Saturday, September 4, 2010

Spring time

Springtime officially starts on the 1st of September and to prove it here are some pretty flowers making an appearance around my garden, so took a few photos to share with you.

Spring is blossom flowers and snowdrops against a blue sky.
Spring is birds nesting and daylight lengthening.
Spring has arrived for us, living here in New Zealand.

I only wished that you could smell the beautiful fragrance of the lavender and the freesias I picked this afternoon.

A few of you have kindly inquired about the 7.1 earthquake that hit the City of Christchurch in the early hours of the morning and wanted to know if it was anywhere near where I live.
Christchurch is down the South Island, I live in the North Island, so we never felt it.
The earthquake ripped through Christchurch's infrastructure cutting power, creating gas leaks and rupturing water and sewerage systems and the airport was closed. Many residents are counting themselves lucky to be alive as people have lost their houses and possessions.
A lot of the houses were big old two storied houses and the brick chimneys and the structure of the buildings collapsed. Nearly 20 aftershocks have rattled the region with a magnitude of between 4 and 5, so must be a very scary time for all living in the area.
My thoughts go out to all the people that have been effected by this big quake and I hope that they can get their lives back to normal soon.

I hope that you are having an enjoyable weekend


  1. Dear Carolyn, I just heard the news and was about to write you an e-mail when I saw that you just blogged. I'm glad that the earthquake was far away from you and that you are save and sound!
    The spring flowers look very pretty and I wish you a wonderful spring time! It's my favorite season.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Yikes. Earthquakes are scary. We had a 5 pt something here about 10 years ago. We all wait for the BIG one here on the fault line that runs from California all the way up through Washington.
    Hope you have a wonderful Spring-filled weekend!

  3. Carolyn amor...I had been feeling sick from the time I heard about it late this evening....I emailed you and I am soo relieved to see you post. I am so sorry for all those affected and my heart goes out to them all, But I am truly thankful that you and yours are all ok! Beautiful post btw! Have a beautiful weekend amor! Besos & huge hugs Rose :)

  4. Carolyn amor...I had been feeling sick from the time I heard about it late this evening....I emailed you and I am soo relieved to see you post. I am so sorry for all those affected and my heart goes out to them all, But I am truly thankful that you and yours are all ok! Beautiful post btw! Have a beautiful weekend amor! Besos & huge hugs Rose :)

  5. Hi Carolyn;

    So very glad to here all is well with you. My prayers are also with those who suffered lost...

    So hard to realize as we are in the heat awaiting the arrival of fall that you are already ahead of us with a brand new Spring. HAPPY SPRINGTIME!

    Thanks for stopping by last week.

  6. So glad you're far away enough to be safe & sound - what an awful shock for those in S Island though.

    Glad Spring's arrived for you too!

    Have a lovely weekend


    Lola & Nora:)

  7. I came to visit you today just to read your report on the earthquake, Carolyn. I'm so relieved it missed you, but my heart goes out to those in the south.
    Have a lovely weekend, my friend!

  8. sooo glad that you're okay my dear! lovely pics you've shared with us today...makes me realize how fickle life can be and how imp it is to stop and smell the flowers from time to time!

    wishing you a lovely weekend Carolyn!


  9. Hi Carolyn!
    How weird to read that it's Spring in your little corner of world!
    What a lovely garden you have, I can only imagine the wonderful scent of your flowers!
    Hope you're having a good weekend!

  10. Hi Carolyn, I just adore all the pretty spring flowers starting to show their little faces to the world, especially your snowdrops~ shy but so pretty Spring is such a beautiful time of year ~ thanks for sharing your lovely pics

  11. Ahhh, sweet spring. How lovely! We are hot, hot, hot still and will be for a while. :/

    I just heard the news about the earthquake in NZ. Glad to hear that you are not in that area. Of course, they say that because the infrastructure is so good, there's not as much damage as there could have been; no casualties.

    Your holiday photos are gorgeous. And your apartment was fabulous! Glad to see you had such a relaxing wonderful time.

    Best wishes to you and yours, Tammy

  12. I am so glad you are safe and sound dear Carolyn.

    I enjoyed seeing the photos of the beautiful flowers!


  13. Glad to hear you are safe..what a scare...I have visitied Christchurch before is such a beautiful place.

    Happy Spring to you as we go into our Fall. xoxoxoo Hugs.

  14. Oh Carolyn,

    So happy to hear that you are well and safe! How scary and sad for all those affected.

