Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wishing you a happy weekend

Sorry I have not been around much, but I seem to be busy with life and one thing and another.
I have heard how many days until Christmas and have seen all the Santa paraphernalia, trees, presents and decorations in shop windows and about town. Where have those last few months gone?

I have a Gentleman friend of ours that has been taking some photos of my bears, in his studio.

I am also muddling along with trying to get my website up and running, ever so slowy I might add!

I hope that you are having a joyous weekend.

Warmest bear hugs


  1. Hi! Your photo is cute. I hope we soon get to see the photos your gentleman friend is taking of your bears.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! Glad you liked my silly tongue twister. :)

  2. The Christmas rush has started here too! The shops are full of bargains because they are trying to get the country spending to boost our failing economy. I think we are all in for a bumpy ride. We will need our comforting bears more than ever!
    Looking forward to seeing some of your friend's beary pictures.
    Regards, Lynda and all at the FC of B's.

  3. I love your new website mum, and the little photo is very cute, great work! love v x

  4. Love the picture, Carolyn. So cute!

    Life does get in the way of our creativity sometimes...but you will see your way through. Your website is really wonderful...can't wait to see pics of your bears.

    Take care...
    Hugs, Nancy

  5. What a cute photo. Yes, time is just racing away at this time of the year. Makes it hard sometimes to enjoy the Christmas festivities when you are constantly chasing your tail!!!

    Look forward to seeing your special bear photos.

    Hugs, Christine.


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