisters and Me had scottish skirts,my mother always bought the same clothes but in diferents colors for us ,some times even the same color and also scottish skirts
    I loved them!
    Happy weekenbd

  41. We wore tartan plaid woollen skirts as little girls in the Clare Valley Carolyn. Complete with the ubiquitous silver decorative pin. Oh gosh that's brought back memories!
    Millie ^_^

  42. Playful post Carolyn!
    Tartan is such a classic pattern,
    love the model image at the harpsichord...
    Wishing you a Great Halloween FuN:))

  43. I adore it too...what a fabulous vision of plaid in the piano shot! Hope your weekend is lovely.


  44. Hi Carolyn,
    This is a fun post about plaids. They are wonderful colours and fabrics.
    A lot of Scots moved to New Zealand in 1800's, during the gold rush.
    I used to know a couple who lived in Dunedin called Campbell. We used to visit the area a lot for work trips.
    One of my family surnames is McIndoe. I'm part of the Buchanan clan. I went to see old photos of my ancestors at the settlers museum in Dunedin.
    Have you been to the museum?
    It is exciting to find out about your family history.
    All the best.
    Jo. xx

  45. I love plaid, most everyone thinks I'm Spainish and French, and I am...but mostly I'm Scoth Irish. So I just love this post.
    Stoped by to wish you a Happy Halloween and to let you know I'm having a give away.Please be a Dear and help me pass the word around.
    You keep safe this scary week end Ok,
    Hugs and Witchy Kisses
    Marie Antionette

  46. LOVE IT! makes me want to bust out my catholic school girl uniform right now :-)

    xoxo Bardot in Blue


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