Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More birthday wishes!

This is what I have been doing today ~ my husband likes pickled onions, I don't.
So I pickled him a few bottles, which I hope that he will enjoy.
Don't you hate it when your eyes are crying and tears are running down your cheeks, when you are peeling onions?

Nocturnes butterflies ~ Graphics Fairy.
Happy Birthday to my sister Gracie and my friend Karen from, who makes some lovely quilts ~ they both celebrate their birthdays today, June the 9th. I hope that you are having a wonderful day!
Seems like there are a lot of birthdays this time of the year, so if you are having a birthday ~ Happy Birthday also.

I hope that you are having a great week, filled with much joy and happiness.


  1. oh I really do hate peeling onions too! but your husband deserves is, doesn't he? :)
    happy birthday to your loved ones, darling Carolyn!

  2. I use to make pink pickled onions all the time but I've not made them in years...and you are right..working with onions is so hard..the tears..the burning..argh!

    Lovely graphics...sending birthday wishes to all :)


  3. Many thanks for visiting me today Susan and your kind note you left.
    Yes, the things we do for love... and peeling onions is not a nice job.

    Thank you Doreen for your visit and the birthday wishes.


  4. Yummy post, darling!

    Happy bday to your sis and friend!


  5. What we'll do for love! Onions and hot peppers . . . do NOT touch anything until you have washed your hand thoroughly!

    Unfortunately, Carolyn, Kodak will have to be on that med the rest of his life. I'm hoping we can find an alternative as not only is this one extremely expensive but it's very hard on his liver and kidneys.

    Have a wonderful day!


  6. I cry too, Carolyn. I posted about this once and got tons of ideas from readers. None worked! But you are a really great sport to make these for your hubby!

    Happy Birthday to your birthday girls!

  7. I had the onion problem yesterday so I feel your pain. What a sweet gesture to your husband though! Happy birthday to both your sister and friend!

  8. i hate it when onions make your tears flow! :(

  9. Onions can be dangerous! Stopping that onion burn is horrible. I hope your husband appreciates your suffering as he bites into his pickled onions! Happy Birthday to your Sister and your friend!

  10. Pickle? OMG. I hate it so much. And I think it smells bad :p But whatever. Happy birthday to all the names mentioned. I may not know them, but I just love giving birthday wishes to anybody. Have a lovely day, Carolyn.

  11. Oh Carolyn, that's pure love: Making pickled onions and crying!!!
    Your husband is a lucky man!!!

    Give my love to the "birthday-kids" (my mother had her 84th birthday the day before yesterday :o))
    Hugs from Austria,

  12. Ciao TESORO!!!

    Passare da te è sempre un incanto!

    Che meraviglia di "ONIONS" hai preparato per tuo marito...a me paicciono sarà felice!

    COMPLIMENTI...augurissimi anche alla cara sorella!



    KISSES and HUGS my dear! ;o)


  13. Dear Carolyn,
    The pickled onions look nice in the jars!

    I have never had the pleasure to taste pickled onions...gonna have to try this sometime.

    The watering and burning eye are hard to take.

    I've tried a few tricks to try to stop the burning while peeling. Haven't had much luck.

    Happy Birthday to your loved ones.
    God bless.

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  15. Happy birthday, Gracie and Karen! So sweet of you to pickle those onions. I've never had them, myself, but I do love onions. Oooh, those butterflies are so pretty!


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