    Your springs flowers are beautiful in their urn. What a lovely table setting ~ the bee glasses caught my eye ;)


  15. OH my goodness, I didn't know that there was an earthquake in New Zealand! I haven't seen anything in the news??

    Well I am glad that you are safe, Carolyn.

    And a surprise to learn that you have your springtime in September!!!! :)

    I am thankful to God that you are well.


  16. Hello Carolyn...
    Just catching up...oh, I have so enjoyed looking at your vacation photos. What a beautiful, romantic place to spend time relaxing. Your photos are just gorgeous of the sunsets and your lovely accommodation. Wow, what a spacious must have really enjoyed the room.
    I am relieved to here that you are not affected by the earthquake.
    Your spring flowers and home look so lovely. I am happy that spring is finally here for you!

    Enjoy your day!
    Hugs, Nancy

  17. I've experienced an earthquake in LA many years ago and it's so scary.
    I am so sorry for those who were affected, but I am glad to hear that you are safe.

    Lucky you...spring started! I love springtime and love your pictures.


  18. Dear Carolyn, I was thinking about you and where you live according to where the earthquakes were.

    Sorry for those that have been horribly effected by this...thankful you are alright.

    Springtime is such a sweet time with all the beautiful flowers and splashes of color.

    Our Fall/Autumn is coming. I like the bright colors...cooler temps.

    God bless,

  19. DeaR cAROLYN, good to hear you are well,----
    and wonderfull to see the springflowers,-here it will be 7 months before I can pick spring flowers.
    Happy evening and sunday.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  20. Dear Carolyn

    Oh I LOVe the Spring flowers and especially snowdrops and freeshias!
    It's such a joy to have come through that horrible winter and see Spring awakening day by day!

    I'm glad you're not in Christchurch either - but I was very surprised it happened there.
    Take care

  21. Hi Carolyn,
    I'm so glad that you are safe and sound. My heart goes out to the people that were affected by the quake.

    Your post today is so lovely. I'm glad that you are entering spring and are already seeing flowers and buds everywhere. Enjoy.


  22. Dear Carolyn, we heard of the earthquakes in NZ through friends in the STATES US that is!How weird is that? We called our rellies in NZ and they didn't even know anything about it - they are in the Nth island mind you. It is always scary when you are away from home and you hear of something like this ...wishing peace and love to all those involved.
    Spring certainly is a special time of year, loving seeing your freesias and lavendar - divine!

  23. great photos and nice blog! :)

  24. Photoes are beautiful and the atmosphere too! wonderful post!

  25. I hadn't heard about the earthquake yet. I'm so glad to hear where you live wasn't involved in it. My heart goes out to those living in the area. I wish them all well.
    Your garden is so lovely! We're heading into Fall here in the U.S. Enjoy your Spring... I love that time of year. :)
    Hugs ~ Jo

  26. Beautiful images of Spring, Carolyn!

    I'm so glad you weren't near the earthquake, that was a massive one.

    Have a wonderful Sunday and Labor Day!

  27. Glad that the earthquake didn't effect you, sweetie! Hope you're having a lovely weekend and happy spring to you! xoxo

  28. Spring time in September? I thought it's fall that follows summer ;p But it's great to have Spring coming back again. I miss all the beautiful blossoming flowers. While here in Indonesia it's scorching hot. I can't stand being outdoor. The heat is almost unbearable.

    Yeah, I watched from CNN about the NZ earthquake, but when I followed the news it was said that there was no significant casualties. Very glad to hear :)

    I hope you're doing great during the weekend Carolyn dear.

  29. Here we haven´t hear about that earthquake,I hope that there weren't victims
    I´m glad hearing from you again and it's courious that while you are waiting for Spring we ara waiting foor Autum,each one has lovely moments and I'm sure we are going to enjoy them

  30. Thank you for filling us in on the earthquake, I was definitely concerned for my NZ blog friends! Glad you're okay, the snowdrops are gorgeous! XX!

  31. Dear Carolyn, good to know you live far away from the earthquake!!! New here were telling about it and they say it was mostly no harm at all... but you are telling something different. Hope everything goes well and that all the people who has lost their homes may recover soon.
    Here in Chile, after the huge mega earthquake on February, there is still lot of little and not so little movements all the time.... gosh!!!! something must be going on on the planet....
    blessings to you my friend,
    maria cecilia


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